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Architect-Designed Modern Homes Lindal Cedar Homes is revolutionizing the world of modern house plans and custom residential design. With a Lifetime Structural Warranty on every Lindal home built, they are the industry leader in providing...

Architect-Designed Modern Homes

Lindal Cedar Homes is revolutionizing the world of modern house plans and custom residential design. With a Lifetime Structural Warranty on every Lindal home built, they are the industry leader in providing quality and peace of mind. Their designs are highly adaptable and can be personalized to meet each client's specific needs. Collaborating with leading architects and designers through the Lindal Architects Collaborative and the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, Lindal is constantly pushing the boundaries of modern design. Their homes have been featured in renowned publications such as Dwell magazine, Inhabitat, Seattle Times, Forbes, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal. When you choose to work with a Lindal representative, you can be sure that you will receive personalized attention throughout the entire process, from design to the completion of your contemporary house.

Cedar Contemporary Homes

Cedar is at the heart of Lindal's name and ethos. It is one of the primary materials they work with, offering a range of options for siding, interiors, and more. Cedar possesses unique qualities that make it an ideal building material for both classic and contemporary homes. Its natural beauty and durability add a touch of elegance to any design. Discover more about the benefits of building with cedar.

5 Modern House Styles You Will Love

These 'Kit Homes' Stand Out With Unusual Details

From truly tiny backyard cottages to stunning mansions with walls of glass and butterfly roofs, Lindal Cedar Homes offers a diverse range of modern house styles. In 2009, Lindal expanded its design range with a new line of modern home designs. These luxury kit homes are built from premium materials and pre-cut at Lindal's factory. The components are then loaded into containers and delivered to build sites across North America. The post-and-beam structure of these homes allows for open floor plans, high ceilings, and walls of glass, offering breathtaking panoramic views. Let's take a look at these five contemporary homes, each with its own unique style.

1. A Pre-Cut, Energy-Efficient Cedar Home

EL_Seafoam_2010_70670-1 The Seafoam is a 2,000 square-foot design created by joining five simple elements.

This home features walls of glass that provide sweeping views of the surrounding forest, lake, and nearby mountains. The open floor plan on the main level encompasses zones for eating, cooking, and relaxing. The master bedroom is located in a loft on the second floor, overlooking the lower communal areas and adding an airy and light atmosphere to the space. If you want to explore more images, information, and floor plans for this stunning house, click here.

Featured on the cover of the book "Prefabulous Small Houses," published by Taunton Press and written by Sheri Koones, this home perfectly showcases Lindal's commitment to innovative and energy-efficient design.

2. Butterfly Roof House with Private Apartment

Elements Cascade 2493 Modern Home with Studio ADU This elegant modern home packs more into its 2,500 square feet than you’d expect.

Featuring a butterfly roof with opposite-sloped pitches, this home creates a mid-century-modern vibe and allows for ample natural light to penetrate the space. Glass doors open to the outside on both floors, offering a seamless connection to the surrounding environment. The main floor showcases a row of clerestory windows for additional light penetration. The 484-square-foot, self-contained studio above the garage provides a separate entrance and a glass-railed deck, making it perfect for rental space, a guest apartment, or multigenerational living. To view more images, information, and floor plans for this unique home, click here.

This house was featured on the cover of Elements Plan Book Vol. 6 and is available through Harding Homes in British Columbia.

Take a 3D Virtual Tour of this Lindal home:

3. Ski Resort Getaway

EL_Custom_41359-6 This contemporary home is the perfect getaway for winter sports enthusiasts.

Located at the base of a ski run in Crested Butte, Colorado, this contemporary home offers stunning views of the mountains. Built with pre-weathered siding and reclaimed wood elements, it is a customized and expanded version of Lindal's popular Cedar 1148 design. The living room provides an expansive view of the surrounding natural beauty, while the sleeping loft easily accommodates guests. The kitchen window offers a picturesque view of the rolling hills beyond. For more information, floor plans, and additional images of this ski resort getaway, click here.

Majestic Peaks in Colorado is the Lindal Dealer responsible for bringing this stunning home to life.

4. Small Homes & Backyard Cottages

EL_41422-Berkshire-bottages-modern-homes-small Lindal's prefab building system is ideally suited to efficient units.

As cities across the U.S. ease restrictions on accessory dwelling units (ADUs), Lindal's prefab building system proves to be the perfect solution. These efficient units can start at under 500 square feet and are perfect for backyard cottages. The cute side-by-side studios in Berkshire, Massachusetts, were designed as writer's retreats. The kitchen and living room are located in one studio, while the second studio contains the sleeping quarters and a working desk with a picturesque view of the rolling hills. To see more images, information, and floor plans for these small homes, click here.

Berkshire Custom Cedar Homes is the Lindal Dealer responsible for these charming retreats.

5. A Marriage of Form & Function

Prefab_3_70721-Turkel This luxury home celebrates the marriage of form and function in contemporary designs.

Designed by Turkel Design for Lindal, this stunning luxury home perfectly embodies the essence of contemporary living. The inclined butterfly roof not only adds a unique aesthetic but also provides shade, shelter, and collects rainwater. A massive sliding door seamlessly connects the indoor and outdoor spaces, blurring the boundaries between them. Soft green couches add a pop of color and whimsy to the neutral shades of the floors, walls, and furnishings. To explore more images, information, and floor plans for this magnificent home, click here.

Prairie Cedar Homes in Saskatoon and Calgary, Canada, is the Lindal Dealer responsible for bringing this architectural marvel to life.

Sheri Koones Features Lindal in Books on Prefab Floor Plans and Home Designs

A Lindal Elements home on British Columbia's Sunshine Coast graces the cover of Sheri Koones' new book, "Prefabulous Small Houses." Koones chose this modern prefab home due to its attractive contemporary style, energy-efficient features, and modest size. With over 2,000 square feet, it perfectly represents Lindal's commitment to impeccable design and quality. Prefab construction is the future of home construction, saving time, money, and ensuring predictability. Lindal's prefab houses are built more efficiently and with less waste compared to traditional construction methods. They offer a greener alternative, adding resale value, saving money on energy, and creating a more comfortable living space. The book profiles 32 houses of different types, carefully selected to showcase the highest standards of efficiency and attractiveness.

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~Written by Josefin Kannin