The Ultimate Conference App Toolkit: Elevating Your Event Experience in 2024

Conferences are more than just gatherings of like-minded individuals; they are opportunities for learning, networking, and professional growth. However, a successful conference requires more than just great speakers and sessions. It also demands a strong...

Conferences are more than just gatherings of like-minded individuals; they are opportunities for learning, networking, and professional growth. However, a successful conference requires more than just great speakers and sessions. It also demands a strong sense of community and active participation from attendees. In today's digital age, conference apps have revolutionized the way people connect and interact during events, making community-building easier and more engaging than ever before.

What to Look for in Conference Apps

With an abundance of conference apps flooding the market, it's important to know what to look for to ensure a powerful and impactful event. Here are a few key features to consider:


A user-friendly conference app is essential to ensure smooth navigation and accessibility for all attendees, regardless of their computer expertise. Intuitive design, clear categorization, and easy access to features all contribute to an enjoyable user experience, allowing attendees to easily access the information they seek.

Speaker and Event Information:

Up-to-date information about speakers, their backgrounds, and session schedules is crucial for attendees. A well-structured conference app provides in-depth information about each session, helping attendees plan their schedules effectively and enhancing their overall experience.

Pre-event Discussions and Updates:

A good conference app provides a forum for pre-event discussions and updates, building anticipation and early engagement. This feature enables remote attendees to connect with each other, share expectations, and receive timely updates, setting the stage for a dynamic and interactive conference experience.

Attendee Personalization and Moderation:

The ability to personalize one's conference journey, coupled with effective moderation tools, creates a conducive environment for meaningful and safe interactions. Customizable preferences for session recommendations, tailored content, and moderation options ensure an engaging and memorable attendee experience.

Networking Tools and Organizer-Attendee Interaction:

Facilitating networking opportunities and enabling seamless interaction between attendees and organizers fosters connections and nurtures professional relationships beyond the conference. Good messaging event app features and designated networking tools set the scene for fruitful collaborations and long-term associations.

Event Content Storage:

A comprehensive library that organizes and stores event-related content, including session materials and speaker presentations, is invaluable for post-conference reference and continued learning. Easy access to these resources ensures attendees can revisit key insights and valuable information long after the event has concluded.

Post-event Engagement and Community Building:

Dedicated channels for post-event engagement, discussion, and knowledge sharing help sustain the momentum and foster a vibrant community beyond the conference. Active participation in post-event discussions, sharing feedback, and contributing to ongoing conversations amplify the impact of the conference, nurturing a culture of continuous learning and collaboration.

Why Use a Conference App?

Now that we have explored the essential features of conference apps, let's delve into the benefits of incorporating them into your event planning process. Here's why a conference app is a must-have tool:

Increase Attendee Engagement:

Conference apps create seamless communication and interaction among attendees, speakers, and organizers. Features like live polling, Q&A sessions, and discussion forums foster active participation and create a dynamic and engaging environment, enhancing the overall conference experience.

Streamlined Information Access:

With a conference app, attendees can access comprehensive event information at their fingertips. From detailed schedules and speaker profiles to session details and resource materials, these apps centralize all pertinent information, ensuring attendees stay informed and prepared throughout virtual or hybrid events.

Networking Opportunities:

Networking lies at the heart of every successful conference. Conference apps provide dedicated networking features, allowing attendees to connect with like-minded professionals, exchange contact information, and foster valuable relationships that can extend beyond the event.

Real-Time Updates and Notifications:

Through real-time updates, conference apps keep attendees informed about schedule changes, last-minute announcements, and important alerts. This feature ensures attendees are always aware of the latest developments and can make necessary adjustments to their plans.

Personalized Experiences:

Conference apps enable attendees to personalize their event experiences based on their interests and preferences. Whether it's creating a customized schedule, setting session reminders, or selecting specific networking opportunities, these apps empower attendees to tailor their conference journey according to their individual needs.

Efficient Resource Management:

Conference apps serve as hubs for all event-related content, eliminating the need for physical handouts and simplifying post-event content distribution. Attendees can access and download resources directly from the app, ensuring easy and convenient access to valuable materials.

Community Building Beyond the Event:

Conference apps extend community engagement beyond the conference's duration, providing avenues for continued discussions, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. This sustained interaction lays the foundation for a robust and enduring community that transcends the boundaries of physical events.

The Best Conference Apps in the Market

Now that we understand the importance of conference apps, let's explore some of the top contenders in the market:


GroupApp is a community platform designed to empower creators, educators, and community leaders in building and managing their online communities. What sets GroupApp apart from the rest is its focus on creating an engaging and personalized experience:

  1. Feed Feature for Pre-Event Buzz: Fuel pre-event discussions and keep attendees updated with the latest happenings, creating a buzz that'll have event attendees counting down the minutes until your conference kicks off.

  2. Members Feature for Personalized Interaction: Make event attendees feel special by allowing them to create profiles, view speaker bios, and connect in a communal learning environment. Moderation tools ensure smooth conversations and a positive atmosphere.

  3. Messaging Feature for Seamless Networking: Facilitate networking by providing a messaging feature for attendees to interact with each other and event organizers. This feature makes networking feel natural and effortless, fostering meaningful collaborations.

  4. Library Feature for Easy Access to Post-Conference Resources: Store and organize event content in one convenient place, allowing attendees to access presentations, documents, and valuable resources long after the conference ends.

  5. Channel Feature for Building a Lasting Community: Create a dedicated space for post-event engagement and community building among attendees. Keep the momentum going even after the conference by steering ongoing discussions and sharing valuable insights.


Eventify is a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate event app that offers powerful scheduling tools. It simplifies the planning process for event organizers and enhances the conference experience for attendees. Key features include comprehensive event information, personalized agendas, and easy session planning.


Eventmobi offers high customization options, allowing event organizers to personalize their events according to their preferences. Features like live polls and instant feedback from attendees enhance engagement, while personalized agendas and session selection options curate a unique event experience.


Eventbrite is known for its user-friendly interface and seamless ticketing and registration process. It offers a wide range of promotional tools and integrates with popular productivity tools like Google Calendar, Teams, and Slack, making event planning and management easier than ever.


Cvent is a comprehensive conference app that offers a suite of features suitable for any event, big or small. Its seamless integration with other software and tools simplifies event planning and management, while its data-driven insights provide valuable information for event organizers.


Whova is celebrated for its user-friendly networking features and all-in-one event management tools. It creates opportunities for meaningful connections, keeps attendees engaged with real-time updates, and offers comprehensive event management functionality.


Canapii provides attendees with virtual networking capabilities, allowing them to connect and collaborate with others during the event. It offers interactive sessions, vibrant discussion forums, and networking opportunities, all within a secure and data-protected environment.


EventPilot offers offline access to event programs, allowing attendees to access event information and schedules even without an internet connection. It provides personal daily schedules, real-time updates, and features like note-taking and document sharing for enhanced collaboration.


BlueJeans offers high-quality video conferencing, making virtual meetings feel like face-to-face conversations. Its screen sharing and collaboration tools enhance productivity, while integrations with popular third-party apps simplify scheduling and joining meetings.


Zoom provides a seamless video conferencing experience, featuring screen sharing, virtual backgrounds, and collaboration tools like file sharing and co-annotation. Its integration capabilities with popular apps like Google Calendar and Teams ensure smooth workflows and excellent user experience.

How Event Organizers Can Maximize the Potential of Conferences

To ensure the success of your conference, follow these tips to boost attendance, encourage active participation, and enhance networking opportunities:

Creating an Engaging Online Environment:

  • Plan an engaging agenda and generate excitement through social media, newsletters, and targeted advertisements.
  • Use a mix of media, such as videos and interactive polls, to make presentations dynamic and engaging.
  • Enable chat and discussion features during sessions to encourage attendee participation and create a sense of community.

Designing Opportunities for Active Participation:

  • Create virtual breakout rooms for intimate discussions and group activities.
  • Dedicate time for live Q&A sessions to facilitate direct interaction between attendees and speakers.
  • Gamify the learning experience with quizzes or challenges to make it more enjoyable and rewarding.

Building Networking Opportunities:

  • Set up virtual networking spaces where attendees can connect and engage with each other.
  • Organize guided networking sessions that match attendees based on their interests for more meaningful connections.
  • Encourage attendees to share their experiences on social media platforms using event-specific hashtags.

Maintaining Communication Channels for Feedback and Improvement:

  • Follow up with attendees by providing resources, recordings, and exclusive content related to the conference.
  • Offer continuous education or follow-up workshops to provide further learning opportunities.
  • Create a space for ongoing collaboration and knowledge sharing through forums or community platforms.
  • Maintain communication with attendees through newsletters, email updates, or social media platforms, keeping them informed about upcoming events and opportunities.

Considerations for Choosing the Perfect Conference App

When selecting a conference app, consider the following factors:

Budget and Pricing Models:

Set aside a budget for a conference app and weigh the value it brings against the cost. GroupApp offers an affordable, feature-rich option starting at just $99/month, empowering event organizers with key features like event creation, messaging, moderation tools, members profiles, event reminders, and coupon codes.

Compatibility and Device Availability:

Opt for a conference app that works seamlessly across various platforms and devices. GroupApp excels in this aspect, providing compatibility with iOS, Android, and web-based devices, ensuring a unified experience for all participants.

Integration with Other Tools:

Choose a conference app that seamlessly integrates with other tools and platforms commonly used during conferences. GroupApp integrates with calendar apps, communication tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, and cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, enabling smooth data transfer and collaboration.

Customer Support and Technical Assistance:

Ensure the conference app provides reliable customer support and technical assistance to address any issues or questions that may arise during the event. GroupApp offers responsive customer support, an extensive knowledge base, and 24/7 assistance, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience for event organizers and attendees alike.

What to Do After Hosting Your Conference

To ensure the lasting impact of your conference, take the following post-event steps:

  • Provide resources, recordings, and exclusive content for attendees to continue their learning journey.
  • Offer continuous education or follow-up workshops to delve deeper into specific conference topics.
  • Create a space for ongoing collaboration and knowledge sharing among attendees.
  • Maintain communication channels for feedback and improvement, soliciting attendee feedback and implementing suggestions to enhance future conferences.

In conclusion, selecting the right conference app is crucial for a successful and engaging event. Consider your specific needs, budget, and desired features, and choose an app like GroupApp that prioritizes compatibility, integration, customer support, and post-event engagement. With the right conference app, you can elevate your event experience and create a lasting impact for all participants.