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How Much Wedding Invites Really Cost in 2024

Are you curious about the expenses involved in wedding invitations? Budgeting appropriately is essential, so let's dive into this article to discover the true cost of wedding invites in 2024. We'll also provide insights on...

Are you curious about the expenses involved in wedding invitations? Budgeting appropriately is essential, so let's dive into this article to discover the true cost of wedding invites in 2024. We'll also provide insights on the cost per invitation based on your guest list size. Surprisingly, you may need fewer invitations than you think!

The actual cost of your wedding invites will be influenced by several factors, including quantity, choice of paper, printing style, envelopes, shipping costs, postage, and additional accessories like vellum jackets and wax seals. Don't let these options overwhelm you! It's entirely possible to find affordable wedding invitations that look amazing.

What Makes the Biggest Impact on Price?

You may be wondering what factors affect the price of invitations the most. The type of printing you choose is the primary determinant of cost. Digital printing is more affordable than letterpress, which requires a more manual approach and is expensive per invitation. If you are looking for luxury invitations, I recommend engraved or letterpress options.

Furthermore, adding extras such as foil, edging, silhouette cuts, wax seals, or additional enclosure cards can significantly increase the overall cost. To give you an idea of the impact, take a look at this gold foil example below:

Gold Foil Gold Foil adds an extra touch and cost to your invitations.

How Many Invitations You Need

As a general rule of thumb, you will need approximately 120 invitations for 200 guests. Keep in mind that you typically send one invitation per household or couple, rather than one per guest directly. Here's a breakdown of the number of invitations you'll need based on the number of guests:

Number of Guests How Many Invitations to Order (Estimated)
50 Guests 30 Invitations
100 Guests 60 Invitations
150 Guests 90 Invitations
200 Guests 120 Invitations

When to Order Invitations

To ensure ample time for editing, printing, shipping, assembly, and mailing, you should order your wedding invitations well in advance. While invitations are typically sent out 6-8 months before the wedding, you should plan to order them 4-5 months prior. If you're having a destination wedding, where guests require extra time to make plans, order invitations 6 months in advance and mail them out 3 months before the wedding.

Use the table below to determine when to order your wedding invitations based on your wedding date:

Wedding Date When to Order Wedding Invitations
January August to September
February September to October
March October to November
April November to December
March December to January
April January to February
May February to March
June March to April
July April to May
August May to June
September June to July
October July to August
November June to July
December July to August

Average Invitation Cost for Wedding

On average, wedding invitations account for 2% - 4% of your wedding budget. Here's an example of how much wedding invitations cost based on national averages and different wedding budgets. Keep in mind that these estimates are for standard printing and include the invitation card, envelope, RSVP card, and response envelope only. Additional costs may apply for direction cards, reception cards, etc.:

Wedding Budget How Much to Budget for Invites
$5,000 $100 to $200
$10,000 $200 to $400
$20,000 $400 to $800
$30,000 $600 to $1200

For a more personalized budget per person, remember that you do not send an invitation to each guest, but rather each household or couple. Here's an example of the average invitation cost per household or couple:

Amount of Invitations Average Invitation Cost for Wedding*
50 $2 to $3 per invitation
100 $3 to $4 per invitation
150 $5 to $6 per invitation
200 $6 to $7 per invitation

*Pricing is estimated based on standard printing and includes the invitation card, envelope, RSVP card, and response envelope ONLY. Additional costs may apply for direction cards, reception cards, etc. as needed.

Pricing Per Invitation

The amount you spend on invitations also depends on where you shop. The quality of invitations can vary among different stores and depends on the style you choose. For instance, the most common invitation size is a classic 5"x7" card. Take a look at this example from Minted:

Minted Example A classic 5"x7" wedding invitation example from Minted.

For this particular style, here are the estimated prices as a guide. These prices reflect a standard invitation with digital printing:

  • 50 guests: $286 for 50 cards, envelopes, RSVP cards, and response envelopes.
  • 100 guests: $448 for 100 invitations, including the invitation card, envelope, RSVP card, and response envelope. That's $4.48 per invitation (or per household/couple).
  • 200 guests: Expect to pay $826 for 200 invitations (card, envelope, RSVP card, response envelope).

Please note that these are rough approximate costs based on Minted wedding invitation pricing.

Postage Cost for Wedding Invitations

When calculating your wedding invitation budget, it's important to consider the cost of postage. As of 2024, the postage rate for a First-Class stamp is $0.66 per standard wedding invitation weighing up to 1 oz. Each additional ounce costs $0.24.

For invitations, you'll need to budget $0.66 per invite plus $0.66 for each RSVP envelope stamp, as it is proper etiquette to include a stamp on the return RSVP envelope for guests' convenience. Here's a guide to help you budget the postage cost per invitation, factoring in both the outer envelope and the RSVP envelope:

Invitation Count Cost of Postage
50 $66 in postage
100 $132 in postage
150 $198 in postage
200 $264 in postage

If you wish to reduce postage costs, consider offering online RSVPs instead of traditional cards and envelopes. By creating a QR code for your invitations and having guests respond digitally, you can cut the stamp cost in half, requiring only $0.60 for the outer envelope of each invitation. Alternatively, you can order online RSVP cards that do not require an envelope or postage stamp, simply including your (free) wedding website address for online RSVPs.

Wedding Invitation Postage Reducing the cost of wedding invitation postage.

Save Money on Invitations with a Petite Card

The size of the card is another factor that can impact invitation costs. Choosing a smaller size, such as a petite card measuring 4.25" x 6", can result in savings due to the reduced surface area for printing. Here's an example of pricing for digital printing:

  • 100 invitations with the card, envelope, RSVP card, and response envelope cost $399, or $3.99 per guest, using the petite card size.
  • 100 invitations with the card, envelope, RSVP card, and response envelope cost $431, or $4.31 per person, using the standard 5"x7" size. While the savings may not be significant, it can add up for larger quantities, such as 200 invitations.

Petite Card Example An example of a petite card and its impact on costs.

Spend Less with All-In-One Invites

To further reduce costs, consider using all-in-one wedding invitations. These invitations eliminate the need for an outer envelope, as the invite itself wraps around. Additionally, they include an attached RSVP postcard, eliminating the need for an RSVP envelope. As a result, you can use a postcard stamp for the return RSVP, which costs less. Here's an example:

All-In-One Invites Spend less with all-in-one wedding invitations.

The cost of all-in-one invitations is significantly lower compared to classic cards. For instance, 100 all-in-one invitations cost $172, or $1.72 each, whereas classic invitations would cost around $300 for the same quantity. By eliminating extra paper and utilizing postcard postage, you can achieve significant savings.

What Does a Wedding Invitation Include?

When budgeting for wedding invitations, the specific needs may vary for each couple. Most couples will require an invitation card, envelope, RSVP card, and a smaller envelope for the response card. Others may need additional items such as direction cards, dress code cards, accommodations cards, and reception cards. You may also wish to consider ordering thank you cards at the same time to save on shipping costs.

However, the overall cost of wedding invitations can be significantly reduced by utilizing a wedding website. By including "extras" like dress code information, accommodations, wedding RSVPs, and multiple event RSVPs on your wedding website, you can eliminate the need for separate enclosure cards, which can significantly increase costs. Wedding websites also offer the convenience of online RSVPs, further reducing expenses.

Wedding Website A wedding website can help reduce the cost of wedding invitations.

I hope this article helps you navigate your wedding invitation budget effectively. The pricing for 2024 is similar to 2023, providing you with valuable insights for planning ahead. If you're ready to browse some examples, check out the invitation collections at Minted, Basic Invite, Zazzle, and Etsy. These platforms offer a wide range of styles and competitive prices.

Happy Planning! xo Emma