How to Plan a Memorable Company Holiday Party

Many people consider the company holiday party as one of the best perks of working for a company. It's a time to celebrate achievements, build rapport, and have fun with colleagues. If you're looking to...

Many people consider the company holiday party as one of the best perks of working for a company. It's a time to celebrate achievements, build rapport, and have fun with colleagues. If you're looking to plan a truly memorable company holiday party, we have expert tips to help you make it an event that everyone will be talking about.

Choosing the Right Kind of Company Party

Every workplace has its own unique culture and vibe. It's important to choose a party theme that reflects the spirit of your company and brings employees together. Whether it's a disco-themed party or a James Bond-inspired casino night, the right kind of party can reinforce your company's values and help employees interact with each other outside of their usual teams.

Creating a company party that shows your appreciation for your employees can boost morale and foster a sense of belonging. By organizing an epic holiday party, you'll make your employees feel supported and valued as they head into the new year.

Consider these ideas when planning a fun company holiday party:

  • Music: Great music sets the tone for the event and gets people in the mood for a good time.
  • An MC: Consider having someone guide the party, make announcements, or recognize and reward outstanding employees.
  • Lighting: Create a vibrant atmosphere with unique lighting that matches the theme of your party.
  • Events: Think beyond the usual dinner and dancing. Incorporate interactive activities like trivia, karaoke, photo booths, or even live performances by dancers or magicians.

company-holiday-party-disco-theme Picture: A disco-themed company holiday party

Start Planning Your Holiday Party Early

When it comes to event planning, starting early is essential. Consider all the aspects of your party, from chair rental and catering to entertainment and lighting. By starting early in the year and finalizing the details closer to the event, you can avoid any last-minute surprises that may impact the party.

Choose a Venue Early

If you're hosting the party outside of your office, booking a venue as soon as possible is crucial. Milwaukee is known for its popular holiday parties, and event spaces can get booked quickly, especially during prime dates between Christmas and New Year. Consider alternative dates in late January or early February to have more venue options. Summer holiday parties are also a great idea for a unique twist on the traditional holiday celebration.

company-holiday-party-lighting-inspiration Picture: Lighting inspiration for a company holiday party

Decide on the Holiday Party Theme

Having a theme for your party adds excitement and makes it more memorable. Whether it's a James Bond-style casino night or a trivia-themed event, a well-defined theme will help you plan and decorate accordingly.

Here are a few favorite holiday party themes:

  • Casino/James Bond: Create a fun casino atmosphere or go for a classy James Bond theme with dramatic lighting and unique effects.
  • Trivia: Foster teamwork and engagement with a trivia-themed party. Make sure you have a skilled MC to run a successful trivia night.
  • Photo Booth: Offer a themed photo booth with props and backdrops to capture hilarious and memorable moments throughout the party.

james-bond-themed-holiday-party Picture: A James Bond-themed holiday party

Vary the Activities Depending on Your Audience

Consider the diverse age range of your employees when planning activities. Offering something for everyone ensures that all attendees have a great time. Start with team-building activities like games, trivia, or karaoke to bring everyone together. As the event progresses, introduce activities like dancing, food trucks, or even late-night after-parties to keep the energy high.

Have a Great Timeline and Flow for the Night

A well-planned schedule ensures that the event runs smoothly and keeps participants engaged. Provide a timeline to build anticipation and guide attendees through the different activities. Good signage and a dedicated host will ensure a seamless transition between events, maintaining the party atmosphere.

Event Entertainment in Milwaukee

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the coordination required, professional event planning services can help. Don't hesitate to reach out to experienced professionals who can assist in choosing the right venue, staging, and event design. Trusted by well-known clients, such as The Milwaukee Brewers and Harley Davidson, these experts will ensure that your company holiday party is a resounding success.

Services offered by event professionals include:

  • DJ+MC: Experienced DJs and MCs will keep the party going with the best sound equipment, ensuring that everyone has a great time. Karaoke and vinyl options can also be added for additional entertainment.
  • Lighting: Enhance the ambiance of your event with professional lighting services. From uplighting and chandeliers to spotlights and string bulbs, the right lighting can transform the atmosphere.
  • Photo Booth: Make lasting memories with a modern, open-air photo booth. With various backdrops and props, your guests will have a blast capturing fun moments throughout the night.
  • Videography: Capture the highlights of your holiday party with professional videographers who use high-quality camera equipment. The footage can be incorporated into promotional videos or brand marketing materials.
  • Advanced Event Production: Take your party to the next level with customized event production services. From audio/visual services to stage design and installations, professionals can bring your vision to life.

how-to-throw-a-fun-company-holiday-party Picture: Tips for throwing a fun company holiday party

The Perfect Package for Your Milwaukee Event

Every event is unique, and custom packages are available to suit your specific needs. Whether you require minimal assistance or full-service event planning, professionals can help you create a holiday party that exceeds expectations. Get in touch with dedicated event professionals who can guide you through the process and turn your ideas into a memorable event.

milwaukee-event-and-stage-production Picture: Event and stage production in Milwaukee

Planning a company holiday party may seem like a daunting task, but with the right guidance and resources, it can be an enjoyable process. Follow these expert tips and work with experienced professionals to ensure a fantastic and unforgettable holiday celebration for your team.