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How to Plan the Best Bachelorette Party: A Comprehensive Guide

Let's face it - being asked to be the maid of honor comes with a lot of responsibilities, but planning and attending your best friend's bachelorette party is definitely the most exciting part. It's the...

Let's face it - being asked to be the maid of honor comes with a lot of responsibilities, but planning and attending your best friend's bachelorette party is definitely the most exciting part. It's the ultimate girls-only getaway that will create memories to last a lifetime. So, let's dive into the details of how to plan the best bachelorette party and ensure it's an unforgettable experience.

Pre-Bachelorette Party Prep (6+ Months Out)

Decide Local vs Destination

Before you start the planning process, consult with the bride to determine whether she wants a local celebration or a destination bachelorette. Consider her personal preferences, travel and lodging costs, guest list, and other factors that might influence her decision. Remember to discuss the budget with the rest of the bridal party.

Pick a Location

If the bride chooses a destination bachelorette, the next step is to decide on the location. If she already has a place in mind, great! If not, help her narrow down the options by considering factors like the time of year, budget, and her personality. Don't forget to get input from the other bridesmaids if needed.

Select a Date

Once you've settled on the location, it's time to determine the dates for the bachelorette party. Aim for a long weekend, typically Thursday to Sunday or Friday to Monday. Make sure to choose a date that's at least two months before the wedding but no later than two weeks before. Check with the bride and the bridesmaids to ensure everyone's schedule aligns.

Book Lodging and/or Travel

With the when and where set, it's time to arrange the travel and lodging. Help the bridesmaids coordinate their flights to ensure everyone can travel together, if possible. Explore options like Airbnb or VRBO for affordable and spacious accommodations that can accommodate the entire group. Make sure to read reviews and compare prices to get the best deal.

Choose a Theme

While not necessary, having a theme for the bachelorette party can add an extra touch of fun. Talk to the bride about her vision and preferences before deciding on a theme. This will help you plan the specific details like invitations, decorations, favors, and outfits. Remember, it's important to consider the bride's opinion to ensure everyone enjoys the experience.

Big Picture Basics (4-6 Weeks Before)

Research the Area

In the weeks leading up to the trip, do some research on the destination. Look for activities, attractions, restaurants, and bars that align with the bride's interests. Create a loose itinerary with top-rated dining options for different occasions, such as a formal dinner and a brunch. Also, consider nightlife venues within walking distance of your accommodation. Don't hesitate to seek recommendations from locals or your host.

Plan Some Games

Plan some entertaining games for the downtime during the bachelorette party. These games can help break the ice and make the experience even more memorable. Consider games that also double as a gift for the bride to enjoy beyond the party.

Order Decorations

Bring the party atmosphere to your rental home by decorating it with bachelorette-themed decorations. Unlike the bridal shower, you can go all out with fun and sometimes cheeky decor. Coordinate with your host or set up the decorations before the bridal party arrives to create a surprise for the bride.

Decide on Matching Attire

Coordinated clothing is a modern trend for bachelorette parties, adding an extra level of fun and unity. Discuss with the bride and decide on matching outfits or a specific dress code for different occasions. This will make the group stand out and ensure fabulous photos throughout the celebration.

Organize Gift Bags

Prepare goodie bags filled with fun favors and hangover helpers for the bride and her maids. Consider including essentials like Advil, Pedialyte powder, hair ties, and temporary tattoos. This "Oh Shit Kit" will be appreciated by everyone and add a thoughtful touch to the weekend.

Final Few To-Dos (Week of and Day Before)

Start a Shared Photo Folder

In this digital era, capturing memories through photos is a must. Create a shared photo album where everyone can upload their pictures throughout the bachelorette weekend. It makes it easier to find and cherish these precious moments. Say goodbye to endless group texts and enjoy the convenience of having all the pictures in one place.

Pack the Necessities

Before you embark on your bachelorette adventure, create a packing list to ensure you don't forget anything essential. Remember, you're only going away for a weekend, so keep it simple. If you have many decorations or goodies to bring, consider splitting them with other members of the bridal party to avoid overstuffing your bags.


Before the big day arrives, double-check and finalize all the details. Confirm travel plans, lodging arrangements, transportation from the airport, your packing list, decorations, and goodie bags. Communicate with each bridesmaid to ensure everyone is on the same page and has everything they need. Have one last talk with the bride to address any last-minute changes or concerns.

Day of Duties


It's time to let loose and enjoy the bachelorette party! You've put in the hard work, and now it's time to have a blast. Expect a few hiccups and some bridesmaid drama along the way, but remember that you've done your best to create an unforgettable weekend for the bride. Drink plenty of water, indulge in delicious food, and capture all the magical moments with lots of pictures.

How to Plan the Best Bachelorette Party How to Plan the Best Bachelorette Party How to Plan the Best Bachelorette Party