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How to Host a Nightclub Event: 8 Steps to Success and a Great Party

Events are the lifeblood of nightclubs. Whether you are a nightclub owner hosting events to bring people in or renting out your event space for various parties, you want the experience to be perfect. A...

Events are the lifeblood of nightclubs. Whether you are a nightclub owner hosting events to bring people in or renting out your event space for various parties, you want the experience to be perfect.

A good event means the difference between loyal fans coming back again (and again) in the future, or attendees wondering why they wasted their time. So make sure the next time you host an event, it's one that people will talk about (in a good way!). Follow these eight tips to host a nightclub event that guests will love.

#1) Promote the Event Across Your Channels

Your goal for this event is to pack the house. No one wants to attend a nightclub event with only a few people there. Plus, highly-attended events mean high profits for you. So, make sure you are getting the word out across all of your marketing channels, not just your Facebook page.

There are plenty of people who don’t regularly check Facebook or who missed your Facebook event who would want to come. By covering your bases, you can reach more people and have a better turnout.

Promote the Event Promote the Event

#2) Start Generating Revenue Before the Event

You should start generating revenue as soon as you start promoting the event. Let customers buy tickets in advance and offer reservations and upgrades for:

  • VIP seating
  • Early access
  • Backstage experiences

Not only will early ticket sales help you turn an immediate profit (especially if you are putting deposits on caterers, DJs, etc.), they will also help you gauge interest. You can see how much promoting you need to do based on how many people are buying. You can always do a sliding price scale, where early bird attendees save and guests pay more at the door. Also, look for sponsors who are willing to pay you to make the event happen. This is a great way to quickly grow your profits.

#3) Price Your Event Carefully

The price of your event can make or break your success. Not only will it determine your profit margin, but it will also determine your target audience and their perceived value of the event. If you charge too much, you might lose some guests. They might not think the cost is worth the value. However, charging too little may make other guests overlook the experience or cause a too-fast sell-out.

Look at similar events in the area when determining your price point and also consider events you held in the past. For example, if you hire a guest DJ, see what event prices are at other places where they perform. You can see what audiences are willing to pay to see them.

#4) Consider the Needs of Your Attendees

What will your attendees want during the party? There are dozens of behavioral and social needs to consider for your guests. For example, if you are hosting your event in the evening around 7 pm, then your guests will be hungry. You can’t count on everyone to eat before they arrive or wait until they get home. It’s up to you to either cater the event or set up food trucks outside where guests can grab a bite to eat and then come back. Without food, more people are likely to leave early.

This is just one example of one of the needs that you need to meet at your party. As you consider the guest experience, decide what you are willing to include and what you need to add on. For example, catering is expensive. You will either need to raise your ticket prices or cut into your profit. This is why many places prefer to contract food trucks. Decide what you want for the experience to create a great event.

#5) Spread the Word Fast With Text Marketing

The night that you host a nightclub event, send out a mass blast to fans on your text marketing list. Almost 90% of smartphone users read a text within three minutes of receiving it. This means you can get your name in front of your entire list almost immediately. This text serves as a reminder to compliment your other marketing tactics. As people ready their plans for the night, they can see your event and let their friends know. Text marketing is a great way to pull in last-minute attendees to give your event that extra bump.

#6) Remember: Pics or It Didn’t Happen

Nightclubs base their success on FOMO (fear of missing out). Everyone wants to let their friends know that they were in the place to be that night. Encourage people to take and share photos (with your hashtag or brand account tagged) and create opportunities for awesome photo shoots.

Nightclubs aren’t known for having photo-friendly lighting. They are often dark and crowded. Create a platform for photos where people can feel like celebrities or hire a photographer who specializes in nightclub photo promotions. This way, people can get flattering photos that they want to share.

#7) Let People Know About Upcoming Promotions

The best place to let attendees know about upcoming events is at the event they currently are attending. When you host a nightclub event, let guests know about upcoming events that they can go to in the future. Make announcements during the party and include a flyer in giveaway bags.

If your attendees had fun at one of your branded events, then they will likely want to attend another one. They can also share the next event with friends who couldn’t make it out to this one but wanted to.

#8) Get Feedback from Your Event

If you host multiple events per month, you can’t afford to keep making the same mistakes night after night. Send out quick surveys (via text, email, or in-person at the event) to see if attendees thought the price was fair, the event was fun, and the entertainment was good. If your event isn’t a hit, these surveys will tell you why.

Ask MyArea Network to Help You Host a Nightclub Event

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