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How To Get Clients For Your Event Planning Business

Are you struggling to attract clients to your event planning business? Don't worry, we've got you covered! In this article, we will share some unique and effective strategies that will help you land more clients...

Are you struggling to attract clients to your event planning business? Don't worry, we've got you covered! In this article, we will share some unique and effective strategies that will help you land more clients than you can handle. So, grab your notebook and get ready to take notes because these methods are not found on any other event planning sites!

Start with Friends and Family

Before you reach out to the wider audience, utilize your inner circle. Begin by sending a personalized email to everyone in your inbox, introducing them to your business. Post about your new venture on your Facebook page regularly and make sure to text everyone in your phone as well. Don't forget to call your close friends and share your exciting plans with them. You can even invite a group of friends for coffee and ask them to spread the word about your business. Offer free event services to your friends and family in exchange for a Yelp review, photo shoot, and testimonial. Also, ask your friends to share your website on their social media platforms.

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Get Clients through Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for attracting clients. Start by posting captivating images of events on Instagram. Follow and engage with people who share similar interests. Utilize Twitter's "advanced search" function to connect with potential clients such as brides-to-be, corporate clients, venues, and vendors. Join local community groups on Facebook and establish yourself as an expert by sharing valuable knowledge. You can also run contests on your Facebook page to give away a free event. Collaborating with local restaurants or venues to post content on their Facebook pages is a brilliant idea. Lastly, ask your past clients, family, or friends to create short YouTube video reviews of your work.

Get Clients on Review Sites

Establishing a strong online presence through review sites is crucial. Platforms like Yelp, Thumbtack, and Google Reviews can bring you a steady stream of new clients. Aim for a minimum of 10 five-star reviews on these sites as it significantly boosts your credibility. If you don't have enough reviews, offer your services in exchange for reviews. People are often willing to provide feedback in return for free services. Additionally, consider reaching out to local media outlets. Maintaining a blog on your website gives you opportunities to cover local events, which can attract the attention of the media.

Get Clients Through the Local Media

Leveraging the local media is an excellent way to gain exposure and attract clients. Offer your event or wedding services for free to well-known writers or bloggers in your town. Create enticing contests and inform local bloggers about them. Encourage writers to showcase your before and after photos from events you've organized. Engage with the media through Twitter by sharing interesting local news. Read articles from local newspapers or blogs and leave comments or send emails to the writers. Attending local blog meetups and hosting events for writers, bloggers, and the media can also help to promote your business.

Additional Marketing Strategies

In addition to the above methods, here are a few more ideas to implement into your marketing plan:

  • Volunteer your event planning services to family and friends to build your portfolio.
  • Launch a website with a simple design using platforms like WordPress.
  • Add a blog to your website to provide valuable content to your target audience.
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your niche by writing articles and creating videos.
  • Create a Facebook page and promote your services through photos, blog posts, and specials.
  • Use business cards to leave a lasting impression on potential clients.
  • Utilize review sites like Yelp and Angie's List to increase your credibility.
  • Leverage word-of-mouth marketing by providing exceptional service and giving clients something to talk about.

When meeting potential clients, focus on discussing your past planning successes, address their fears, and personalize the conversation based on their goals.

In conclusion, marketing your event planning business can be both fun and rewarding if you have a well-thought-out plan in place. Implement these strategies consistently, and you'll start seeing an influx of new clients. Remember, promoting yourself is key to the growth of your business. So, put these marketing channels into practice and witness your event planning business thrive!

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