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Easy Event Planning: The Ultimate Internship Guide for College Students

Are you a college student looking for a unique internship experience in digital marketing and SEO? Look no further than Easy Event Planning's internship program! This chill yet rigorous internship is perfect for aspiring journalists,...

Are you a college student looking for a unique internship experience in digital marketing and SEO? Look no further than Easy Event Planning's internship program! This chill yet rigorous internship is perfect for aspiring journalists, writers, marketers, or database enthusiasts. Whether you're a freshman or a senior, Easy Event Planning offers a remote internship that fits perfectly with your college journey. But what exactly is Easy Event Planning? What is their mission, and what kind of work can you expect as an intern?

What It's Like

At Easy Event Planning, all internships are remote, allowing you the flexibility to work from anywhere. As an intern, you'll be expected to dedicate at least ten hours per week to various tasks and duties assigned by the team. Easy Event Planning offers three distinct teams for interns to join.

The first team is the Digital Marketing team. In this role, you'll become the face of the website's content. You'll engage in various writing tasks, including creating new articles, performing quality assurance, and adding new list entries to existing articles.

For those who prefer working behind the scenes, the Database Management team is the perfect fit. As a member of this team, you'll analyze relevant and irrelevant keywords for the website's marketplace pages. Your expertise in Google Sheets will be crucial in filtering hundreds of categories and keywords, optimizing the website's effectiveness.

Last but not least, there is the Intern Success team, the glue that holds all the intern teams together. This team acts as the human resources department, handling various miscellaneous tasks, from interviewing new recruits to assisting the CEO with any necessary tasks. As a member of the Intern Success team, you'll be at the forefront of ensuring smooth communication and teamwork among all interns.

Cool Stuff You Get To Do

As a Digital Marketing intern, you'll have the opportunity to put your name on several articles. This not only enhances your resume but also provides tangible examples of your published work. From writing and editing to approving and publishing articles, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire article publishing process.

Database interns, on the other hand, get to work with more technical aspects. If you enjoy tackling the challenge of large databases and sheets, this role is perfect for you. You'll dive into SEO keywords analysis and implementation, contributing to the website's internal functionality.

Intern Success members thrive on social interaction. You'll be in constant contact with individuals, such as prospective students, current interns, or former interns. Your role will encompass answering questions, providing assistance, and acting as a reliable point of contact for any emergency tasks. Your communication and interpersonal skills will be put to the test, making you a valuable asset to the team.

What You'll Learn

Easy Event Planning's internship program equips you with vital skills necessary for website and content work. One of the key areas you'll delve into is search engine optimization (SEO). Whether you're already familiar with SEO or completely new to the concept, Easy Event Planning will ensure you become well-versed in it. You'll learn how to identify effective keywords, successfully implement them in your writing, and gauge the success of an article.

Digital Marketing interns will also acquire the ability to craft engaging articles tailored to the website's tone. Striking the balance between being proper and light-hearted is crucial, especially when dealing with fun topics like parties or wedding planning. Your role will be to comfort and guide readers, offering valuable insights and expertise.

Database interns will gain in-depth knowledge of technical SEO and contribute to the website's overall functionality. While the Digital Marketing team represents the face of the website, the Database team ensures everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

Intern Success team members have a unique role in handling various communication-related tasks. Your ability to efficiently communicate and work with others will be of utmost importance. It's an opportunity to improve your communication and teamwork skills, which are vital for any professional setting.

How to Prepare for Your Application

When applying for an Easy Event Planning internship, it's essential to showcase your communication and writing skills (or data skills if that's your desired team). These fundamental skills are the building blocks of a successful internship. Additionally, having extracurricular activities, such as club involvement or prior internships, will significantly boost your chances of being selected.

If your application is well-received, you'll be invited for a group interview with an Intern Success member. Following that, you may have an interview with CEO Kathleen Kilmer, where the final decision will be made. Rest assured, everyone at Easy Event Planning exudes kindness and passion for the website. So, be confident and show your best self!

Cool Perks

Being an intern at Easy Event Planning comes with numerous benefits. Every week, you'll work on multiple articles and tasks, and your name will be credited at the bottom of each article you contribute to. These articles can be linked in your professional portfolio and resume, showcasing your published work and increasing your online presence. Easy Event Planning fosters a sense of community among the interns, as each article bears multiple names.

Furthermore, as an intern at an event and wedding planning website, you'll gain invaluable skills that can be applied to your personal life. You'll become a go-to person for friends and family who need assistance in planning their own events. From finding decorations to offering guidance, your expertise will be highly sought after. This internship provides you with the opportunity to explore various career paths, whether it's writing, event planning, database management, or marketing.

The Details

Easy Event Planning is constantly looking for new interns throughout the year. You can find additional details, application links, and frequently asked questions on the Internship Page of their website. With Easy Event Planning, event planning becomes fast and easy!

So, if you're a college student eager to gain practical experience in digital marketing and SEO, Easy Event Planning's internship program is the perfect fit for you. Join their remote internship and embark on a journey of learning, professional growth, and exciting opportunities.