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How to Host the Perfect House Party... According to Brits

As we embrace the festive season, the air is filled with excitement for Christmas and New Year's, signaling the start of numerous celebrations and gatherings. While the hospitality sector experiences a surge in bookings for...

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As we embrace the festive season, the air is filled with excitement for Christmas and New Year's, signaling the start of numerous celebrations and gatherings. While the hospitality sector experiences a surge in bookings for parties, Christmas and New Year's are also synonymous with hosting or attending house parties. With the memories of the COVID-19 pandemic fading away, there has been a noticeable shift, with nearly a quarter of Brits admitting to attending more house parties in 2023 compared to the previous year. According to Google data, searches for house party-related terms soar during December and early January. But what does it take to host the perfect party?

To celebrate the launch of our new Nancy range, we conducted a national survey with the help of Censuswide. The survey aimed to find the answer to this question and discover what people most want to see at a house party. The results were intriguing, and while the answer is not straightforward, we gained valuable insights into Brits' house party preferences.

Brits House Party Preferences by City

With our survey, we delved into the most desired house party requirements per city. We examined the most popular party personas, as well as the preferred food, drink, and music choices. Here are some key highlights:

Food Highlights:

  • Northern Ireland had the highest preference for pigs in blankets.
  • Bristol loves to see cocktails at their house parties more than any other UK city.
  • Sheffield had the lowest preference for pizza.
  • Cardiff party-goers scored the lowest when it came to wanting to see sandwiches on the buffet table.

Drink Highlights:

  • London prefers wine, cocktails, and even soft drinks over beer and cider.
  • 15 of the 17 cities surveyed highlighted non-alcoholic beverages as their least preferred drinks option.

Music Highlights:

  • London showed more preference for hip hop and R&B as their choice of music than any other city.
  • While pop and disco hits were the overwhelming top choice of music, Nottingham had the lowest preference for it.

Party Preferences:

  • Party favours and an order of events were the least sought-after things at house parties.
  • London showed the highest preference for them than any other city.

Assessing the data, Holly Bolus, a lifestyle expert at CDA Group, remarked that music, food, and drinks are seen as the staples of a good party. The survey revealed interesting breakdowns based on different age groups and party personas. It is also worth noting that a good guest list was highlighted as an overwhelmingly important factor in hosting the perfect house party.

How the Top Five UK Cities Compare

London - Estimated Population: 10,803,000

  • Londoners had the lowest preference for listening to the Top 40 charts and Indie music.
  • Wine and cocktails were the drink of choice in London, while beer and cider had the lowest preference.

Birmingham - Estimated Population: 2,517,000

  • Birmingham had overwhelming popularity for pop and disco hits as their music choice.
  • Birmingham party-goers had the highest preference for cheese boards, spring rolls, and mini cheesecakes.

Manchester - Estimated Population: 2,449,000

  • Mancunians had the highest preference for Top 40 chart toppers at their house parties.
  • Cocktails and mocktails were the drink of choice in Manchester.

Leeds - Estimated Population: 1,659,000

  • Leeds showed the highest preference for chicken wings, pigs in blankets, trifle, and stuffed mushrooms at their parties.
  • Leeds party-goers had the highest percentage of people who wanted to listen to classical and jazz music at their house parties.

Glasgow - Estimated Population: 1,100,000

  • Glaswegians had the highest preference for interactive games at their house parties.
  • Beer and cider was the overwhelmingly popular choice of drink, but Glaswegians also had a preference for tea and coffee.

The survey provided insight into each city's preferences, shedding light on the unique aspects that make their house parties special.

Five Things to Avoid at Your House Party

While planning your house party, it's essential to consider what will keep the majority of your guests happy. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Forget the greens and healthy options, indulge your guests with indulgent party food.
  • Inclusivity is key, avoid filling a limited bar with non-alcoholic options.
  • Stay away from classical and jazz music genres, as they may not entice your guests to hit the dance floor.
  • Be mindful of your guest list, avoid inviting those who may bring down the mood with excessive emotions after having one too many drinks.
  • Forced fun isn't fun. Skip the games, as they may not appeal to everyone.

Creating the perfect house party requires understanding your guests' preferences and considering their overall experience.

Creating the Perfect House Party for Each Age Group

To further analyze preferences, our survey asked questions to five different age ranges: 16-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, and 55+. Here is a breakdown of their preferences:

Ages 16-24

  • Music is the most important requirement, particularly pop and disco hits and hip hop & R&B genres.
  • Pizza is the overwhelming food of choice, while cocktails and soft drinks are the preferred drinks.

Ages 25-34

  • Music remains the most crucial factor, but food increases in importance for this age group.
  • Top choices for music include hip-hop and R&B, while classic rock anthems see an increase in popularity.
  • Food preferences remain consistent, with pizza, chicken wings, and crisps being the most popular choices.

Ages 35-44

  • Good music and food grow in importance for this age group.
  • Pop and disco hits continue to be popular music choices, while classic rock anthems gain popularity.
  • Pizza remains a favorite, and sandwiches and pigs in blankets see an increase in popularity.

Ages 45-54

  • There's almost an equal importance placed on music and food at this stage.
  • Popular pop and disco hits dominate music preferences, with classic rock anthems following closely.
  • Pizza begins to decline in popularity, while sandwiches become increasingly popular.

Ages 55+

  • Food becomes the most crucial factor behind a good house party for this age group.
  • Popular pop and disco hits remain the top choice of music, with classic rock anthems coming in second.
  • Sandwiches and cheese boards are the preferred food choices.

Understanding the preferences of different age groups can help you tailor your house party to create an enjoyable experience for all.

The Party Personas in More Detail

While conducting our survey, we also identified various party personas that people identify with. These personas include the life of the party, the party planning extraordinaire, the karaoke king/queen, and more. Each city had its unique mix of party personas, contributing to their distinct party cultures.

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The data presented in this article was gathered through a national Censuswide survey conducted in early November. The full data set can be found here.

Hosting the perfect house party involves understanding the preferences of your guests and tailoring the experience to create a memorable event. Take the insights from this survey and apply them to create an unforgettable gathering for your friends and loved ones. Cheers to a fantastic house party!