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Eventnoire’s 2023 Guide To The Best Conferences for Black Professionals

Attending a conference doesn't have to be a mundane experience filled with endless keynotes and breakout sessions. It can be an exciting and introspective way to boost your career and professional development as a Black...

Attending a conference doesn't have to be a mundane experience filled with endless keynotes and breakout sessions. It can be an exciting and introspective way to boost your career and professional development as a Black professional. By establishing yourself as a thought leader and expert in your field, you become more valuable in the workplace and sought after within the industry. That's why attending conferences that celebrate and elevate Black professionals is a great way to make that happen.

Which Black conference should you attend?

When choosing the right Black conference for you, consider where you are in your career and where you want to go. If you're transitioning into a new role or industry, selecting a conference that aligns with your specific interests can be beneficial. For example, if you're a seasoned educator looking to move into a non-technical role in an ed-tech startup, attending a Black tech conference like the Black in Tech Conference or the HireBlack Summit would be a great choice. These events feature job fairs, breakout sessions, and opportunities to connect with recruiters and industry experts.

It's also important to consider your goals and purpose for attending a conference. If you're interested in expanding your network, learning new things, and having a good time, Black conferences provide a fantastic space to meet professionals who look like you and share similar careers.

The Top Black Conferences for Professionals to Attend in 2023

To help you choose the right conference for you, we've compiled a list of the best Black conferences across various categories and locations. Each entry includes the last city and state the conference was held in and the type of Black professional we recommend attending. So, without further ado, here are the top Black conferences for professionals in 2023:

  1. Afrotech Conference

    Afrotech Conference

    Best for: Black startup founders, seasoned Black professionals in tech, venture capitalists, and angel investors. Tip: Purchase an all-access pass for the opportunity to see live musical performances after a busy day of networking.

  2. PNC Power Networking Conference

    Best for: Black entrepreneurs, Black investors, Black founders, and Black professionals. Register here.

  3. Blacks in Technology Conference

    Best for: Black professionals in tech, tech community advocates, and recruiters.

  4. Sistas in Sales Annual Conference

    Best for: Women of color in sales, Black branding executives, Black tech sales specialists, and Black sales executives.

  5. National Black MBA Annual Conference

    Best for: Black professionals with an MBA, Black college students with any major.

  6. ADCOLOR Conference

    Best for: Black advertising professionals, Black content marketers, and DEI professionals.

  7. National Association of Black Journalists Convention

    Best for: Black authors, Black media professionals, and Black journalists.

  8. Black Data Processing Association Convention

    Best for: Black IT professionals, Black professionals in STEM, and Black students in tech.

  9. Black Men XCEL Conference

    Best for: Black male professionals and students at all levels of their careers.

  10. NAACP National Convention

    Best for: Black community leaders, Black social justice advocates, Black political figures, and Black media professionals.

  11. The Blueprint Men's Summit

    Best for: Black men from all walks of life, community leaders, Black media, and young professionals.

  12. Black Professionals Annual Summit

    Best for: Black entrepreneurs and Black professionals under 50.

  13. MogulCon

    Best for: Black female business owners of any business size.

  14. CultureCon

    Best for: Black and Brown creatives and Black social media influencers.

  15. Roadmap to Billions Annual Conference

    Best for: Black women in tech, Black female founders, and supporters of Black-owned startups.

  16. Revolt's Annual Summit

    Best for: Hip-hop artists, record label executives, music industry professionals, and tech music startup founders.

  17. Women of Color and Capital National Conference

    Best for: Angel investors, venture capitalists, fund associates, and Black entrepreneurs.

  18. HIREBlack National Summit

    Best for: Job-seeking Black professionals, Black students, recent graduates, and DEI employers.

  19. Black Women in Media Annual Conference

    Best for: Black women journalists, editors, producers, and other Black media professionals.

  20. National Minority Supplier Development Council Annual Conference & Exchange

    Best for: Black supply chain specialists, Black administrators, Black corporate buyers, and Black government contractors.

  21. National Association of Black Engineers Annual Convention

    Best for: Black engineering students and recent graduates.

  22. National Urban League Annual Convention

    Best for: Black professionals, Black government officials, and Black social justice activists.

  23. National Medical Association Annual Convention & Scientific Assembly

    Best for: Black medical students, Black physicians, Black medical academicians, and Black scientists.

  24. Blacks in Government National Training Institute

    Best for: Black politicians, Black government employees, Black public officials, and Black city officers.

  25. Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Conference

    Best for: Black policymakers, lobbyists, and Congressional Black Caucus members.

  26. Black Enterprise Annual Entrepreneurs Summit

    Best for: Black entrepreneurs, business owners, and startup founders.

  27. National Association of Black Accountants National Convention

    Best for: Black accountants, Black CFOs, Black banking executives, and Black fintech founders.

  28. National Alliance of Black School Educators National Convention

    Best for: Black academic leaders, Black teachers, Black school counselors, and Black school principals.

  29. Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show

    Best for: Black beauty school students, Black beauty professionals, Black hair stylists, Black beauty entrepreneurs, and Black beauty influencers.

  30. Black Girls Hackathon

    Best for: Black women in tech, young Black girl tech aficionados, and Black female software engineers.

  31. Black Women in Data Summit

    Best for: Black market researchers, Black data analysts, Black data engineers, Black researchers, and Black UX professionals.

  32. ColorComm

    Best for: Black communications executives, Black content marketers, Black advertisers, and Black communication professionals.

  33. Diversitech Fest

    Best for: Black entrepreneurs and Black tech professionals.

  34. Render ATL

    Best for: Black creatives in the digital media and design industries.

  35. BYP National Conference

    Best for: Young Black professionals with a global mindset.

  36. Invest Fest

    Best for: Black investors, Black realtors, Black tax professionals, and Black business owners.

  37. NCBMP National Coalition of Black Meeting Professionals

    Best for: Black meeting planners from numerous businesses such as civil rights, church, and fraternal organizations.

How much does it cost to attend a Black conference?

The cost of passes or admission for Black conferences can vary widely depending on the conference and the level of access included with the ticket. Some conferences offer discounted rates for students or early-bird registrations for recent graduates and young Black professionals. However, most Black conferences offer premium or platinum packages that include additional access or perks.

It's also worth noting that some Black conferences are membership-driven, meaning non-members can attend by purchasing a membership along with their conference admission. Members often enjoy discounted rates for attending every year.

How to attend a Black conference for free

Attending a Black conference can be expensive, especially for students, recent graduates, startup founders, or professionals changing careers. Luckily, there are ways to attend for free or at a significant discount. Here are a few options:

Scholarships/Grants: Check community associations, Facebook groups, or professional organizations you're affiliated with for available scholarships or financial assistance.

Volunteer: Many conferences rely on volunteers to operate. Reach out to the conference organizers to inquire about volunteer opportunities, which often come with free admission.

Ask your boss: Discuss the conference with your boss or supervisor and explore the possibility of attending on their dime or getting reimbursed for your expenses. Some companies have formal processes for requesting attendance, while others may simply need it brought to their attention.

Fundraiser: Share your desire to attend the conference with friends and family, explaining why it's important to you. Crowdfunding can help raise the funds needed to cover your expenses.

Attend one day or virtually: Many conferences offer virtual attendance options or one-day passes, which are often more affordable than full conference admission.

Why should I attend a Black conference?

Attending a conference that specifically targets African American professionals is a unique and valuable experience. It provides an opportunity to connect with individuals who look like you, share similar experiences, and face similar challenges in their fields. Black conferences create a safe and supportive space for networking, professional growth, and learning from industry leaders who understand the nuances and opportunities within their respective industries.

Additionally, conferences can help you build your professional brand and increase your visibility. The connections you make and the knowledge you gain can propel your career forward.

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