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How to Design Beautiful Invitations in Cricut Design Space

Are you aware of the endless possibilities of using your Cricut machine? Apart from the usual crafts, you can also create stunning invitations and greeting cards right in Cricut Design Space. With the Print and...

Are you aware of the endless possibilities of using your Cricut machine? Apart from the usual crafts, you can also create stunning invitations and greeting cards right in Cricut Design Space. With the Print and Cut feature, you have the freedom to design custom invitations that suit your unique style. Let's delve into the tutorial below and learn how you can make your invitations stand out.

How to make invitations in Cricut Design Space Image Source: How to make invitations in Cricut Design Space

Before we begin, it's important to note that this post contains affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase through one of the links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

How to Make Invitations in Design Space

To start, you'll need to have a basic theme or concept in mind. Ensure that you either have your clip art ready or access to Cricut's extensive library of images through Cricut Access. Additionally, if your concept requires intricate patterns, consider purchasing digital paper and uploading the patterns into Design Space before you begin. (You can refer to a tutorial on how to upload patterns into Design Space).

For my invitations, I used the following files from Creative Fabrica:

  • Font: Candy Beans
  • Background: Donuts Digital Paper
  • Donut Clipart: Donut Clipart Set

Creating your Invitation Background

Step 1: Open a new project in Design Space and add a square shape from the "shapes" tool. Adjust the square's size according to your desired invitation dimensions, such as 4x6 or 5x7.

Step 2: Once the square is sized, change its fill type to "Print" instead of "Cut". You can find this option in the "FILL" box in the top menu bar.

Step 3: Now, select a pattern to fill your square. The square should be a dark grey color. In the top menu bar, you'll see a grey box next to the "FILL" box. Click on it and change the dropdown from "color" to "pattern". Choose the desired pattern from the available options. (Remember to upload any digital paper or patterns beforehand).

Fill Patterns in Design Space

Creating your Text Box

Step 1: Add another square shape and resize it to match your invitation dimensions, slightly smaller than the background box. This square will serve as the text box layered on top of the background.

Step 2: Center the text box over the background box. To achieve this, place the text box on top of the background box and select both items. In the top menu bar, click on "Align" and then "Center Horizontally". Repeat the process by selecting both boxes again and choosing "Align" followed by "Center Vertically". Your text box should now be perfectly centered over the background box.

Step 3: Convert the text box to a print graphic and make it white. Follow the same steps used for the background square, but instead of filling with a pattern, simply select white as the color. This completes the basic background of your invitation. To ensure the elements stay in place while you continue designing, select both boxes and group them together using the "group" tool in the top right toolbox.

Making it Beautiful

From here, you can unleash your creativity by adding text and clip art to your invitation. Utilize the fonts available in Cricut Design Space or upload your own fonts. As an example, I used the Candy Beans font. When incorporating clip art or images, ensure that everything is set to "print" instead of "cut".

If you want to add a shadow effect to your words, unfortunately, it cannot be done directly in Design Space. However, you can refer to a tutorial video (link provided in the original article) to learn how to achieve this effect.

A Super Important Step

Before finalizing your design, make sure to "group" all the elements together. Then, at the bottom of the right menu bar, select "FLATTEN"! This essential step allows the Print and Cut feature to work correctly. Neglecting to flatten the project will result in each individual element being cut out separately, even though they have been set to print.

Cutting out your Invitations

Step 1: With your design ready, it's time to cut out your invitations. If you sized them to 4x6, you can print two invitations on a single sheet of paper. Duplicate your invitation and position it next to the first one, leaving a small space in between. "Attach" the two invitations together to ensure they remain in place during printing and cutting.

Step 2: Click on "Make It" in the top right corner of Design Space. This will send your invitations to your home printer. Please note that you'll need a color printer for printing invitations in color.

Step 3: Review the print preview to ensure everything looks as intended, then click "Continue" in the bottom right corner. Select "Send to Printer" and choose the printer you want to use. Adjust the number of copies if necessary, and make sure the "ADD BLEED" option is enabled. Finally, click "Print" and watch your beautiful invitations come to life on high-quality photo paper.

Step 4: After printing, place one sheet at a time on your light grip Cricut mat for cutting.

That's all there is to it! Making invitations in Cricut Design Space is incredibly easy and allows you to customize every aspect. Watch the video below for further guidance and consider subscribing to stay updated on all my new Cricut and DIY videos.