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Have a "Blue Christmas" That Dazzles with These Gorgeous Decor Ideas

A few years ago, I had a holiday decorating epiphany! After poring through magazines and browsing online at beautiful holiday homes, I realized that the most noteworthy ones worked with their everyday decor, rather than...

A few years ago, I had a holiday decorating epiphany! After poring through magazines and browsing online at beautiful holiday homes, I realized that the most noteworthy ones worked with their everyday decor, rather than against it when decorating for Christmas. This realization has changed how I approach holiday decorating over the years. Instead of using every holiday item I come across, I carefully select items that either match or complement my existing decor. This approach creates a seamless transition into the holidays and prevents my home from having a Christmas-themed identity crisis.

White present with turquoise bow on a chair.

Blue may not be a traditional Christmas color, but it's becoming increasingly popular. Not only does blue stand out when paired with neutrals and metallics, but it also pairs charmingly with a variety of bright colors such as green, red, and pink.

When to Consider Decorating with Blue for the Holidays

Based on my own experience and research, using blue in your holiday decor works best in these circumstances:

A Neutral Home

Without a doubt, blue makes a stunning statement when added to a very neutral home. This includes homes that primarily use layers of whites, grays, browns, and blacks. Without strong competing accent colors, the blues will stand out beautifully and create a dazzling (and quite festive!) display.

Blue and copper bead garland on bookcase with deer and a sleigh.

A Blue-Themed Home

Blue Christmas decorations also work really nicely when you have a blue color scheme in a room or throughout the whole house. By matching your blue Christmas decorations to the existing blue scheme, you will create a space that feels layered and magical instead of busy and cluttered.

Nativity scene against a navy blue wall with silver stars.

Rooms with Complementary Colors

Finally, don't consider blue off-limits if your home isn't already done in neutrals or blues. Blue is a gorgeous complementary color to reds, pinks, and greens, and it makes for a festive palette if you're looking for something non-traditional!

Green, red, turquoise, and pink Christmas trees and ornaments on a bookcase.

Picking the Right Blue Scheme for Your Space

These days, Christmas decorations come in pretty much every shade of the rainbow. So there are several different hues of blue you can add to your holiday decor. From light blue and royal blue to an array of turquoise shades, here are some combinations that work beautifully together:

Blue + White

Everything goes with white, right?! And blue is no exception. While light blues and turquoise can work, the most stunning combination is royal or navy with pure white. The contrast of these cool-toned colors is stunning and vibrant!

Royal Blue + Kelly Green

This sophisticated combination feels both classic and modern and works beautifully in rooms with warm neutrals or an all-blue scheme. Although I've never personally used this combination in our homes, I might have to give it a try one holiday season!

Royal Blue + Red

Blue pairs gorgeously with red and white, creating a patriotic feel that may or may not be what you're looking for. This combination is a great way to bring the festive red into a blue-themed room, and you can temper the patriotic feel by adding metallic neutrals and fresh greenery.

Christmas Rainbow

One of my favorite ways to use blue, especially turquoise, is in a rainbow scheme. When paired with reds, pinks, and greens, blues help create a youthful, modern, and fresh look. This "rainbow Christmas" scheme works best in rooms with neutral foundations.

White, Silver, and Blue Christmas Decorations

While all these blue Christmas decor ideas are lovely, my favorite way to use blue in our holiday decor is to pair royal blue with shades of turquoise, silver, and white. This combination works best in neutral spaces, especially those with cool undertones such as white, black, and gray.

Here's how I incorporated this magical combination into our North Carolina home a couple of years ago!


At the entryway, an ornament wreath and fresh evergreen tree in a bright turquoise party pail set the tone for the whole blue scheme awaiting inside.

Turquoise, royal blue, and white ornaments on a pine wreath.

Mini Christmas tree in a turquoise bucket with white lanterns.

In the Foyer

In the foyer, a combination of royal blue, turquoise, and silver ornaments create a stunning wreath. The simple fur garland strung throughout the blue ornaments adds texture and warmth amidst the cool tones.

Blue, white, and turquoise Christmas ornaments wreath above a bookcase.

Under the wreath, you'll find a smattering of stunning royal blue, turquoise, and silver glittered pinecones. These easy and inexpensive decorations are perfect fillers for bowls, trays, and other surfaces throughout your home.

Blue, white, and turquoise glittered pinecones on a mantel.

On the Tree

Moving into the playroom, the blue, turquoise, silver, and white theme continues onto the Christmas tree. The tree serves as a centerpiece for the room, and the combination of colors creates a magical display.

White flocked tree with blue, silver, and turquoise Christmas ornaments.

Under the tree, plain white presents are wrapped in a variety of beautiful blue ribbons, adding a touch of elegance.

White Christmas tree skirt with white and turquoise presents.

On the Walls

Not everything in your home has to follow the blue theme! Large blue snowflakes cut from felt cascade down the wall, creating a coordinated display around our non-matching stockings. The silver and white Christmas decor tie the stockings and blue accents together, creating a cohesive look.

Blue felt snowflakes on a wall above Christmas stockings.

On Surface Tops

In the living room, the blue color scheme seamlessly incorporates with the existing decor through a few simple touches. DIY blue Christmas tree decorations add a unique touch to the room. These decorations are easy to make and come apart for storage year after year.

Grey family room with blue, silver, turquoise, and white Christmas decorations.

Wrapped gifts are one of the easiest and most effective decorations. Using a single roll of white wrapping paper and beautiful ribbon, you can add more color to coffee tables, chairs, and other surfaces.

White present with turquoise bow on a chair.

Candy canes, lollipops, and other sweet treats add a touch of blue and create a festive atmosphere in eating areas such as the dining room and kitchen.

Blue candy canes next to a silver reindeer.

The key to using blue in your holiday decor is to create a dazzling display against a neutral backdrop. By incorporating a variety of shades, textures, and elements, you can achieve a truly festive look. Although blue may not be the traditional color, these blue Christmas decorations are quite captivating!

Turquoise and blue Christmas decor in a grey room.

I hope the tips and inspiration photos shared here give you plenty of ideas for confidently incorporating blue into your holiday home. Whether it's this holiday season or the next, don't be afraid to give blue a try and create your own "Blue Christmas" that dazzles!