How to Host a Virtual Murder Mystery Party

Virtual murder mysteries offer a unique and entertaining experience for friends and family. With the power of technology, you can invite anyone to join you in this fun-filled event. However, hosting a virtual murder mystery...

Virtual murder mysteries offer a unique and entertaining experience for friends and family. With the power of technology, you can invite anyone to join you in this fun-filled event. However, hosting a virtual murder mystery can be a bit tricky. In this article, we will provide you with crucial steps and helpful tips on how to host a successful virtual murder mystery party. By following these insights, we are confident that your party will be a hit!

Step 1: Pick a Theme and Murder Mystery Game

Choosing a theme and game is the first step in hosting your murder mystery party. The theme sets the tone for the entire night, so consider the season, your interests, and your guests' preferences. Do some research to find the murder mystery game that suits your theme and appeals to you and your guests. If you prefer a hassle-free option, consider purchasing a murder mystery game kit. These kits come with all the essentials, including character lists, instructions, videos, and suggestions.

Some popular themes include the Roaring 1920s, Pirates, James Bond, Haunted Mansion, Harry Potter, and many others.

Step 2: Choose Online Event Hosting Software

After selecting your murder mystery game, focus on the technological logistics. To host a successful virtual murder mystery party, you need to decide on an online virtual event app. There are several popular options available, such as Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Discord.

We recommend using Zoom as our virtual hosting platform of choice. Zoom offers a host-friendly interface and excellent online features for virtual murder mystery games. However, other platforms like Skype, Google Meet, and Facebook Messenger can also work well, especially for first-time users.

For corporate virtual murder mystery games or large groups, we suggest using the software that your office already uses to connect online, such as Google Meet or Zoom.

Step 3: Organize Your Guest List and Invites

Coordinating a virtual murder mystery party can be a bit challenging, especially if your guests are in different time zones. Besides choosing a video conferencing service, you'll need to find a block of time that works for all your guests. Consider their time zones, any software limitations, and allow time for preparation, costume selection, and software downloads. Use group chats, emails, or text messages to communicate and coordinate with your guests.

Keep an accurate guest list for assigning character roles, and ensure you stay on top of RSVPs.

What Equipment Do Your Players Need?

Let your players know the technology requirements for the virtual murder mystery party. Here is a list of suggested equipment based on the device they will be using:

Mobile phone or Tablet version:

  • Camera, mobile phone, or tablet
  • Headphones (if in a noisy location)
  • Strong and stable internet connection (preferably WiFi)
  • Download the required virtual event app

Laptop or desktop version:

  • External or internal webcam
  • Built-in microphone
  • Internal or external speakers or headphones (if needed)
  • Strong and stable internet connection (preferably WiFi)
  • Download or sign up for the virtual event app software

Online Murder Mystery Party Organizational Tips


Encourage your guests to get dressed up according to the theme. Dressing up adds to the atmosphere and excitement of the party. Most game kits provide costume ideas for both genders, so everyone can fully immerse themselves in the murder mystery world.


Utilize Zoom's background feature to allow guests to change their background to match the theme. You can create your own backdrops or download them from the internet. Some hosts even give out awards for the best Zoom backdrops.

Food and Beverages:

Consider turning your virtual murder mystery party into a dinner party. Allow your guests to enjoy food and beverages during the event. Remember to provide breaks for them to enjoy their meals and take restroom breaks.

Step 4: Assign Roles

Assign your guests to specific murder mystery characters. Look at the character descriptions and match them with your friends and family. Send your guests their assigned characters and character booklets as soon as possible, so they have time to prepare their costumes and backdrops.

Step 5: Launch the Virtual Murder Mystery Game

Send a final reminder text or email to your guests before the virtual murder mystery begins. Include the link they need to access the call and ensure they are well-prepared for the event.

During the game, set the mood by reading the introduction detective speech or playing it through screen-sharing. Allow your players to exchange information privately through chat or breakout rooms. Follow the instructions and game kit guides to provide clues and guide your guests through the rounds.

Step 7: Accuse the Murderer

This is the climax of your murder mystery game. Encourage your guests to openly accuse who they believe the murderer is based on the information they gathered. You can either reveal the actual murderer yourself or announce the winners who correctly identified the killer. Make it fun and give your guests time to reflect on the mystery and laugh.

Step 8: Present Prizes and Awards

Consider awarding prizes or certificates to your participants. This adds an extra level of fun to the game. You can collect votes during the voting stage or afterward. Some prize ideas include alcohol, funny certificates, themed goody bags, or detective equipment.

By following these steps and tips, your virtual murder mystery party will be an unforgettable experience. Don't hesitate to get started today and enjoy the excitement of hosting a virtual murder mystery with your friends and family. Happy investigating!