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How to Create Unique Cake Toppers with Shakers & Confetti!

Share the love with personalized cake toppers that are sure to impress at any celebration. In this article, you'll learn how to make your own 3D cake toppers with shakers and confetti for birthdays, weddings,...

Share the love with personalized cake toppers that are sure to impress at any celebration. In this article, you'll learn how to make your own 3D cake toppers with shakers and confetti for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and more!

The Trend of Custom Cake Toppers

Custom cake toppers have become incredibly popular in recent years. From birthdays and weddings to rainbow and mermaid themes, there's a cake topper for every occasion. The demand for these unique decorations inspired me to create my own collection of cake toppers. Based on the feedback I received from my Facebook group, I knew you would love them too!

Get the free SVG cut file for this project Get the free SVG cut file for this project

Adding Festivity to Any Special Day

Custom cake toppers are a fantastic way to add a personal touch and make any occasion even more festive. With just a few simple steps, you can transform a plain store-bought cake into a stunning masterpiece. In this project, I'll share three different designs that you can customize to celebrate birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or any other special event. And as an added bonus, we'll turn them into shaker cake toppers!

Custom Custom cake toppers made using a Cricut for different celebrations

Materials and Assembly

To create these adorable personalized cake toppers, you'll need various pieces of cardstock. The beauty of custom cake toppers is that you can use any paper that suits your party theme. I recommend using 65 lb. cardstock in different colors, as well as glitter cardstock for added sparkle. If you want to include a photo, you can also print it on photo paper.

For the shaker section, the most exciting part, you'll need clear acetate and your choice of confetti. I'll show you a secret technique to keep the confetti securely in place. Throughout the assembly process, I'll guide you on using various adhesives to ensure the cake topper remains intact. Just take a look at the difference a cake topper can make on a plain white and blue cake!

Custom Custom cake topper on a plain white and blue cake

Making Your Own Custom Cake Toppers

To facilitate the process of creating your own custom cake toppers, I've prepared a detailed step-by-step assembly video. This video premiered during the Maker Academy Weekend 2022, where participants had the opportunity to watch over 20 workshops, each accompanied by a printable handbook, transcript, audio files, design files, and support. If you want to experience all the event has to offer, make sure to get your VIP pass below!

VIP All Access Pass to Maker Academy Weekend VIP All Access Pass to Maker Academy Weekend

Answering Your Questions About Custom Cake Toppers

Q: Where can I find the full step-by-step tutorial for this project? A: The complete tutorial for creating Cricut cake toppers was made exclusively for the free Maker Academy Weekend 2022 event. To access the full video tutorial and printable handbook, including instructions on how to create this beautiful project, you can get a VIP Pass to Maker Academy Weekend 2022. The VIP Pass offers additional perks and bonuses as well!

Q: How can I personalize cake toppers? A: Personalizing cake toppers is easy! In this tutorial, I'll show you how to add any name to a cake topper using Cricut Design Space. You're not limited to these specific designs, so let your creativity run wild.

Q: What materials are best for custom cake toppers? A: Cardstock is the ideal material for cake toppers. It's thick and sturdy, providing a great base for your designs. For added flair, I recommend using plain, foil, or glitter cardstock. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even create shaker cake toppers using acetate and confetti. To secure the topper in your cake, you'll need an acrylic stick or bamboo skewer. No sticks or skewers? Paper straws work just as well!

Q: How can I create a cake topper with Cricut? A: Making a cake topper with a Cricut machine is incredibly simple. The machine can easily cut out layers of cardstock that you can then glue together. If you want a hassle-free option, you can also create print then cut designs and attach them to your sticks. It's super easy!

Q: What size are the finished cake toppers? A: The design size of the cake toppers is approximately 8" wide, suitable for most cakes of the same size. If you're decorating a larger cake, feel free to increase the width to 10". For smaller cakes, I don't recommend cutting the toppers smaller than their original size.

Q: How can I make cupcake toppers? A: Cupcake toppers follow the same concept as cake toppers but in a smaller size. Print then cut designs work exceptionally well for cupcake toppers. Aim for a size of about 3" wide for the best effect. It's as easy as that!

Q: Which fonts did you use for your cake toppers? A: The right font can make a significant difference. For the birthday design, I used Tingler Script. As a free alternative (for personal use), you can try Timberly. For the wedding and anniversary design, I used Goldie Rainbow. The free alternative (for personal use) is Goldie Rainbow itself.

Get your Free SVG Files

Ready to create your own personalized cake toppers? I've provided free SVG files for you to download and use. Which design do you like the best? Let me know by sharing a photo of your custom cake toppers in our Facebook group or tagging me on social media with #jennifermaker. I can't wait to see your unique creations!

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Remember This Tutorial!

Don't want to forget how to create custom cake toppers? Save this tutorial to your favorite Pinterest board for future reference.

how to make custom cake toppers Step-by-step process for making custom cake toppers using a Cricut cutting machine