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DoubleDutch Competitors: A Comprehensive Analysis of Event Management Software

In the bustling world of event management software, DoubleDutch stands tall as a leading player. But how does it compare to its competitors? Join us as we delve into the world of DoubleDutch and explore...

In the bustling world of event management software, DoubleDutch stands tall as a leading player. But how does it compare to its competitors? Join us as we delve into the world of DoubleDutch and explore its rivals in the industry.

DoubleDutch offers a comprehensive event management software solution that caters to the global events industry. From live interaction platforms to system integration and performance markers, DoubleDutch provides a wide range of tools to organize successful live events. Whether it's external and internal corporate meetings or industry events and expos, DoubleDutch has the expertise to meet all your event management needs.

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DoubleDutch SWOT Analysis


DoubleDutch is a pioneer in the mobile live engagement event management software space. Its forward-thinking approach led to its acquisition by Cvent in 2019. By providing engagement through mobile internet software, DoubleDutch helps businesses improve outcomes, particularly when in-person attendance is not possible.


One of DoubleDutch's challenges has been its struggle to achieve and maintain profitability over the years. Additionally, it faces possible market share loss as new technologies and trends emerge. The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent changes in lifestyle have significantly reduced the number of events in the B2B and B2C market space. Digitizing live engagement poses its own set of challenges compared to engaging with live participants.


The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about a shift in event and meeting styles, creating more opportunities for virtual events. With the growing trend of remote work, the demand for smartphone access to meetings and events is likely to increase.


As the demand for remote work and device-agnostic solutions rises, new competitors are likely to enter the market. Furthermore, alternative technologies may pose a threat to DoubleDutch's market share. The trend of minimalistic technology and reduced reliance on mobile devices may also impact its market appeal.

DoubleDutch Competitors

Bizzabo Ltd

Bizzabo is a leading event management solution provider designed for professional event organizers. Founded in 2012, Bizzabo offers a cloud-based platform for event and exhibition registration, ticketing, contact management, on-site check-in, and more. With clients like Bank of Ireland, Accenture, and Argos, Bizzabo has made its mark in the industry.

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EventMobi is a cloud-based event management solution provider catering to companies of all sizes and industries. Its features include event management, registration, check-ins, live polling data, survey data, reporting, and gamification. With headquarters in Toronto, EventMobi proudly serves clients like the World Bank, VISA, and SunLife Financial.

doubledutch competitors analysis Image Source: Doubledutch Competitors Analysis

EventPro Inc

EventPro is a cloud-based and on-premise event planning and location management software solution. It caters specifically to religious institutions, assisting them in handling conferences, meetings, workshops, and events. With features like guest management, seating plans, billing, and payment documentation, EventPro ensures a seamless event planning experience.

Aventri Ltd

Aventri is a cloud-based event management and meeting platform that supports organizations of all sizes across various sectors. Its robust features include event creation, personalized agendas, speaker management, email campaigns, venue sourcing, and budget management. Aventri boasts an impressive client base, including Coca-Cola, Allianz, and Dell.

doubledutch competitors analysis Image Source: Doubledutch Competitors Analysis

What Sets DoubleDutch Apart?

DoubleDutch differentiates itself from its competitors by going above and beyond, employing an innovative and out-of-the-box approach. Here are some key factors that give DoubleDutch an edge:

1. Customization

DoubleDutch understands that each event is unique. It pays meticulous attention to client requests, tailoring a rich and personalized experience for both clients and their guests. By ensuring comfort, productivity, and satisfaction, DoubleDutch creates an event that leaves a lasting impression.

2. Insight

After the event ends and the guests have departed, it's crucial to gather insights to evaluate performance. DoubleDutch provides inbuilt survey tools that enable clients to receive genuine feedback and gain valuable insights. Armed with this information, clients can plan future events more effectively.

3. Customer Satisfaction

DoubleDutch places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. By developing apps that streamline processes like event registration and check-ins, DoubleDutch equips event planners with the tools to create a seamless and satisfying experience for attendees. This fosters strong relationships and encourages repeat business.

Final Thoughts

Mobile event planning apps have become indispensable components of the overall attendee experience. They play a crucial role in boosting event ROI and attendee satisfaction. While numerous companies vie for the top spot, EventMobi and Bizzabo Ltd stand out among DoubleDutch's competitors. Their global market presence and comprehensive solutions put them ahead of the pack.

So, whether you're planning a corporate event or an industry conference, be sure to explore all the options and find the event management software that best suits your needs. DoubleDutch and its competitors are ready to help you create an exceptional event experience for your guests.

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