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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: A Look at Every FUT Special Card

Ultimate Team enthusiasts have ample reason to be excited as FIFA 22 presents a variety of promotions and special cards. Get ready for a calendar packed with thrilling content. Here's everything you need to know...

Ultimate Team enthusiasts have ample reason to be excited as FIFA 22 presents a variety of promotions and special cards. Get ready for a calendar packed with thrilling content. Here's everything you need to know about the special cards you can expect in FUT this year.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is known for its constant stream of fresh promotions and special cards that keep fans engaged and excited. From Team of the Season to FUT Heroes, this year promises to deliver an array of captivating content. Let's dive into the exciting world of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team promotions and explore the special cards that await us.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Promotions

EA Sports is known for keeping their promotional plans under wraps, but some special cards have become staples in FUT and tend to make a return at similar times each year. While we don't have an official full-year schedule, we can draw insights from past years to create a detailed calendar of promotions in FIFA 22. Let's take a look:

Team of the Week

One of the longstanding traditions in Ultimate Team, Team of the Week cards are a consistent source of fresh content. Every Wednesday, the best performers from recent domestic and international fixtures receive upgraded cards to replace their normal ones in packs for the week. These cards are based on real-world performances and keep the game dynamic.

Team of the Week 1 in FIFA 22 Team of the Week 1 in FIFA 22

FUT Heroes

FIFA 22 introduces FUT Heroes, a new type of card that pays homage to cult figures in football history. These cards highlight players who may not have reached legendary status but have made their mark at specific clubs. FUT Heroes add a unique nostalgic touch to Ultimate Team.

FUT Heroes in FIFA 22 FUT Heroes in FIFA 22

Ones to Watch

To kick off a new season, FIFA 22 presents Ones to Watch cards. These dynamic items have the potential for consistent upgrades throughout the year. They are awarded to players who have been part of high-profile transfers during the latest transfer window. The cards automatically boost to match the highest-rated Team of the Week that player has earned.

Road to the Knockouts

Road to the Knockouts is a new promotion in FIFA 22 that celebrates the three major European club competitions: the Champions League, Europa League, and Europa Conference League. Chosen players whose teams perform well in the group stages or qualify for the knockout rounds receive permanent boosts to their cards.

Road to the Knockouts Team 1 Road to the Knockouts Team 1


A Halloween tradition in FIFA, Rulebreakers offers a unique twist to players' abilities by fundamentally altering their stats. Sluggish strikers may gain pace while sacrificing finishing ability, and attacking full-backs may become solid defenders. This promotion brings unexpected changes to the gameplay experience.

FIFA 22 Rulebreakers FIFA 22 Rulebreakers


Numbersup is a brand-new promotion in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, supported by the real-world sportswear brand Adidas. EA selects special cards with one chosen stat that will receive regular upgrades throughout the year. These cards will continue to improve until they reach a maximum rating of 99, becoming top-tier player items.

Signature Signings

Ultimate Team's Signature Signings are designed to celebrate some of the most successful transfers in recent years. These players have made significant contributions to their new teams, resulting in a one-time Ultimate Team upgrade. Signature Signings cards commemorate the impact these players have had on their new clubs.

FIFA 22 Signature Signings FIFA 22 Signature Signings

Team of the Group Stage

While Road to the Knockouts honors team performances, Team of the Group Stage focuses on individual brilliance. This promotion grants one-off special cards to top performers across all European tournament group stages. Whether it's a prolific goalscorer or a defensive anchor, these cards showcase outstanding performances.

Team of the Group stage in FIFA 21 Team of the Group stage in FIFA 21


Versus takes inspiration from the highly successful FUT Freeze promo in FIFA 21. This time, it offers two versions of the same stat-boosted player. Each player has two different upgrade cards available, similar to the Rulebreakers Squad Building Challenges. Versus adds an intriguing dimension to squad building and player selection.

Winter Wildcards

EA loves surprises, and Winter Wildcards is no exception. Inspired by last year's FUT Freeze, this promotion brings unexpected twists. While players receive stat boosts, some cards may also feature players in new positions. Winter Wildcards breaks the mold and keeps players on their toes.

Winter Wildcards FIFA 22 Winter Wildcards FIFA 22


Headliners celebrates the best players of the season so far with extremely desirable cards. These dynamic items always stay one rating higher than a player’s highest-rated Team of the Week card. As a result, they continue to grow in rating throughout the year, making them highly sought after by FIFA 22 players.

Headliners FIFA 22 Headliners FIFA 22

Team of the Year

Considered the most prestigious and expensive cards in FUT each season, Team of the Year brings together the best players from the previous 12 months. These cards receive incredible stat boosts, with 99-rated cards being a common sight. Team of the Year players are coveted for their rareness and exceptional performance on the pitch.

Future Stars

Future Stars shines a spotlight on young talents who are set to make a splash on the world stage in the years to come. While their base cards may not be usable due to their young age, Future Stars cards offer a glimpse into the potential of these starlets. If they fulfill their promise, they could become highly sought-after items in Ultimate Team.

FIFA 22 Future Stars Ultimate Team FIFA 22 Future Stars Ultimate Team

Road to the Final

Road to the Final (RTTF) arrives in FIFA 22, creating a wave of excitement among Ultimate Team fans. This promotion focuses on players participating in Europe's three major club competitions: the Champions League, Europa League, and Europa Conference League. RTTF cards receive upgrades at select stages, from the knockout rounds to the Final.

Silver Stars Series

The Silver Stars Series spotlights Silver cards in FIFA 22. While no new promo cards are added to packs, each day EA releases additional Silver Stars cards available through Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) or Objectives. These cards offer notable upgrades to select players and highlight Flashback versions of Marco Reus, Paul Pogba, and Kevin De Bruyne.

FUT Birthday

FUT Birthday is an annual festival that celebrates Ultimate Team's anniversary with quirky cards, SBCs, and objectives. This event features fan-favorite players from previous FUT editions, given significant upgrades and reintroduced via the FUT Birthday promo. It's a chance for players to relive the excitement of previous editions with enhanced versions of their beloved stars.

Fantasy FUT Team 1 Fantasy FUT Team 1

Fantasy FUT

Fantasy FUT builds upon the What If promo from FIFA 21, offering players the opportunity to earn upgrades based on real-life performance criteria. By meeting specific requirements in upcoming matches, featured players can receive upgrades. Completing three matches, winning one match, or achieving specific goals can unlock these much-desired upgrades.

Showdown Series

Showdown Series is a brand-new promo concept in FIFA 22, offering special cards through SBCs and Objectives. This promo highlights two players from an upcoming football fixture. The real-life outcome of the match determines upgrades for the players involved. A win results in a +2 upgrade, while a draw leads to a +1 upgrade for both players.

FUT Captains

FIFA 22 introduces FUT Captains, a new campaign that spotlights the best captains from past and present. Football's most celebrated leaders receive incredibly powerful cards that firmly establish them in the FUT meta. FUT Captains breathe new life into Ultimate Team and offer fresh gameplay opportunities.

Team of the Season

Possibly the most highly anticipated promotion in FIFA, Team of the Season rewards the best players from major leagues for their outstanding performances throughout the real football season. Each week, a new league's Team of the Season players are released with significant upgrades from their regular cards. Engaging SBCs, objectives, and fan-voted teams complement this thrilling promotion.

Shapeshifters FIFA 22 Team 1 Shapeshifters FIFA 22 Team 1


Shapeshifters is a beloved promo in Ultimate Team due to its unique ability to change players' traditional positions. This promotion offers players the chance to play in new positions, opening up exciting squad-building possibilities. Shapeshifters cards feature incredible players like Lionel Messi and Heung Min Son, providing players with fresh and innovative options.


While most other promotions are based on real-world football, FUTTIES is a celebration of FIFA itself. This victory lap for the current version of FIFA pits popular meta players against each other in fan votes. The winner receives a highly upgraded FUTTIES card, ensuring they remain competitive alongside other special players in every player's club.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team promotion calendar: Every FUT special card FIFA 22 Ultimate Team promotion calendar: Every FUT special card

With such a wide range of promotions and special cards, FIFA 22 Ultimate Team continues to offer an engaging and immersive experience for players. EA may surprise us with additional content throughout the year, so stay tuned for more updates. For the latest FIFA news, including leaks, Ultimate Team changes, and details on a World Cup mode, check out our guide to FIFA 23.

Image credits: EA