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Easy Encanto Birthday Party: Magical Ideas and Free Printables

Like children from all over the world, my daughters are absolutely in love with Disney's Encanto movie. The catchy music, relatable family elements, and captivating characters make it a favorite for all ages. So, when...

Like children from all over the world, my daughters are absolutely in love with Disney's Encanto movie. The catchy music, relatable family elements, and captivating characters make it a favorite for all ages. So, when my daughter's second birthday was approaching, I knew that an Encanto-themed party was the way to go. However, I struggled to find enough ideas and printables online, so I took matters into my own hands. In this article, I'll share some fun and easy ideas to help you create your own magical Encanto birthday party.

Encanto Mirabel Birthday Party Ideas Image: Encanto Mirabel Birthday Party Ideas

Encanto Birthday Party Decorations & Ideas

Choosing a local park as the venue for my daughter's Encanto party turned out to be a perfect decision. It was affordable and provided ample space for decorations. To bring the movie's inspiration to life, I opted for white Mexican banners and metallic gold butterflies, which are easily available on Amazon.

Creating a vibrant backdrop for the food table and photo ops was another priority. Instead of a balloon arch, I decided to make a colored fringe backdrop. It involved cutting plastic tablecloths into two-inch wide strips and tying them to a long string of twine. My older daughters enjoyed participating in this fun activity.

To complete the decorations, I used foam flowers, paper flowers, and sparkly gold butterflies. The Dollar Tree was a great resource for trays, flowers, solar lanterns, cactus plants, and the Encanto character set.

Encanto Birthday Party Decor Ideas Image: Encanto Birthday Party Decor Ideas

On each party table, I layered plastic lace pattern tablecloths, colored plastic tablecloths, and gold sequin table runners. Each table was adorned with a gold tray, vase with fake flowers, printable sign, mini lantern, and a faux cactus.

Encanto Sensory Bins and Party Activities

Knowing my daughters' love for sensory play, I decided to incorporate it into the Encanto birthday party. We created two sensory bins inspired by the movie: Antonio's sensory bin and Isabella's sensory bin.

Antonio's bin featured beans, animal toys from the Dollar Tree, and an Antonio doll. We also provided scoops and tongs for fine motor practice.

Isabella's bin included colored rice, flowers, and a bucket with shovels. The Isabella doll completed the bin. Coloring rice for sensory bins is easy and adds an extra element of fun.

In addition to the sensory bins, we set up a "Mirabel Doodles" section with sidewalk chalk to encourage creativity and drawing.

Encanto Sensory Bin Play Image: Encanto Sensory Bin Play

Encanto Party Food Ideas

No party is complete without delicious food. For my daughter's Encanto-themed birthday, we served tacos as the main dish. As for the themed treats, the menu included:

  • Antonio's Animal Crackers
  • Isabella's "Grapes That Thrive on the Vine"
  • Bruno's Vision Sand
  • Luisa's Power Bars
  • Pepa's Clouds
  • Julieta's Healing Cookies
  • Abuela's Candle Lollipops

Encanto Birthday Party Food Ideas Image: Encanto Birthday Party Food Ideas

DIY Butterfly Encanto Cupcakes

For dessert, I decided to keep it simple and purchased pre-made cupcakes from a local supermarket bakery. To give them an Encanto touch, I added pearl and white sprinkles, along with edible flowers and paper butterflies. The cupcakes turned out perfect and were a hit at the party.

Easy Encanto Cupcakes Birthday Party Ideas Image: Easy Encanto Cupcakes Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday Party Entertainment

Hosting the party at a park provided built-in entertainment with the playground. Additionally, I hired a Mirabel impersonator for 30 minutes. She read a story, painted nails, posed for photos, and sang happy birthday. It was the perfect addition to our Encanto celebration.

Encanto Birthday Party Ideas Image: Encanto Birthday Party Ideas

Best Encanto Dress for Girls

Many people asked where I found my daughters' Encanto dresses. I ordered them online, and they have become their favorite outfits for imaginative play. Here are the links to the dresses I ordered for Mirabel, Isabella, and Luisa.

Encanto Dresses Amazon Image: Encanto Dresses Amazon

Encanto Theme Party Favors

No Encanto-themed party is complete without magical party favors. These favors serve as a delightful reminder of the celebration and give guests something special to take home. Here are some Encanto party favor ideas:

Magical Charm Bracelets

Custom-made charm bracelets with symbolic charms and beads in the Encanto color scheme represent the gifts of the Madrigal family. These bracelets will remind guests of the magic and the importance of embracing their unique talents.

Mini Magic Door Keepsakes

Decorative fairy doors inspired by the casita's magical entrances can be made from wood or clay and painted in vibrant colors. These doors serve as charming reminders of the Madrigal family's enchanting world.

Personalized "Encanto" Storybooks

Create personalized storybooks by writing each guest's name on the inside cover with a sweet message. These storybooks allow guests to relive the "Encanto" adventure with their favorite characters.

Flower Potting Kits

Gift each child a small potted plant along with a mini gardening kit. They can nurture their plants and watch them grow, just like Isabela's magical flowers.

Magic Wand Craft Kit

Provide each guest with a DIY magic wand craft kit that includes wooden dowels, paint, glitter, and decorative gems. Kids can create their own magical wands, just like the Madrigal family's abilities.

These favor ideas capture the essence of "Encanto" and will leave your young guests with wonderful memories of the magical birthday party.

Encanto Birthday Party Activities & Game Ideas

To keep the guests entertained and engaged, here are some party game and activity ideas:

"Gift of Mirabel" Scavenger Hunt

Organize a scavenger hunt inspired by Mirabel's gift for finding lost things. Hide magical items around the party space and provide guests with clues to find them. The child who finds the most items wins a special prize.

Family Talent Show

Host a talent show where kids can showcase their unique abilities, just like the Madrigal family. Whether it's singing, dancing, telling jokes, or performing magic tricks, award them medals or small prizes as tokens of their magical abilities.

Pin the Gift on the Madrigal

Put a twist on the classic "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" game by playing "Pin the Gift on the Madrigal." Blindfolded guests can try to place a symbolic gift on a poster of the Madrigal family. The child who gets closest to the correct spot wins.

Encanto Trivia Challenge

Test the kids' knowledge of the movie with a fun trivia challenge. Prepare age-appropriate questions about the characters, the casita, and the magical gifts. Provide small prizes for correct answers and crown the "Encanto" trivia champion.

Magical Door Craft Station

Set up a crafting station where kids can decorate their own magical doors like the casita entrances. Provide paint, glitter, stickers, and rhinestones. They can take their personalized magic doors home as party favors.

Encanto Movie Night Feature Presentation

End the party with a cozy movie night featuring the Encanto movie. Set up a comfortable viewing area with blankets and pillows where the kids can relax and enjoy the magic together.

By incorporating these ideas into your Encanto birthday party, you'll create a magical experience that your child and their friends will treasure. Make sure to capture the smiles and joy with plenty of photos to relive the enchanted moments. Cheers to a birthday celebration filled with the magic of Encanto!

Encanto Birthday Party FREE Printables

To make your party planning easier, here are the printables I used for my daughter's party. They include a 4x6" Happy Birthday Sign, Food Cards, and 4x6" Activity Signs.

Encanto Sensory Bins Image: Encanto Sensory Bins

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