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How to Create a Stunning Flower Garland

Here at thortful, we understand the joy and significance that flowers can bring to our lives. Whether it's receiving a bouquet that brightens our week or adorning our homes with the scents and colors of...

Here at thortful, we understand the joy and significance that flowers can bring to our lives. Whether it's receiving a bouquet that brightens our week or adorning our homes with the scents and colors of spring, flowers have a way of bringing happiness. But why stop there? Why not wear a flower garland in your hair to welcome the summer season and exude a fresh, summery vibe all day long? Whether you want to refresh your look, add a touch of elegance to a special occasion, or spend a delightful afternoon crafting with your loved ones, making a flower garland is the perfect way to do it.

Making a flower garland Making a flower garland

1. Pick your flowers

One of the most enjoyable parts of creating a flower garland is selecting the flowers. Consider the color palette you desire, especially if you have a specific color scheme for a special occasion. The availability of flowers will depend on the season. In autumn, earthy shades prevail, while spring and summer offer pastel and vibrant hues. Don't forget to include foliage to add depth and greens to your design. For an extra seasonal touch in autumn and winter, consider adding red or green berries.

2. Plan your design

Before diving in, plan the design of your flower garland on paper. This way, you can ensure that your creation matches your vision. Include flowers that align with your desired color palette and select your most beautiful blooms to prominently feature at the front. Once you're satisfied with your design, it's time to get your hands dirty and start making!

3. Create your frame

To create the frame for your flower garland, you'll need floristry wire and tape, which are readily available at craft stores. Twist one length of floristry wire around another to form a sturdy piece. Wrap the wire with green floristry tape and shape each end into a hook. Congratulations! You now have the foundation of your headdress. Before moving on, make sure the garland fits perfectly by wrapping it around your head. If it's too long, trim it to size.

4. Wire your flowers

The next step is wiring your flowers. Carefully insert floristry wire, preferably in a shade of green, into the stem of each flower. Trim the wire to about two inches long. Thread another piece of floristry wire through the base of the flowers and wrap it around the stems. Once all your flowers are wired and secure, you're ready to start adding them to the frame.

5. Add the flowers to the frame

Starting at the ends of the wire frame, begin adding your flowers according to your chosen design. Wrap floristry tape around each wired flower and attach them to the frame one by one. Ensure an even distribution of different flowers and foliage to create a beautifully balanced flower garland. Once the entire frame is covered, bend it into shape and try it on!

6. Model your flower garland

Your flower garland is now almost ready to wear. Try it on with your outfit for the special occasion. Adjust the shape to your liking and use the hooks you created earlier to secure it in place. The last thing you want is for it to come undone while dancing or walking down the aisle. Finally, model your flower garland and bask in the knowledge that you look absolutely stunning!

A finished flower crown A finished flower crown

Top tips for making a flower garland

  • When picking flowers, be sure to include their stems. You'll need at least two inches of stem to wire them and attach them to the frame.
  • Avoid making your flower garlands too far in advance of the event. Fresh flowers have a limited lifespan, and the longer they sit on your garland, the more they will wilt.
  • Opt for freshly bloomed flowers for the best results. Older flowers have a shorter lifespan.
  • If you want a garland that can be worn repeatedly, consider using artificial or pressed flowers. However, keep in mind that they won't look as natural or lifelike as fresh flowers from the garden or park.

Creating flower garlands is a delightful and easy craft that brings a touch of summer to any occasion. If you're still undecided about which flowers to include, discover what your favorite flower says about you. And if you're feeling crafty, explore our collection of how-to guides. Happy garland making!