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How To Plan a Low-Key Hen Party: Celebrating the Bride in a Relaxed and Simple Way

Are you searching for low-key hen party ideas that perfectly suit an introverted bride? If you're looking to throw a laidback, no-fuss celebration that focuses on the main event - your girl getting married -...

Are you searching for low-key hen party ideas that perfectly suit an introverted bride? If you're looking to throw a laidback, no-fuss celebration that focuses on the main event - your girl getting married - we've got you covered! Let's explore some unique and exciting activities to make her special day truly memorable.

The Advantages of a Low-Key Hen Party

First things first, it's essential to realize that it's completely okay to opt for a smaller, more relaxed hen party that doesn't involve wild partying or thrill-seeking activities. While those things are fun for some brides, it's important to consider those who may feel uncomfortable being the center of attention in a large group or in public. Here are some benefits of having a low-key hen party:

  • A smaller group allows everyone to get to know each other quickly.
  • More quality time with each hen, allowing you to appreciate their presence fully.
  • Lower costs for everyone involved.
  • Easier planning, especially when choosing relaxing activities that everyone can enjoy.
  • Inclusion of pregnant or non-drinking friends who may feel excluded from a heavy drinking session.
  • The opportunity to involve older family members in the festivities.

Including Gran in Your Hen Party

If you've been unsure about inviting older family members to your hen party, you can put your worries to rest. A non-wild hen party allows you to invite your gran without any concerns. Read on for some low-key and grandma-friendly hen party ideas that will have everyone excited.

Low-Key Hen Party Activities

1. Have a Spa Day

Heading to a spa for a day of relaxation is a top choice for a laidback hen party. Keep it local and pick treatments that suit everyone in the group. You might even get a good group deal if there are a few of you going.

2. Throw a Hen Party at Home

What could be more low-key than celebrating at home? If you have a large garden, set up a beautiful outdoor event for your hens. If not, ask friends or family members if they'd be willing to host in their garden. Keep costs low by having each hen bring a dish, and spend the afternoon playing games, enjoying delicious food, and chatting.

Tables in the garden Tables in the garden

3. Plan a Crafternoon

If the bride is a fan of crafts, spending an afternoon crafting and laughing with loved ones is perfect. Let your creativity shine by making flower crowns, cross-stitching, knitting, quilting, or trying any other craft of interest.

4. Enjoy Afternoon Tea

Indulge in the classic and refined option of afternoon tea. Choose a local venue, such as a hotel, country house, or independent tea room, or create your own DIY afternoon tea. Treat the bride with a scrumptious spread of cakes, scones, and cream teas.

Afternoon tea Afternoon tea

5. Host a Pamper Evening

Bring the spa experience to your home by organizing a pamper evening. Each attendee can bring supplies for a different treatment, such as manicures or facials. Enjoy an evening of relaxation and self-care.

6. Eat a Nice Dinner In or Out

If the bride is a foodie, arrange a special meal at her favorite restaurant or one she's always wanted to try. Enjoy a delicious dinner together without the pressure to drink or dance the night away.

Dinner Dinner

7. Do An Art Class

Book an art or drawing class for the creative bride-to-be. Choose something racy like a life drawing class or something more relaxed like watercolor or pottery. Have fun and create lasting memories.

8. A River Cruise

Experience elegance with a river cruise. Dress up for a dinner and drinks cruise or opt for a more casual tourist river cruise. Punting or hiring a canal boat are also great options for a laidback hen party on the waterways.

Canal boat Canal boat

9. A Country Picnic

Whether you live in the countryside or near a beautiful park in the city, a country picnic is a delightful option. Pack a picnic hamper with your favorite foods and enjoy quality time together under the sun.

10. A Scenic Bike Ride

For more active brides-to-be who live in the countryside, a day of biking can be both fun and memorable. Pack a picnic and explore the scenic routes while creating lasting memories.

Women with bikes chatting Women with bikes chatting

11. A Glamping or Camping Weekend

For a low-key hen party weekend surrounded by nature, consider glamping or camping. Set up camp in a scenic location or book a relaxing glamping experience. Spend the weekend lazing around, toasting marshmallows, and enjoying each other's company.

12. A Shopping Day

For a day filled with fun and nostalgia, spend the day browsing shops with your closest friends. Try on potential wedding guest outfits, indulge in a nice brunch, and create new memories together.

13. A Day at the Beach

Escape to the seaside and enjoy a day filled with sunshine and relaxation. Play games, savor fish and chips, and stroll down the pier while making unforgettable memories.

Beach Beach

14. Casual Drinks

Just because it's a low-key hen party doesn't mean you can't enjoy a few drinks. Gather your loved ones at a suitable venue for some hen do drinks. Book a private space or consider rooftop bars in larger cities.

How Many Hen Parties Should You Have?

It's common for brides to have several mini hen party events celebrating with different groups of friends and family. If you've chosen to have your main hen party abroad, consider having additional low-key celebrations closer to home. This provides an alternative for those who may be unable to attend the overseas event.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to plan a memorable low-key hen party. Let us know in the comments if you have any other suggestions or tips!

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