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Halloween Trees – 15 Fun And Creative Ways To Prepare and Decorate

If you thought Christmas trees were only for December, think again! Halloween trees are the latest trend that's taking the spooky season by storm. Just imagine the thrill of having a Halloween-themed tree adorned with...

If you thought Christmas trees were only for December, think again! Halloween trees are the latest trend that's taking the spooky season by storm. Just imagine the thrill of having a Halloween-themed tree adorned with cobwebs, witches' hats, pumpkins, and other eerie decorations. Not only is it a fantastic way to celebrate Halloween, but it also allows you to extend the holiday spirit for a bit longer.

Halloween Trees - 15 Fun And Creative Ways To Prepare and Decorate Halloween Trees - 15 Fun And Creative Ways To Prepare and Decorate

If you've never considered decorating your Christmas tree for Halloween, don't worry, you're not alone. However, I've discovered 15 fun and creative ways to transform your ordinary Christmas tree into a Halloween masterpiece. These ideas are particularly perfect if you're planning a Halloween party. And while we're at it, make sure to also check out these 30 ghoulish Halloween cupcakes that are easy to make. So, if you're craving a new way to decorate for Halloween, keep reading!

1. Candy Corn Tree

Candy Corn Tree Caption: Turn your white Christmas tree into a candy corn delight!

Transform your white Christmas tree into a delightful candy corn tree with just a little paint. Once you've achieved the candy corn colors, decorate it with pumpkins and other Halloween-themed items. This decoration idea is perfect for indoor use or as a mesmerizing porch display.

Source/Tutorial: jenniferperkins

2. Basic Black And Orange Halloween Tree

Basic Black And Orange Halloween Tree Caption: Add black and orange decorations to create a spooky ambiance.

Consider adding black and orange decorations to your Christmas tree for a classic Halloween look. Whether you have a lighted tree or not, you can easily incorporate store-bought or DIY Halloween decorations like paper plate pumpkins and other spooky accents. For an extra touch, add orange berry twigs to infuse more vibrant colors into your tree.

Source/Tutorial: hometalk

3. Black And White Halloween Tree

Black And White Halloween Tree Caption: Create a stunning black and white Halloween tree with an old white or silver tree.

If you have an old white or silver Christmas tree lying around, turn it into a captivating black and white Halloween tree. Paint the tree black and decorate it with white and black accents, such as black cats or spooky ribbons. To make the colors stand out, consider adding hints of orange or purple.

Source/Tutorial: ellaclaireinspired

4. Easy DIY Black Cat Garland

Easy DIY Black Cat Garland Caption: Create a charming black cat garland to hang on your Halloween tree.

Every Halloween tree needs garlands, and this easy DIY black cat garland is the perfect choice. Simply print cat head templates on black paper, cut them out, and string them together using twine or ribbon. Your tree will instantly come to life with this playful garland.

Source/Tutorial: destinationnursery

5. Jack Skellington Halloween Tree

Jack Skellington Halloween Tree Caption: Pay homage to the Halloween icon, Jack Skellington, with a dedicated Halloween tree.

Embrace the Halloween spirit by dedicating your entire tree to the beloved character, Jack Skellington. Cover your tree in fake cobwebs and adorn it with decorations that complement the theme. While a white or black tree works best, you can always paint your existing tree to match the spooky ambiance.

6. Candy Filled Ornaments

Candy Filled Ornaments Caption: Fill ornaments with Halloween candies to add a pop of color to your tree.

Once you've chosen your desired tree, consider filling ornaments with candy corn and other Halloween-themed treats. You can find fillable ornaments at craft stores or even Walmart. Fill them up with your favorite candies and hang them on your tree to create a vibrant Halloween aesthetic.

Source/Tutorial: hometalk

7. Family Photo Halloween Tree

Family Photo Halloween Tree Caption: Create a sentimental Halloween tree by showcasing family photos in festive frames.

Take the opportunity to display pictures of your family in their Halloween costumes throughout the years. Use a basic black Halloween tree and frame the photos in Halloween-colored frames. If you don't have a tree, you can also achieve this look with painted twigs arranged in a planter or other holder.

Source/Tutorial: blueribbonkitchen

8. DIY Felt Halloween Ornaments

DIY Felt Halloween Ornaments Caption: Add a touch of cuteness to your Halloween tree with these DIY felt ornaments.

These adorable DIY felt ornaments are perfect for hanging on your Halloween tree. While they require a bit of sewing, they are beginner-friendly and customizable. Get creative with different designs and make your tree truly one-of-a-kind.

Source/Tutorial: paper-and-string

9. Spooky Skeleton Tree

Spooky Skeleton Tree Caption: Create a spine-chilling Halloween tree by adding a spooky skeleton on top.

Sometimes, all you need to decorate a Christmas tree for Halloween is a scary skeleton. Place a skeleton on top of your tree to give your guests a frightful welcome. You can enhance the effect by covering the tree in cobwebs or other eerie elements. A lighted tree works exceptionally well for this idea.

Source/Tutorial: instagram

10. Ghost Tassels

Ghost Tassels Caption: Hang adorable ghost tassels on your tree for a cute and spooky touch.

Add a playful touch to your Halloween tree with these ghost tassels. These tassels are easy to make using yarn, and you can use them regardless of your chosen theme. Hang them around your tree for a delightful and charming decoration.

Source/Tutorial: mynameissnickerdoodle

11. Black Mask Tree

Black Mask Tree Caption: Create an intriguing Halloween tree by incorporating black masks and other spooky elements.

All you need to create an exciting Halloween tree is a white lighted Christmas tree and a few black masks. For a cohesive look, add pumpkins and paint them white and black to match the tree's theme. Strategically place spiders and even some fake rotten apples to achieve an elegantly spooky ambiance.

Source/Tutorial: whipperberry

12. Purple And Green Halloween Tree

Purple And Green Halloween Tree Caption: Infuse your Halloween tree with a captivating combination of purple, green, and orange.

Enhance your white Christmas tree with hints of orange, purple, and green for an adorable Halloween display. Utilize plastic Halloween decorations available at the Dollar Store for an affordable yet vibrant touch. From pumpkins to ghosts, let your imagination run wild and create a tree full of character. You can even hang witch's socks to add a whimsical touch.

Source/Tutorial: betweennapsontheporch

13. Spider Web Tree Skirt

Spider Web Tree Skirt Caption: Complete your Halloween tree with a spider web tree skirt.

You wouldn't have a Christmas tree without a tree skirt, so why not have one for your Halloween tree too? Create a spider web tree skirt by cutting a circle from black felt. Add white felt to form the spider web pattern using glue. Wrap the skirt around your tree before you start decorating, and you're all set!

Source/Tutorial: jenniferperkins

14. Witch's Hat Tree Topper

Witch's Hat Tree Topper Caption: Crown your Halloween tree with a whimsical witch's hat.

No tree is complete without a fabulous tree topper, and this witch's hat is the perfect choice. You can easily make it using a cheap witch's hat from the Dollar Store. Paint it in the colors of your choice or leave it black for a classic look. This topper adds a touch of whimsy and can even transform your tree into a full-blown witch by adding socks, shoes, and more.

Source/Tutorial: allthatglitters24

15. DIY Yarn Pumpkin Decorations

DIY Yarn Pumpkin Decorations Caption: Embrace the Halloween spirit with these adorable DIY yarn pumpkins.

Add a cozy and festive touch to your Halloween tree with these DIY yarn pumpkin decorations. You can make them by gluing yarn around a balloon, allowing it to dry, and then painting the pumpkin shape. It's a simple and enjoyable project that will bring charm to your tree. Just make sure the paint is completely dry before placing them on your tree.

Source/Tutorial: onelittleproject

Now that you've discovered these fantastic ways to prepare and decorate your Halloween tree, the only question left is, which one will you choose? Get ready to celebrate Halloween like never before with a spooktacular tree that will amaze everyone who sees it. Happy decorating!