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How to Host a Virtual Christmas Party on Zoom: Making It Memorable and Fun

Part of the joy of the year-end is the annual office holiday party. It's a time when colleagues get together, dress up, let loose, and celebrate the festive season. However, with the ongoing pandemic and...

Part of the joy of the year-end is the annual office holiday party. It's a time when colleagues get together, dress up, let loose, and celebrate the festive season. However, with the ongoing pandemic and remote work, hosting a virtual Christmas party might seem challenging. But fear not! With a little creativity and the power of Zoom, you can throw an enjoyable virtual Christmas party that your team will be excited to attend.

First, What Makes a Good Party?

The elements of a good in-person party remain the same for an online one. So, let's break down the essential elements for a memorable virtual Christmas party:


Creating invitations for your virtual Christmas party sets the tone for the event. Consider using platforms like Paperless Post or Postable to design and send virtual invitations. These platforms provide options to personalize your invites and even allow guests to RSVP. And don't forget to add a festive touch with decorations like envelopes, liners, and stamps.

How to Host a Virtual Christmas Party on Zoom Image Source: How to Host a Virtual Christmas Party on Zoom

Food and Drink

Food and drink are a crucial part of any party. Even for a virtual gathering, you can still cater to your team's taste buds. Consider using delivery services like DoorDash or Uber Eats to provide expensed meals or vouchers for your team to order from local restaurants. Another idea is to arrange catering from local restaurants and have meals delivered to your team's homes. For a touch of fun, send cocktail kits to each guest, including all the ingredients needed to make a festive drink.


The company you keep can make or break a party. While virtual parties may require inviting everyone from your team, still make attendance optional. Not everyone may feel up to participate, considering the challenges of the past year. Additionally, consider whether you want to allow plus-ones to join the party. Survey your team to get input on their preferences.


Engaging conversations are the lifeblood of any good party. To ensure everyone has a chance to participate, use Zoom breakout rooms. These rooms allow you to assign participants to smaller groups or let them choose which sessions they want to join. By doing so, you create a more manageable and enjoyable environment for conversations.


Movement is a key component of an in-person party, and you can incorporate it into your virtual Christmas party as well. Encourage periodic stretch breaks during the gathering, where participants can stand up, stretch, or take bathroom and drink breaks. You can even organize dance tutorials to get everyone moving and having fun.


Creating the right atmosphere is essential for getting everyone in a celebratory mood. Encourage your team to dress festively, perhaps even have an "Ugly Sweater" dress code. Send background decorations or party favors to your attendees' homes to give them a physical element to enjoy. You can also mail scented candles or essential oils to evoke a warm and festive ambiance. Lastly, ask everyone to choose a holiday-themed virtual background for Zoom, creating a sense of togetherness.


Music sets the tone and enhances the party experience. Play background music during breaks or while waiting for everyone to join. Apps like AmpMe allow participants to sync and listen to the same songs simultaneously. Alternatively, you can ask a musically talented team member to perform a song to add a personal touch.

Games and Activities

Plan games and activities to keep your virtual Christmas party engaging and fun. Consider organizing a gift exchange where participants sign up, get assigned a Secret Santa, and exchange gifts during the party. Another idea is to have attendees build gingerbread houses and judge the best one. You can also host a virtual pub quiz or organize karaoke sessions using Watch2Gether. Finally, create a humorous and on-theme bingo game to add an element of laughter and enjoyment.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Hosting Your Virtual Christmas Party on Zoom

To ensure your virtual Christmas party goes smoothly, follow these steps:

Step 1: Pick a Date and Time

Using a spreadsheet or tools like Doodle, determine the best date and time for the majority of your team.

Step 2: Send Invitations

Once you've decided on the date and time, send out digital or physical invitations to your team.

Step 3: Add a Physical Element

Decide on the physical elements you want to incorporate into your virtual party and mail them to your attendees ahead of time.

Step 4: Provide Instructions

Send detailed instructions and etiquette for using Zoom and any other apps or activities to minimize technical difficulties and ensure a smooth experience.

Step 5: Test Run

Do a test run with a coworker to troubleshoot any technical issues and ensure everything works as intended.

Step 6: Start the Party

Use the "waiting room" feature on Zoom to avoid awkward waiting periods. Once enough participants have arrived, admit all guests, play some music, and engage in light conversation.

Step 7: Play Games

Once everyone is settled, start hosting the planned games or activities to keep everyone entertained and engaged. Don't forget to capture a group photo during the party.

Step 8: Take Breaks

Follow your schedule to announce breaks for attendees to take bathroom breaks or refill their drinks.

Step 9: Announce Closing Time

Be considerate of your guests' energy levels and announce when the party is coming to an end. Allow people to say their goodbyes and log off. If you're up for it, invite those who wish to stay for further conversations to remain for an additional time.

Step 10: Send a Thank-You and Group Photo

Wrap up your virtual Christmas party with gratitude. Send thank-you messages to all attendees and share the group photo as a keepsake of the event.

Make Your Virtual Christmas Party Memorable

After a challenging year, we all deserve some holiday cheer. By implementing these tips and ideas, your virtual Christmas party will create memories that boost your team's morale as you head into the new year. So, let your creativity flow, embrace the virtual platform, and enjoy a festive celebration with your colleagues!