How to Plan a Memorable Kid Fashion Show

Are you ready to create a truly unforgettable event? Organizing a fashion show for kids may seem like a daunting task, but with careful planning and a structured approach, it can be surprisingly simple. I...

Are you ready to create a truly unforgettable event? Organizing a fashion show for kids may seem like a daunting task, but with careful planning and a structured approach, it can be surprisingly simple. I recently had the pleasure of working with Beyond the Blackboard and Great Pretenders to organize a Kid Fashion Show, and it was a huge success. As the Marketing Maven at Beyond the Blackboard, I take great pride in creating engaging experiences for families. So, let me guide you through the process of how to plan a Kid Fashion Show that will leave a lasting impression.

Create a Dream Team

Every successful event needs a dedicated team of people working together. Make sure to assign the following roles: a marketing person (who will handle social media, email marketing, and more traditional strategies), a hair and makeup artist, a photographer, an emcee, helpers to dress and position the kids, a costume coordinator, and a support crew (greeters, clean-up, snack table, etc.). Depending on the scale of your show and any additional extras you plan to offer, determine the number of helpers required on the day of the event.

Choose the Perfect Venue

Selecting the right venue is crucial for a successful fashion show. Ensure that the space is adequate for your event and equipped with all the necessary components. If you plan on playing music, make sure you have speakers. If the kids need to get dressed on-site, ensure there's a private area. If you're incorporating a craft station, provide enough tables. Remember, the runway can be any space that suits your venue. Ultimately, kids are just thrilled to be in the spotlight.

Costume Selection

Get parents involved in this step. Depending on your theme, the costumes or clothing may vary. Order the outfits well in advance and schedule fitting appointments for the kids. If you're hosting the event in a retail setting, consider having designated days when the kids can come in and try on their costumes. It's fun to have the outfits hanging with themed name tags on the hangers. Remember to keep the costumes together until the day of the show for added excitement.

Choose Your Models

Decide how you will choose the kids who will model the outfits. If it's a birthday party, invite friends. If it's a community outreach event, consider organizing a contest. If you're hosting the show in a retail store, invite some of your best customers to participate. Select the method that suits your event best.

Arrange for Photography

Hiring a professional photographer is always a great idea. Agree on a fee with the photographer upfront and ensure that the parents of the models sign a photo release if you plan to share the pictures in any way. Capturing those special moments on camera will be a treasured memory for everyone involved.

Plan Extra Excitement

Add some extra flair to your fashion show with additional activities. This could include goody bags for siblings or guests, snacks or treats, craft stations, a dress-up trunk for siblings, a dance contest, or even professional photography. If you're hosting the event as a retailer, consider offering a discount on the day of the show or another type of incentive to make it even more enticing.

The Big Day

Prepare everything a couple of hours before the event starts. Make sure you have an ample number of support staff in place. Keep things moving smoothly, even if a child gets scared and doesn't want to step on the runway. Simply move on to the next child and keep the show going. If a child wants to go more than once, let them enjoy multiple turns after everyone else had their chance. Remember, above all, this is supposed to be fun!

Show Your Appreciation

After the event, take the time to thank your sponsors, models, and parents. Write personal notes to express your gratitude and show them how much their participation meant. Consider letting the models keep their costumes or give them small gifts as a token of your appreciation. When your photographer sends you the photos, share them as planned with your sponsors and the kids.

How to Organize a Kid Fashion Show Step by Step Tips and Tricks

Cherished Memories

Allow me to share some insights that made our event truly special. These tips will help you plan a Kid Fashion Show that stands out from the rest. We began planning several months ahead, allowing ample time for every role. Here are some of the things that worked exceptionally well.

Firstly, invest in a skilled photographer to capture the event's magic. Each photo is a masterpiece, so make sure you have someone talented behind the camera.

Let the kids express their individuality. If you have older kids participating, allow them to put their unique twist on the costumes. Celebrate their self-identity and let them shine.

Provide a mirror for the kids to admire themselves in costume. Seeing their reflection adds an extra touch of enchantment that's different from simply looking at a camera.

Having a dedicated makeup artist for the kids adds a professional touch. The children will feel like true stars with their glamorous makeup.

Involve older kids as volunteers. It's a fantastic opportunity to let them contribute and earn volunteer hours. We had Cadette Girl Scouts assisting and they did an incredible job.

A trunk filled with extra clothes is always a hit. Even last-minute participants, such as customers who came to watch, can join in the fun and dress up.

Don't forget to provide snacks and water for everyone. Keeping everyone energized and hydrated is essential for a successful event.

Ensure there is a lead person to help the kids on and off the runway. Someone like Jacqueline Killian, the amazing owner of Beyond the Blackboard, who is wonderful with kids. Jacqueline's commitment to play and creating childhood moments is an inspiration to all.

How to Plan a Fashion Show Makeup Artist

Finally, remember to celebrate your success. When the last child leaves the runway, take a moment to reflect and feel proud of what you've accomplished. Organizing a Kid Fashion Show is an amazing achievement, and you should take pride in yourself, your team, and the incredible kids who participated.

How to Plan a Fashion Show Mirror

If you have any questions about how to organize a Kid Fashion Show, don't hesitate to ask. I am here to support you in hosting an awesome event too. Cheers to the magic of dress-up, to Great Pretenders, and to Beyond the Blackboard!