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The earth has completed another orbit around the sun, and that means it's time to celebrate someone special's birthday. As we celebrate The Confetti Post's third birthday, we want to share some simple, fun, and...

Simple and Fun Ways to Make Someone

The earth has completed another orbit around the sun, and that means it's time to celebrate someone special's birthday. As we celebrate The Confetti Post's third birthday, we want to share some simple, fun, and affordable ideas to help you make someone's birthday extra special.

1. Hidden Message

simple birthday idea_write on a balloon

Bring a touch of mystery to your birthday surprise with a hidden message. Inflate a balloon and write a birthday message on it. Deflate the balloon, put it in an envelope, and send it on its way. When the recipient blows up the balloon, they'll be greeted with a surprise message. It's a small gesture that will keep them smiling for days.

2. Make a Mixed Tape

Put together a birthday playlist for the special person. Choose songs from their favorite genre or recreate the magical tunes of the eighties. With modern technology, making a personalized playlist is easier than ever. Every time they press play, they'll think of you and feel the love.

Birthday Gift Box_Care Package_The Confetti Post

3. Party in a Box

Surprise the birthday guy or gal with a party in a box designed just for them. Our carefully curated care packages include balloons and confetti to bring the party to their doorstep. You can even customize your own birthday gift box, making it extra special.

Ad showing birthday gift box with message Happiest Birthday

4. Pay it Forward

Make a donation or do a random act of kindness with the birthday person in mind. If they love animals, donate food or toys to a local shelter. If they care about the environment, make a donation to an organization like Green Peace. Simple acts of kindness, like leaving surprise notes of encouragement, can also make their day extra special.

5. Happy Feet

Here's a fun idea! Surprise your loved one with customized socks from DivvyUp. You can have their photo emblazoned on the socks, and the best part is that DivvyUp donates socks to homeless shelters. So you'll be spreading joy while putting a smile on their face.

6. The Written Word

Gift them a book and write a heartfelt inscription inside. Choose a book that can be read in small portions, providing continued inspiration. Something like "Brave Enough" by Cheryl Strayed would be perfect.


Take the time to express your love and wishes in person or over a phone call. In our busy lives, we often forget to speak from the heart. As author Ruthie Lindsey says, "If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it."

letter parade birthday idea

8. Letter Parade

Gather letters from the birthday person's friends and family. Ask them to share a favorite memory or story about the birthday person. Collect these letters in a box or envelope, creating a treasure of cherished moments and heartfelt words.

9. Sing! Sing! Sing!

Call and sing "Happy Birthday" on their voicemail. Gather the family and friends to join in or film a video of your performance. It may not win any Grammy awards, but it will definitely make them smile and leave a lasting memory.

Simple and Fun Birthday Gift Idea_block photo

10. Say "Cheese!"

Take a snapshot of you and your loved one and have it printed on a Plywerk panel. This tangible picture will bring them joy throughout the year, and you'll be supporting sustainable production as Plywerk uses 100% solar power and sustainably sourced wood.

11. Haiku

Flex your poetry muscles and write a haiku for the birthday person. It can be silly or serious, but it will surely be appreciated. Follow the 5-7-5 syllable pattern and create a work of art that they'll treasure.

simple birthday idea_ name a tree after them

12. Tree Hugger

Celebrate your loved one's birthday by planting a tree in their name. The Arbor Foundation will even send a custom certificate to announce this unique gift. This way, they'll have a glorious, oxygen-producing tree in one of our National Forests.

13. Stick a Candle In It

One of the most cherished birthday memories is a simple celebration with a cupcake and a candle. Gather your friends and sing "Happy Birthday" as you present the cupcake. It's a memory that will last a lifetime.

birthday gift idea_send pizza

14. A Pizza Your Heart

If food is your love language, surprise your loved one with a pizza delivery from their favorite pizzeria. With the convenience of food delivery services, it's easier than ever to make their day with a delicious meal.

15. Treat Them

Whether near or far, buy a gift card from their favorite coffee shop or watering hole. If you want to pamper them, gift them a spa treatment or massage. It's a gift that they would rarely give themselves and will provide ongoing relaxation and rejuvenation.

simple birthday gift idea_donate to World Wildlife Fund

16. Get Wild!

Support a worthy cause by adopting an animal from the World Wildlife Fund in their honor. Your birthday present will contribute to the conservation efforts for critically endangered species around the world.

We hope these simple and fun ideas inspire you to make your loved one's birthday extra special. Remember, it's the thought that counts, and these gestures of love will create lasting memories. Cheers!

Betsy (and Team Confetti Post)

P.S. For more birthday ideas, especially for long-distance celebrations, check out our 16 Fun Long Distance Birthday Ideas.

Image Credits: Balloon: A Subtle Revelry; Trees: Anton Atanasov; Red Panda: Flickr; Letters: Suzy Hazelwood; Pizza: Pixabay