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How to Host a Vision Board Party: Your Ultimate Guide

You love vision boards and know that a dream board is the ultimate law of attraction tool. So, why not host a vision board party? In this ultimate guide, we'll show you how to create...

You love vision boards and know that a dream board is the ultimate law of attraction tool. So, why not host a vision board party? In this ultimate guide, we'll show you how to create the perfect vision board party that will bring your dreams to life.

What is a Vision Board Party

A vision board party is a gathering where people come together to create their dream boards. It can be a small event with a few friends or a large-scale party with a community of like-minded individuals. However, for this guide, we'll focus on planning a smaller event with your closest friends.

Step One: The Right Invitation

When inviting your friends, personalize the invitations to add a special touch. You can buy standard invitations or design your own using platforms like Canva. Consider creating a fun tagline like "What if your vision board came true?" to add excitement to the event.

Step Two: The Right Environment

Creating a relaxing and judgment-free atmosphere is essential for your vision board party. Invite friends who are goal-getters and keep an open mind. Choose a location that suits the comfort level of your guests. Whether it's a cozy pub or the intimacy of your living room, ensure everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves.

Step Three: Get Your Guests in the Right Mindset

Before the party, share vision board examples and ideas with your guests through a private chat or Facebook group. Encourage them to pitch their own ideas, which will make the party representative of your unique group of friends. This chat can also serve as a space to share goals with each other after the party ends.

Step Four: Choose a Party Theme

Make your vision board party unique by incorporating your guests' interests and personalities. Here are some creative theme ideas to inspire you:


Celebrate your and your friends' accomplishments before setting your goals. Dress up, pop some champagne, and manifest the amazing goals you all intend to achieve. Consider having guests write short encouraging notes to open at a later date.

The Pajama (Vision Board) Party

Upgrade your party to an all-nighter by creating a cozy living room filled with soft pillows and an open fireplace. Ask your guests to come in their favorite pajamas for added comfort.

Create Your Vision Board in a Spa

Combine goal-setting with relaxation by organizing a mini-spa event. Cut out your goals while enjoying face masks and end the party with a dreamy hot stone massage.

Step Five: Get Your Supplies

To ensure a smooth vision board party, provide all the necessary supplies for your guests. Items such as poster boards, washi tape, glue, scissors, and inspiring quote cards are essential. Depending on the location and theme, organize drinks, snacks, and decoration materials. Don't forget packaging materials for guests to safely transport their vision boards home.

Step Six: Tips on Budget and Logistics

Remember, this is not a large event, but a gathering among close friends. Ask your friends to contribute and share supplies to cover costs. Use free resources and utilize a project management system like Trello to plan and organize tasks. Set up an accountability group to share goals, struggles, and encouragement after the party ends.

Relax and enjoy the process. Hosting a vision board party is all about creating memories, motivating change, and celebrating what is to come. Don't forget to check out our Vision Board Pro Toolkit for a perfectly prepared vision board party.

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