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How to Plan an Unforgettable 25th Wedding Anniversary Party

Did you know that the longest recorded marriage lasted over 87 years? If you and your spouse are approaching your 25th wedding anniversary, it's time to start planning a celebration that is as special as...

Did you know that the longest recorded marriage lasted over 87 years? If you and your spouse are approaching your 25th wedding anniversary, it's time to start planning a celebration that is as special as your relationship. This milestone calls for a party that honors your past and celebrates your future.

Choose the Perfect Date

While it may seem obvious to plan the party on your actual anniversary date, it's not always the best option. If your anniversary falls on a weekday, consider moving the party to the weekend before or after to ensure more guests can attend. Hosting the party on a Sunday instead of Saturday can also help you save on venue costs.

Consider a Destination Event

After 25 years of marriage, you deserve a special celebration. Consider treating yourself and your guests to a destination party. Whether it's a nearby city or a far-off destination, choose a location that inspires you and gives your guests plenty of notice to make travel arrangements.

Decide on the Theme or Tone

Picking a theme or setting the tone for your party can make it even more exciting for your guests. Whether it's a beach-themed luau or an ugly Christmas sweater party, let your creativity shine. Don't forget to mention the dress code on your invitations to eliminate any guessing.

Create Custom Invitations

Personalize your wedding anniversary party invitations to make them truly special. Experiment with colors, photos, and designs until you create an invitation that you and your partner love. You can keep it simple and elegant or use a favorite photo from your wedding day.

25th wedding anniversary floral invitation Blue & Red - Anniversary Invitation

Pick a Meaningful Menu

Unlike your wedding, your anniversary party menu can be more laid-back and reflect your personalities. Consider incorporating your favorite dishes, international cuisines, or special traditions into the menu. Let your guests in on the secrets behind your lasting marriage.

Hire the Right Photographer

Capture every great moment of your party by hiring a photographer who knows how to blend in and get the best shots. If you have any friends who are professional photographers, they can bring a personal touch by knowing many of the guests and making everyone feel comfortable. Alternatively, encourage your guests to take as many pictures as they can with their smartphones.

Make a Collage or Slideshow

Bring a sentimental touch to your party by creating a collage or a slideshow of pictures that span your years together. A collage can serve as a decoration for guests to admire, while a slideshow can be scheduled during the party for everyone to enjoy. Include videos and highlight moments from your wedding day for an extra touch of nostalgia.

Prepare Toasts

Take the opportunity to make a heartfelt toast to express your love and share some wisdom from your 25 years of marriage. Inviting guests to share their own stories and memories about the couple can add laughter and tears to the evening. Be sure to capture these special moments on film!

glasses of champagne for toast pouring champagne for toast

Buy a Memory Journal for Guests

A memory journal is a must-have for any wedding anniversary party. Leave it out on a special table for guests to write words of love, encouragement, or share fond memories. Revisit this journal every year to remember the special night dedicated to your love.

Plan Fun Party Games

Add excitement to your party with games related to love and weddings. From a kissing game to wedding-themed Mad Libs, there are many ways to keep your guests entertained. Arrange hilarious "wedding" moments for extra laughs and photo opportunities.

Make Personalized Party Decorations

Make your party extra special by creating personalized decorations that showcase your names and anniversary date. Coasters, napkins, and champagne flutes can all feature your emblem, adding an extra touch of love to the atmosphere. These decorations can also double as party favors.

Recreate Wedding Day Moments

Take a trip down memory lane by recreating funny, emotional, or romantic moments from your wedding day. Dance to your first dance song, pose for photos with your bridal party, and enjoy an anniversary cake from the same bakery that made your wedding cake.

Give Heartfelt Party Favors

Consider party favors that reflect your love and the theme of your party. Personalized champagne flutes, gourmet chocolates, or "love" seed pots can make lovely gifts for your guests. Choose something unique that represents your love and the memories you share.

Send Thank You Cards After

After the party, send thank you cards to show your appreciation to everyone who attended. Include a favorite party photo in the cards to bring back memories of the celebration. This thoughtful gesture will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

thank you notes Floral Thanks - Thank You Card

With these 15 tips, you're well-equipped to plan an unforgettable 25th wedding anniversary party. Don't forget to cherish every moment and celebrate the love that has brought you together for 25 years. Cheers to many more years of happiness and cherished memories!