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How to Create Themed Invitations for Any Party

Parties are always a blast, but themed parties take the fun to another level. Whether you're going for a decade-inspired bash, a color-coordinated extravaganza, or even a party centered around everyday objects, the perfect themed...

Parties are always a blast, but themed parties take the fun to another level. Whether you're going for a decade-inspired bash, a color-coordinated extravaganza, or even a party centered around everyday objects, the perfect themed invitations are a must. And that's where BeFunky's Invitation Maker comes in.

With a wide selection of customizable party invitation templates, you'll be able to create the perfect invites to match your event. Simply choose your favorite layout, tweak the party details, and let your creativity flow with color schemes, imagery, graphics, and fonts. We'll guide you through the process to make sure you achieve the look you're imagining.

How to Create Themed Party Invitations

When you're ready to create your own themed party invitations, BeFunky's Invitation Maker, located within the Graphic Designer, has all the tools you need. Here's how to get started:

Step 1: Choose a Party Invitation Template

Click here to explore BeFunky's extensive library of customizable party invitation templates. Take a close-up preview of each layout by clicking through the thumbnails.

find invitation maker templates Caption: Find your perfect invitation template in BeFunky's extensive collection.

Once you find a party invitation that you love as-is or one that serves as the perfect starting point for your design, click the "Use This Template" button to load it into the Designer.

use this template Caption: Choose the template that captures your vision.

If you wish to customize your invitation further, such as turning a karaoke-themed invitation into a retro roller disco party invitation, you can easily delete or modify specific graphics or layers. Click on any graphic or layer and press "Delete" on your keyboard to make the necessary changes.

add a color overlay or remove graphic Caption: Make adjustments by adding color overlays or removing graphics.

Step 2: Change the Background Color

To alter the color scheme, open the "Customize" tab in the left-side menu. Click the first tile under "Background Color" to select a new hue.

change background color of invitation template Caption: Customize your invitation's color scheme.

Step 3: Edit the Party Details

Double-click any text box on your template to enter new text. When a text box is selected, a "Text Properties" menu will appear on the left, allowing you to change the font, color scheme, letter spacing, and more.

change text properties Caption: Customize the appearance of your text.

To make your main text stand out, consider adding a drop shadow. Simply click the box next to "Drop Shadow" in the Text Properties menu and customize the settings, such as color, blur amount, opacity, and distance, until the drop shadow looks just right.

add a drop shadow to invitation text Caption: Make your text pop with a drop shadow.

Continue editing the text until you've added all the necessary party details, ensuring everything is perfectly aligned with your theme.

Step 4: Add Some Themed Graphics

If there are graphics on your party invitation that you want to customize, simply click on any graphic and use the "Graphic Properties" menu on the left to adjust the color, opacity, and more. You can also duplicate graphics to create a cohesive look throughout your design.

change graphic colors Caption: Customize the graphics according to your theme.

To add new graphics, click the "Graphics" tab in the main menu on the left and select the "Search Graphics" button. This will open BeFunky's Graphic Library, where you can explore and select from hundreds of graphics to enhance your design.

search graphics Caption: Discover the perfect graphics to complement your theme.

Once you've chosen your desired graphics, they will appear in the "Your Graphics" section. Simply drag them onto your template, adjust their size and rotation, position them as needed, and customize their appearance using the "Graphic Properties" menu.

Step 5: Save Your Party Invitation

When your themed party invitation looks amazing and is ready to be shared or printed, click the "Save" button at the top of the page. BeFunky offers various options for saving your work, such as saving it as a PDF for high-resolution printing or as a project for future edits.

save themed party invitation Caption: Save your creation and choose the appropriate format.

Themed Party Invitation Results

Just look at how the original template has been transformed into the perfect roller disco party invite with just a few clicks! The best part about BeFunky's invitation templates is that you can customize them as much or as little as you'd like, ensuring your invitations reflect your unique party theme.

themed party invite final Caption: Turn your vision into reality with customized party invitations.

Party Theme Inspiration

If you're in need of some party theme ideas, we've got you covered. Here are a few of our favorite party invitation templates and ways to customize them:

Halloween Party Invitations

Embrace the spooky season with BeFunky's range of Halloween Party Invitation templates. Whether you want to go for a bone-chilling fright fest or a more lighthearted celebration, these templates can be easily customized to suit your Halloween theme.

halloween before and after Caption: Transform a Halloween invitation template into the perfect spooky invite for your party.

Graduation Party Invitations

Celebrate a major milestone with friends and family by customizing BeFunky's elegant Graduation Party Invitation templates. Change the photo, color scheme, and party details to make it a personalized invitation for an unforgettable graduation celebration.

graduation before and after Caption: Customize a graduation invitation template to commemorate this special occasion.

Art Party Invitations

Unleash your creativity by hosting an art party with your friends. BeFunky's modern, artsy Bridal Shower Invitation templates can be transformed into delightful wine and painting party invitations. Simply update the party details and adjust the color scheme to match the artsy vibe.

art party before and after Caption: Create an art party invitation that captures the essence of creativity and fun.

Design Party Invites for Any Theme

No matter what theme you have in mind for your next celebration, BeFunky's Invitation Maker has the ideal party invitation templates for you to use as a starting point. Head over to the Invitation Maker and let the party planning begin!