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How to Host a Young Living Make-and-Take Party: A Guide to a Fun and Memorable Event

Hosting a Young Living make-and-take party is an incredible opportunity to connect with new people, indulge in some creative DIY projects, and demonstrate that Young Living products are more than just essential oils. If you're...

Hosting a Young Living make-and-take party is an incredible opportunity to connect with new people, indulge in some creative DIY projects, and demonstrate that Young Living products are more than just essential oils. If you're searching for fresh ideas to share Young Living or planning a girl's night out, this guide will help you organize an unforgettable event that perfectly complements any lifestyle.

Step 1: Plan Ahead for Success

To kick-start your party preparations, it's essential to make a solid plan:

Choose an Engaging Theme

Select a theme that captivates your guests' imagination. For instance, opt for a "Pamper Me" theme featuring Lavender or Ylang Ylang essential oil-infused bath salts, hand scrub, and foot lotion. Alternatively, you can go for a "Daily Dose" theme, showcasing energizing morning face lotion with Melaleuca Alternifolia, a refreshing roll-on with Frankincense for the afternoon, and a calming Lavender room spray for bedtime.

Delightful Refreshments

Keep the refreshments simple and light to complement the event's ambiance. Consider serving a fruit or vegetable tray with dip, or indulge in crackers and cheese. Introduce Young Living essential oils into the mix by offering citrus-infused lemonade, hot chocolate infused with Cinnamon Bark or Orange, or a zesty vegetable dip enhanced with Dill essential oil.

Create a Shopping List

Compile a comprehensive shopping list for all the necessary DIY project ingredients, project containers, decorations, assembling tools, and refreshments. Ensure you have everything ready to go before the big day.

Determine Costs

Decide on a reasonable amount to charge your attendees for each DIY project. You can opt for online payment methods like PayPal or Venmo, or ask guests to bring cash to the party.

Step 2: Spread the Word

Maximize attendance by following these steps to get the word out:

Over-Invite and Provide Ample Notice

Consider the number of guests you feel comfortable hosting and invite more than that to account for potential scheduling conflicts. Remember, not everyone you invite will be able to attend. Send out invitations through various channels, such as creating a Facebook event, sending emails, texts, or printed invitations. Start the process 2-3 weeks prior to the party to give people ample notice.

Send Reminders and Confirm RSVPs

As the party date approaches, send friendly reminders to your guests and request a final headcount. This will help you in planning the logistics and ensure that everyone is excited and ready to attend.

Step 3: Pre-Party Set Up

Prepare your home for a seamless and enjoyable experience:

Provide Printed Handouts

Print copies of the DIY project ingredients and instructions for your guests to reference during the party.

Showcase Young Living Resources

Make sure to have Young Living resources strategically placed around your home, allowing people to browse and learn more during any downtime. Consider having the 2015 Product Guide and other essential oil references available.

Organize Stations

Set up different workstations for each DIY project to prevent overcrowding in one area. Lay out containers, ingredients, and measuring utensils in a clear and logical order. Use white plastic tablecloths and write instructions by each step with a black permanent marker to ensure clarity.

Create the Perfect Ambiance

Set the mood by diffusing essential oils that complement the party vibe. For instance, Joy or Bergamot can create an uplifting atmosphere. Play music that enhances the overall experience.

Prepare Take-Home Bags

Express your gratitude to guests as they leave by providing them with a small take-home bag. Consider including your business card, an essential oil sample, information about becoming a Young Living member, and a homemade treat infused with essential oils. Display the bags in a basket near your front door for a convenient and thoughtful farewell.

Step 4: Let the Party Begin!

When the guests arrive, follow these steps to ensure a fantastic evening:

Introductions and Explanation

Start the night by having everyone introduce themselves, creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Explain the DIY projects, how to use them, and the benefits they offer. Then, begin assembling the goodies.

Ensure Everyone Leaves Happy

Before bidding farewell, make sure that each guest leaves with a take-home package, filled with their DIY creations and a lasting memory of a wonderful evening.

Step 5: Post Party Follow-Up

After the party, continue sharing the Young Living love:

Arrange a Follow-Up Class

For those interested, organize a class to introduce Young Living products in more detail. This provides an opportunity for further engagement and education.

Hosting a Young Living make-and-take party is an incredible way to share and experience the benefits of Young Living products in a fun and interactive way. With careful planning and attention to detail, your party will be a resounding success. Do you have any additional tips or tricks for hosting a fantastic make-and-take party? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!


Lavender Bath Salts Caption: Pamper your guests with Lavender-infused bath salts.

Party Time Caption: Enjoy the party and let your creativity flow!