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How to Plan an Unforgettable Hen Party

Are you thrilled to be tasked with organizing the bride's big celebration? Feeling a little (or a lot) overwhelmed by the responsibility? Don't worry! Planning a hen party can be a breeze when you break...

Are you thrilled to be tasked with organizing the bride's big celebration? Feeling a little (or a lot) overwhelmed by the responsibility? Don't worry! Planning a hen party can be a breeze when you break it down into manageable chunks. And we're here to help!

Before You Begin

Chat with the Bride

Even if you want to keep the event a surprise, it's always a good idea to have a chat with the bride to get an idea of her preferences. Find out where she'd like to go, what she'd like to do, and any other details she can provide.

Set a Provisional Date

Make sure to check with the bride about her availability before you go ahead and book anything. The last thing you want is to have to change plans because of conflicting schedules.

Get an Invite List

Ask the bride to provide you with a list of people she wants to invite. You don't want to accidentally leave someone out or invite someone she doesn't want there.

Gauge Your Audience

Take a look at the guest list and consider the preferences and needs of the attendees. If there are older guests or pregnant hens, you may want to plan activities that are suitable for everyone.

Think of a Budget

Have a rough idea of the budget in mind. Consider what the group can afford without alienating anyone or compromising on your plans.

Start Planning

Choose the Destination

First things first, you need to decide on the location. If the bride has a preference, take that into consideration. Determine if she wants a sunny beach getaway, a snowy adventure, a bustling city experience, or a complete surprise.

Determine the Duration

Decide how long the hen party will be. Will it be a day trip, a one-night celebration, a weekend extravaganza, or a week-long escape? Knowing the duration will help you plan the activities, meals, and accommodations accordingly.

Plan the Activities

Activities are the heart and soul of any memorable hen party. This is your chance to do something unique and special. Check out our wide range of incredible hen party activities for inspiration.

Plan the Hen Nights

Decide whether you'll have a big night out, a cozy night in, or a combination of both. Consider where you'll eat, whether you'll cook, get takeaway, or dine out. Don't forget about pre-drinks and find out which bars allow hen parties. We have plenty of hen night ideas to spark your imagination.

Choose the Accommodation

Decide on the type of accommodation that suits your group best. Do you want a fabulous hotel or a cozy self-catering house? Will it be a country getaway or a city apartment? Consider amenities like a hot tub, swimming pool, home cinema, or rooftop terrace. At GoHen, we have an amazing selection of hen party houses to choose from.

Hen Party Destinations Hen Party Destinations

Finalize Your Plans

Set Up a WhatsApp Group

Once you have your plan in place, set up a WhatsApp Group and invite all the hens. Use this group to get everyone excited and build anticipation for the big weekend. Check out our list of 18 Hilarious Hen Party WhatsApp Group Names to set the right mood.

Share Your Ideas

Once everyone is in the WhatsApp Group, present the ideas you've put together and let the group discuss and provide feedback.

Don't Try to Please Everyone

While it's important to consider everyone's opinions, remember that you know the bride best. Trust your judgment and make decisions that align with her preferences.

Decide on Payment

Discuss with the group whether you'll be covering the bride's portion of the weekend or if each hen will pay for themselves. It's usually a nice gesture to split the cost of the bride, but if it's becoming too expensive, the bride may be willing to pay for herself.

Book Your Weekend

Once all the details are sorted, don't waste time and risk missing out on your preferred choices. Book everything as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


Create the Perfect Playlist

If you'll be staying in a self-catering property and enjoying some drinks before hitting the town, put together a playlist with the bride's favorite tunes. It will set the mood for an unforgettable night. Check out our Hen Party Playlist for inspiration.

Games and Dares

Get the party started with our free games and dares. Our "Mr and Mrs Questions" game is always a hit, along with other favorites like "How Well Do You Know the Bride" and "Hen Party Bingo."

Hen Party Themes

Consider choosing a theme to make the celebration even more special. Whether it's a color theme, film theme, horror theme, or vintage theme, the little details will elevate the weekend.

Personalized T-Shirts

Check out our Hen Party T-shirts page for ideas on creating custom shirts that will make the group stand out during the big night out.

Create Hilarious Nicknames

Use our Hen Nickname Generator to give everyone hilarious alter-egos and add an extra element of fun to the bride's big weekend.

Hen Party Activities Hen Party Activities

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far in advance should you plan a hen do? We recommend having the actual hen party at least a month before the wedding to allow everyone time to recover. However, you should start planning as far in advance as possible to secure your preferred options.

  • Who should be invited to a hen party? Ask the bride. While you may want to surprise her, it's essential to include people she wants to celebrate with and avoid inviting anyone she doesn't want there.

  • Who should pay for the hen do? Each hen should pay for themselves, but some groups may choose to split the cost of the bride. If expenses are adding up, discuss with the bride if she's willing to contribute.

Planning a hen party can be an exciting and rewarding experience. By following these steps and considering the preferences of the bride and the attendees, you'll create a memorable celebration that will put all others to shame. So, let's get cracking and start planning an unforgettable hen party!