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Forge Your Own Halloween Party!

Are you planning on staying home for Halloween and searching for the perfect bookish costume? Look no further! Your friends at Forge have put together a handy costume guide for every kind of reader! Karen...

Are you planning on staying home for Halloween and searching for the perfect bookish costume? Look no further! Your friends at Forge have put together a handy costume guide for every kind of reader!

Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark, hosts of the My Favorite Murder podcast

Halloween is a great time for Murderinos. And dressing up like Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, the authors of Stay Sexy and Don't Get Murdered and hosts of the wildly popular podcast My Favorite Murder, is a fantastic way to join in on Halloween fun while keeping it super stylish. Grab your favorite mid-century vintage dress and tights to achieve Georgia's look. Don't forget your can of wine and trusty sidekick, Elvis the cat. If you're more of a Karen, a black dress (with pockets, of course) and a guitar as a prop would be perfect. Top either costume off with a microphone to show you're a podcast queen. And why not add a 20-foot tall skeleton with light-up eyes from Home Depot to really make a statement?

—Jennifer, Marketing Manager

A Christmas-themed picture, since we’re celebrating the release of A Dog’s Perfect Christmas!

Bailey and Ethan from A Dog's Purpose

Have you waited until the last minute to pull a costume together and just need something to tell your family or socially-distanced friends that you're dressed up? If you're a dog owner, I have the perfect no-effort costume idea for you! Since Bailey from A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron has lived many lives as many different dogs, any dog, no matter the shape or size, can be Bailey for the night! As for your costume as Bailey's owner, theoretically, you could wear whatever you want since Bailey has had many names and many owners. If you want your costume to be Ethan, Bailey's first owner in A Dog's Purpose, you could don a flannel shirt, jeans, and some boots to make it look like you live on a farm, just like Ethan. Here's me and my Bailey!

—Sarah, Digital Marketing Coordinator

Marion from Nottingham by Nathan Makaryk

There's nothing quite as good as the thrill of DIY'ing your own Halloween costume! I mean, store-bought ones are cool and all, but putting together your own means you'll stand out from the crowd! And while Halloween might be spent socially-distanced this year, that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the fun of putting together your costume. If you're looking for a bookish character to dress up as but having a hard time narrowing down an idea, I highly suggest drawing your inspiration from Nottingham and dressing up as Marion! If you love the Renaissance era and happen to have costumes lying around that you adorn when you visit local Ren Faires, then look no further; you're all set! But if corsets and billowy, long dresses aren't your thing, you can easily DIY your costume with what you already have in your closet. If you're riding in style as Marion, one thing you should have on hand is a dress, preferably something with long, flowy sleeves. A long-sleeved white shirt under a short-sleeved or tank-style tunic would also work! Tall brown boots, a circlet crown or flower crown, a long skirt underneath, and a hooded cloak are the perfect accessories to help complete your look. Now you're ready to go forth and be the finest Marion in all of the land!

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—Ariana, Assistant to VP. Marketing & Publicity

Lady Dunbridge from A Resolution at Midnight by Shelley Noble

A gilded age costume may seem intimidating, but you don't have to wear a ball gown to dress as the countess/detective from Shelley Noble's historical mystery novels. After all, Lady Dunbridge spends a lot of time searching New York for clues, so she has plenty of day dresses. To put together a costume from what you likely have at home, start with a neutral-colored maxi skirt, then pair it with one of those blazers from the back of your closet that you haven't worn in months. Under the blazer, wear a high-necked shirt, or if you have a shirt with lace on the front, that works too. And of course, a Lady Dunbridge costume is not complete without a cocktail in hand, so you'll need one of those. For the costume.

—Julia, Associate Marketing Manager

Evan Ryder from The Nemesis Manifesto by Eric Van Lustbader

If your Halloween plans are looking lowkey this year, then a lowkey costume to match is the move. Evan Ryder from The Nemesis Manifesto has to wear comfortable but functional clothes, so you could wear this costume all Halloween day! To tap into this character created by Eric Van Lustbader, you will need to step into some black pants (I wore black jeans, but whatever works), throw on a cashmere sweater, and then a black leather jacket over it. Finish the look with ankle boots. If you want to truly nail the look, Evan wears her hair up out of her face, so grab a ponytail holder to complete the costume.

—Elizabeth, Marketing Intern

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