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How to Host a Memorable Hen Party at Home

Having a hen party at home has always been a popular choice, especially for those seeking simplicity and affordability. But now, more than ever, hosting a hen party at home offers flexibility and convenience. If...

image of hen party at home Having a hen party at home has always been a popular choice, especially for those seeking simplicity and affordability. But now, more than ever, hosting a hen party at home offers flexibility and convenience. If you're considering this option, here are some ideas to make your at-home hen do fun, memorable, and cozy for the entire bridal party.

Hen Party at Home: How to Make it Fun

There are countless ideas to make your home hen party a memorable one. Here are some essential elements you can consider organizing:

  • Food: Arrange a spread of delicious nibbles, snacks, and sweets.
  • Drinks: Serve a refreshing bowl of punch, along with Pimms and prosecco.
  • Fun: Organize games that will guarantee plenty of laughter and create lasting memories.
  • Decorations: Transform your house and garden with beautiful decorations to set the perfect ambiance.

image of ideas for a hen party at home Organizing a hen party at home or in your garden is a great way to bring everyone together without breaking the bank or requiring extensive travel.

Hen Party at Home Ideas

If you're seeking inspiration for your at-home hen party, here are some suggestions for 11 things you can do:

1. Throw a Garden Festival Hen Party at Home

Hosting a garden festival hen party allows you to create the exact ambiance you desire while enjoying cleaner facilities than a traditional festival. You can go for a music-filled festival theme or opt for a more relaxed and cozy atmosphere in your backyard. To make it extra special, consider renting tents, tipis, or domes, and furnish them with cushions, blankets, and fairy lights. Don't forget to set up a fire pit for roasting marshmallows!

2. Book Fun Hen Party at Home Experiences

There are plenty of amazing private experiences you can book to spice up your at-home hen party. From mobile wine tastings and cocktail-making classes to life drawing sessions and butlers in the buff, there's something for every taste. These providers bring the entertainment to you, so you can sit back and enjoy the experience.

3. Hire a Hot Tub for Your Hen Do

For an unforgettable and luxurious touch, consider renting a hot tub for your garden festival hen party. It's a fantastic way to relax and create lasting memories with your friends. With prices more reasonable than you might think, this indulgence can be shared among the group.

image of hen party fire pit

4. Make Flower Crowns

Order flower crowns to get into the boho/festival spirit, or book a mobile flower crown-making workshop to become flower crown maker extraordinaires for a day. These beautiful creations will add a touch of whimsy to your hen party.

5. Cocktail Making at Home

Who says you can't have cocktails at home? Ask each hen to bring their favorite spirit and mixer, and have a great night mixing up old and new creations. Don't forget to add some fun accessories like hen party straws and cups!

6. Hen Party Sleepover at Home

Relive your childhood with a cozy sleepover at home. Get snuggled up in sleeping bags on the sofa, indulge in pizza and popcorn, and chat until you all fall asleep. Don't forget to organize matching hen party PJs for some added fun.

7. Hen Party at Home Sports Day

This idea is perfect if the bride-to-be is a sports enthusiast. Plan a retro-styled sports day in your garden, incorporating the bride's favorite games or the sports you enjoyed in school. From sack races to hula hoop contests, let the competitive spirit bring laughter and joy to your hen party. You can even end the day with a relaxing yoga session in the garden.

8. Do a DIY Treasure Hunt

Ignite excitement and adventure with a treasure hunt. Hide clues and treasures in your garden or explore your local park or woods. The winning team can be rewarded with a great prize.

9. Afternoon Tea at Home

Afternoon tea is a classic choice for a hen party. Create a DIY afternoon tea experience by borrowing pretty china plates, cake stands, and tea cups from friends and family. Each hen can contribute, with one baking scones, another making cucumber sandwiches, and another brewing pots of tea. Alternatively, you can order an afternoon tea at home package for convenience.

10. Wedding Crafting Evening

If the bride and hens enjoy crafts, consider hosting a wedding crafting evening or "crafternoon." Make beautiful wedding-related crafts or explore various art forms such as painting, pottery, and watercolor. The key is to plan ahead and gather all the necessary equipment and materials before the event.

11. Home Hen Party Fun Night In

If you're hosting a hen party at home, having some games ready to play throughout the event or for an entire night of fun is a great idea. Consider playing murder mystery games, Mr. & Mrs., or indulging in a "Hen Party in a Box" kit. Other classics like Hen Bingo, Limbo, and Twister can also be enjoyed.

Advantages of a Hen Party at Home

Hosting a hen party at home offers several advantages:

  • Save Money: Hosting an at-home hen party eliminates the need for costly activities, dining out, and travel expenses.
  • Stay Local: With a home-based celebration, hens who live nearby won't have to travel far, making it easier for everyone to attend.
  • Flexibility: By hosting your hen party at home, there's no need for advanced commitments or upfront payments. If someone is unable to make it at the last minute, it won't have a financial impact.

Where to Find More Inspiration for a Hen Party at Home

Pinterest is an excellent platform to find inspiration for your at-home hen party. Explore ideas for decor, games, and styling shared by other brides and hens. Gather all your plans in one place and let your creativity flow.

Final Thoughts on Planning a Hen Weekend at Home

We hope these ideas have sparked your imagination for hosting the best hen party at home. Remember, celebrating at home doesn't mean compromising on fun or style. We'd love to see what other unique ideas you come up with! And for those who can't physically attend, consider hosting a virtual hen party. For more general hen inspiration, head over to our hen party ideas section.