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How to Plan an Incredible Hen Party Abroad

Planning a hen party can be a bit stressful, especially if it's close to the wedding day. However, planning a hen party abroad can be just as stressful, but at least you get the chance...

Planning a hen party can be a bit stressful, especially if it's close to the wedding day. However, planning a hen party abroad can be just as stressful, but at least you get the chance to relax in a slightly warmer place, with some sun or lots of cocktails. To make it easier for you, we've put together a quick guide and a detailed guide to planning your hen party abroad.

The Quick Guide

How to Plan a Hen Party Abroad

  1. Chat with the bride about her preferences and confirm the invite list.
  2. Discuss responsibilities with the bridal party to ensure everyone is clear on their roles.
  3. Start planning and booking at least 3-9 months before the trip.
  4. Poll your group about possible dates and settle on a preference.
  5. Discuss budget limits with the bride and your group.
  6. Choose a preferred destination abroad.
  7. Build the perfect hen do package and book it!
  8. Book your flights once your package is confirmed (SkyScanner is a great comparison tool).
  9. Purchase travel insurance (highly recommended).
  10. Plan some special touches for the bride and the group.
  11. Pack for the trip (see our full packing list).
  12. Email the hen group before the travel date with last-minute reminders.
  13. Get on the plane and have a fantastic time!

Quick Tips for Planning a Hen Party Abroad

  1. Book well in advance (3-9 months before): Organizing everything in advance ensures a smooth experience and avoids last-minute disappointments or expensive rates.
  2. Don't skimp on the plane tickets: Opt for priority tickets with budget airlines like Ryanair to keep costs down while ensuring everyone can sit together.
  3. Get consensus: Make sure your destination choice doesn't exclude people or make it difficult for others to join. Find a plan that suits almost everyone.

The Detailed Guide

1. Consider if a Hen Party Abroad is the Right Choice

Before committing to a hen party abroad, it's essential to ensure it's the right decision. Consider the bride's wishes, group preferences, budget, and logistics. Ask yourselves these questions:

  • What does the bride really want?
  • How many days can everyone travel for?
  • Does everyone have a valid passport?
  • Will you need a visa for your preferred destination?
  • Can everyone take time off from work or other responsibilities?
  • What is everyone's budget?
  • Does the chosen destination offer something unique?

If you can agree on all these points and the plan works for everyone, you can confidently start planning your hen party abroad.

2. Choose Your Date

Start by determining who will be attending the party and find a suitable date. This stage requires a lot of communication to ensure everyone's availability. You can use an online polling tool to propose dates and allow everyone to vote, making it easier to find the best date for everyone.

3. Set the Budget

Consider everyone's financial commitments and be sensitive to upcoming wedding costs. Talk openly about the budget and give people the flexibility to opt-out of certain activities if necessary. Booking through a platform like The Foxy Hen allows individuals to pay online, making it more convenient for everyone.

4. Choose Your Hen Party Destination Abroad

Consider the bride's preferences, budget, and what the group wants to do. If it's a beach and party vibe, you can narrow down the destinations accordingly. Take into account the distance from your location if it's a weekend affair. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even choose a destination randomly by playing a modern version of pin the tail on the donkey with a map of Europe.

5. Book a Package

You have two options when booking a hen party abroad. You can either book it yourself or use a hen planning company like The Foxy Hen. Booking with a planning company offers numerous advantages, including access to a wide range of activities, a dedicated party planner, and the convenience of online payments.

6. The Packing List

Make sure you have all the essentials for your hen party abroad. Some key items to include are passports, visa details (if necessary), travel insurance, clear plastic bags for liquids, accommodation and package booking details, appropriate clothing and shoes, and any special hen party accessories.

7. Before You Leave

Double-check that you have packed everything and then email or message the entire hen group a few days before the trip with last-minute reminders and our packing list.

Top Picks for a Hen Party Abroad

  • Marbella: Sun, sand, beach clubs, yachts, and party vibes.
  • Berlin: Culture, history, and a unique nightlife experience.
  • Prague: Cheap beer, a beautiful river, unique activities, and friendly people.
  • Gdansk: Sun, sand, and a historic city, offering the best of both worlds.
  • Amsterdam: A vibrant party city with plenty to explore.
  • Budapest: Hot baths and a wide range of unique activities.
  • Riga: Instagrammable photos, food markets, cheap prices, and wild nightlife.
  • Krakow: A medieval marvel known for its culture, class, and delicious pierogi.


With careful planning, expert help, and a bit of creativity, organizing a hen party abroad can be an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. Take the stress out of traveling by choosing a reliable planning company to support you throughout the process. Enjoy your time away with the most important women in the bride's life before her big day.