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Belated But Heartfelt: How to Make Up for Missed Birthdays

We've all been there - life gets busy and before we know it, we've missed an important occasion like a loved one's birthday. The guilt and stress can be overwhelming, but worry not! We're here...

We've all been there - life gets busy and before we know it, we've missed an important occasion like a loved one's birthday. The guilt and stress can be overwhelming, but worry not! We're here to help you find the perfect way to convey your belated wishes and patch up any damage it might have caused.

Is Belated Before or After?

Happy belated vs belated happy birthday Let's clear up the confusion surrounding the correct phrase for late birthday wishes. The word "belated" means "coming later than expected" or "delayed beyond the usual time." So, whether you say "happy belated birthday" or "belated happy birthday" depends on what you want to emphasize.

What does "happy belated birthday" mean?

When you wish someone a belated happy birthday, you're congratulating them after their birthday has taken place. The word "belated" implies that it is the birthday itself that came later than expected. On the other hand, when you say "belated happy birthday," you're admitting that it was the wish itself that arrived late.

In short, "happy belated birthday" means the birthday came late, while "belated happy birthday" means the birthday wishes came late.

Is it correct to say belated happy birthday?

Since our birthdays can never be late, the correct phrasing is "belated happy birthday." So, for all of you concerned with grammatical correctness, now you know!

How do you wish someone a belated birthday?

Wishing someone a belated birthday can be awkward, but the best approach is to be honest and sincere. People lead busy lives, and even the most important occasions can slip our minds. Even if the person is initially hurt, they'll understand. However, the best way to apologize for a belated birthday may vary from person to person. Some may appreciate a well-placed joke to lighten the mood, while others may prefer a more heartfelt apology. Gauge the situation and person's personality to decide the best approach.

Ideas for Belated Birthday Wishes

Girl celebrating her belated birthday in bed To make it easier for you, we've compiled a list of belated birthday wishes for every family member, from your friend to your dog. Next time you forget a special birthday, you won't waste any time thinking about what to say to make it better.

Belated birthday wishes for a friend

  • "Happy Little-Bit-Late Birthday! Sorry I forgot, but I wanted to send you belated birthday wishes all the same!"
  • "Wishing you a belated happy birthday, pal! Sorry I missed the big day, but thought I'd extend your birthday a little longer."
  • "A belated happy birthday to you. May all the good things in life always find their way to your doorstep (hopefully quicker than this card!)"
  • "Despite my wishes being a little late, you know they are straight from the bottom of my heart. I wish you success in all your endeavors. Happy belated birthday, my friend."
  • "It's never too late to wish a wonderful friend like you a happy birthday. May your life be full of peace, joy, happiness, and success. Happy belated birthday, friend."

Belated birthday wishes for your cousin

  • "Good things come to those who wait! Happy belated birthday, Cousin!"
  • "We all know that birthdays are special, but someone like you is special every day! Happy belated birthday, Cousin!"
  • "I didn't forget your birthday, I just wanted to prolong the celebration! Happy happy birthday, cuz!"
  • "In another part of the world, it's custom to send birthday wishes the day after someone's birthday. I don't know where, but I'm there! Happy belated birthday to my favorite cousin."
  • "I know it seems like I forgot your birthday, but actually, I was just waiting for a quiet moment to tell you how special you are. Happy belated birthday, cousin!"

Belated birthday wishes for your niece

  • "Even though this is late, it's never too late to wish you the best of everything! Happy birthday, niece!"
  • "Your birthday came, and then it went. Here's the message I should have sent. Belated happy birthday, my beautiful niece! Sorry this message is late, but I thought I'd include a small poem to make it up to you."
  • "May you always be as wise as the old oaks, as graceful as the falling leaves, and more punctual than this birthday card. Happy birthday, my dear niece. Sorry for the late wishes!"
  • "Since you were born, I've been wishing you only the best. It's been a pleasure to watch you grow into the incredible woman you are today, and I am so sorry to have missed this momentous occasion. Sending you much love and the heartiest belated birthday wishes."
  • "You are an absolute joy in our lives, and not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Sorry to have missed your birthday, but I celebrate the woman you have become every day! Happy belated birthday, niece!"

Belated birthday wishes for your aunt

  • "This wish is late so that you can celebrate longer! Happy belated birthday, aunt!"
  • "To my favorite Auntie, happy happy belated birthday! I'm so sorry that I missed the special day, but to me, you are special every day!"
  • "Thank you for always being like a second mother to me. I appreciate all you do and wish you only the best for the next chapter in your life! Apologies for the belated birthday wishes!"
  • "I'm so sorry I forgot your birthday, but how do you expect me to remember when you don't look any older! Belated happy birthday to my beautiful aunt!"
  • "Now that everyone else's wishes have worn off, you can have a great big one from me! Happy belated birthday, sweet Aunty!"

Belated birthday wishes for your uncle

  • "The world is made up of two types of people. Meticulously punctual types and the awesome fun people like me who don't own calendars. Happy belated birthday, uncle!"
  • "Lately, I've been thinking a lot about you. Apparently, very 'lately'! Happy belated birthday, uncle! Sorry I missed it! Will be sure to catch the next one. Wishing you all the best."
  • "Sorry I missed the beginning of this new chapter, glad to see that it's off to a roaring start! Happy happy belated birthday to you, Uncle!"
  • "Sorry for the belated wishes, but today, I'll raise a toast to you and hope you enjoy all the finer things in life. You'll always be the coolest uncle around. Happy belated birthday, uncle!"

Belated birthday wishes for your dog

Two dogs wearing birthday hat

  • "In my eyes, every day with you is worth celebrating! Sorry I missed your birthday, my special pooch."
  • "Happy belated birthday, dog! Sorry for the late wishes, but the treats will make up for it, I'm sure."
  • "Thanks for being happy to see me when I come home, even when I miss your birthday! Happy belated birthday, dog friend!"
  • "Even though you had no idea, I feel terrible for missing your birthday! Happy belated birthday, dog. Wishing you a happy future filled with walks, tennis balls, and treats! Thanks for being my best friend."
  • "Sorry I missed your birthday, bud. It was the cat's fault! Your belated birthday wishes come complete with a fancy cooked dinner and your favorite back rub. All the best for the dog years ahead!"

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes in Different Languages

Belated happy birthday in French

The French express their belated birthday wishes by saying "Joyeux anniversaire avec un peu de retard."

Belated happy birthday in Spanish

In Spanish, they say "Feliz cumpleaños atrasado!"

Belated happy birthday in Chinese

The way to wish someone a belated happy birthday in Chinese is "请接受我迟到的生日祝福."

Belated happy birthday in Italian

In Italian, to wish someone a belated birthday, you say "Auguri in ritardo."

So, if you've missed a loved one's birthday, don't fret! These things happen, and now you have some ideas on how to make it up to them. Remember, it's the thought that counts, even if it's a little late.