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How to Host a Destination Birthday Party: Dan's 40th at Semiahmoo Resort

Do you want to make your loved one's birthday extra special? How about hosting a destination birthday party? It's a unique way to celebrate and create lasting memories. Take inspiration from Dan's 40th birthday party...

Do you want to make your loved one's birthday extra special? How about hosting a destination birthday party? It's a unique way to celebrate and create lasting memories. Take inspiration from Dan's 40th birthday party at Semiahmoo Resort and plan an unforgettable experience for your friends and family.

A Memorable Getaway

This past weekend, we celebrated my husband turning 40 in style. Instead of a traditional party, he wanted a destination celebration at his favorite place, Semiahmoo Resort. We were all thrilled for an overnight date getaway, sans kids! It was the perfect opportunity to relax and have fun with our closest friends.

Semiahmoo Resort Image: Semiahmoo Resort

Creating an Itinerary

When hosting a destination party, it's important to have a well-planned itinerary so your guests know what to expect. Harper Gray, a talented artist, created adorable blue watercolor postcards for each couple's room. These postcards included the schedule of events and served as a warm welcome. We also made sure to stock their rooms with drinks on ice and donuts as a sweet surprise.

Welcome postcards Image: Welcome postcards

Making Memories

The resort had Dan's birthday celebration listed on their weekend events, adding an extra touch of excitement. We checked into our waterfront suite, complete with a cozy fireplace and breathtaking views. The hotel staff went above and beyond by placing a framed photo of us from our first trip to Semiahmoo in our room, along with other delightful treats.

Waterfront suite Image: Waterfront suite

Thoughtful Gestures

To ensure our guests felt welcomed upon arrival, we prepared personalized welcome bags for each couple. These bags contained everything they needed for their stay, including snacks, drinks, cozy blankets, and even a candle for their room. We wanted to make sure they had a comfortable and enjoyable time throughout the weekend.

Welcome bags Image: Welcome bags

Exciting Activities

To kick off the celebration, we organized a "Semiahmoo Scavenger Hunt" with the help of Harper Gray. Each couple received a list of items to find and document using their phones and selfie sticks. The scavenger hunt was a great way for everyone to explore the resort and its amenities, while also creating fun memories together. We encouraged our guests to use #danis40 on Instagram to share their adventures with each other.

Scavenger Hunt Image: Scavenger Hunt

Delicious Delights

After the scavenger hunt, we gathered at Packers Lounge for a fantastic dinner. We indulged in the delicious food and enjoyed each other's company. The evening ended with a beautiful beach sunset, captured by our talented friend Ryan through his lens.

Beach Sunset Image: Beach Sunset

Cherished Moments

Dessert and s'mores on the beach were the perfect way to end the night. The warmth of the fire, the cool fall breeze, and the sound of the ocean created an enchanting ambiance. We laughed, shared stories, and enjoyed the simple joys of life.

S'mores on the beach Image: S'mores on the beach

A Fond Farewell

The next morning, we gathered for a delightful breakfast at Pierside Kitchen, a charming waterfront restaurant. The resort had prepared a special table with Dan's favorite breakfast pastries for each guest. While the ladies enjoyed a pampering session at The Spa, the guys watched the Seahawks game in the resort's impressive theater room.

Breakfast at Pierside Kitchen Image: Breakfast at Pierside Kitchen

Creating Lasting Memories

We had an incredible time hosting Dan's 40th birthday party at Semiahmoo Resort. The experience was unforgettable, and we were thrilled to introduce our friends to one of our favorite getaways. We're already planning our next escape to Semiahmoo Resort, and this time, we'll be bringing the kids along!

Pin this idea for future reference and start planning your own destination birthday party that will leave a lasting impression!

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