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Double the Fun: Joint Birthday Party Invitations

What's better than celebrating a birthday? Celebrating two at once! Whether you're planning a joint birthday party for kids or your own b-day fiesta with a bestie, it's sure to be twice as fun. In...

Joint birthday party invitations: invitation card and some beach toys

What's better than celebrating a birthday? Celebrating two at once! Whether you're planning a joint birthday party for kids or your own b-day fiesta with a bestie, it's sure to be twice as fun. In this article, we'll explore the ins and outs of hosting a joint birthday party and share some fantastic joint birthday party invitation ideas that you can customize and send in minutes.

Hosting Tips for a Joint Birthday Party

Joint birthday party invitations: 2 women biting golden number 40 candles

Whether you're celebrating a milestone birthday or a kids' birthday, hosting a two-for-one event is much like planning any other b-day bash — with a couple of extra considerations. For starters, you'll want to pick a theme that shows off both honorees' personalities, especially if they have different tastes. You'll also want to invite friends and loved ones of both individuals. Follow these tips as part of your birthday party checklist to ensure a seamless celebration everyone will love.

Choose a Theme

Just because it's a joint birthday doesn't mean you have to forgo individual personalities. Choose a birthday party theme that reflects each person's style and taste. If there are dueling interests, have an "either-or" party. For example, you could throw a "Superhero or Villain" party and have guests pick a side or a "Monsters and Fairies" event.

For joint parties where the honorees have similar interests, it might be a good idea to choose a single theme. Maybe you want a taco fiesta, a magical unicorn birthday bash, or a rainbow-themed party. Alternatively, make the theme about twos with a "Thing One and Thing Two" party, a Two the Moon party, or a "Two Fast celebration."

Choose a Date, Time, and Venue

Like any party planning, one of the first things to do is pick a date. Since you're having a party for two people, ensure loved ones on both sides can attend. Propose a couple of dates and pick the one that works best for your schedules.

With double the fun and double the guests, you'll need plenty of space. Consider hosting a pool party at your local swim center or heading outside with an outdoor birthday party.

Invite Your Guests

Joint birthday party invitations: teenagers looking at a birthday cake

Once you have a list of friends and family for both birthday honorees, the fun really begins. It's time to pick out a birthday invitation! Be sure to include RSVP information so you have a head count before the big day.

When you choose digital invitations from Greenvelope, you can easily track RSVPs and include a link to a gift registry or wish list. You can also add details about any dress code, costume requests, parking info, menu items, or any other details you want to share.

Set the Scene with Decor

Birthday balloons, confetti, and streamers provide the perfect backdrop for a b-day bash. Hang a birthday banner featuring the names or faces of both birthday honorees. If you're sitting down to eat, create two special chairs decorated to match the personality of each honoree. If you're feeling crafty, consider some easy DIY party decorations you can make ahead of the party.

Plan Your Menu

A double birthday party should be twice as tasty! Finger foods and snacks like veggie platters, charcuterie, and pigs in a blanket are great appetizers. For main dishes, consider hot dogs, grilled veggies, and burgers for easy planning.

Set a dessert spread with cupcakes and other sweet treats. Alternatively, build an ice cream bar where everyone can pick a flavor and add fun toppings like sprinkles and gummy bears.

If you've chosen a party theme, pick foods to match. They can be the same color as your theme elements or fit into the design. For example, dino-shaped veggie platters are a big hit for a jungle party. Use food labels to create fun phrases that match the theme — like "safari snacks" for fruit cups or "hungry tiger bites" for mini sandwiches.

Say Thanks With Party Favors

It's always a nice touch to send guests home with a little something to show your appreciation. Thank you cards are a lovely way to thank parents who've taken the time to buy gifts and bring their children to the event.

For younger attendees, make gift bags filled with stickers, balloons, and treats to match the joint birthday theme. Printable cutouts, bubble bottles, and toy figurines work well.

5 Joint Birthday Party Invitations and Themes

Ready for some invitation inspiration? Here, you'll find some of our favorite designs for a joint birthday party. Each one is paired with a joint birthday party invitation from our collection, but keep in mind you're free to customize virtually any design from Greenvelope.

1. Pirates and Mermaids

Invitation Inspiration: Octopus Pirate Invitation

Host a joint birthday celebration with a pirate and mermaid theme party. Set the scene with under-the-sea decor featuring glittering mermaid balloons, miniature pirate ships, and pirate hats. Ask guests to dress up as a pirate or mermaid to get into the fun.

2. Superheroes and Villains

Invitation Inspiration: Super Hero Pow Invitation

Plan a joint kids' birthday you won't soon forget with a superhero and villain birthday. Whether your child loves Spiderman, Batman, or a villain like The Joker, there's a reason for them to love this party theme. Let guests choose a superhero or villain to dress up as or narrow it down to the favorite character of each birthday honoree.

3. Rainbows and Unicorns

Invitation Inspiration: Unicorn Rainbow Magic Invitation

Whether it's a first birthday party for twins or a whimsical adult celebration, rainbows and unicorns are a fun theme. Use rainbow-colored tablecloths to create a vibrant atmosphere. Set up fun games like watercolor paints and build your own unicorn stations to keep guests entertained. Send out joint party invitations to invite guests to your sibling party or joint bestie b-day bash.

4. Double Disney

Invitation Inspiration: Red Suspenders Invitation

Throw a sibling birthday party or joint celebration for two friends with a double Disney bash. Ask guests to bring their children dressed in pairs like Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse or Elsa and Anna. Another option is to host a Bippity Boppity Two party for the birthday honorees. Request that guests dress up as their favorite characters from Cinderella and get ready for twice as much fun.

5. Two Sweet Carnival

Invitation Inspiration: Two Sweet Invitation

Host a carnival theme party that's doubly sweet. Bust out the cotton candy and serve other classic carnival fare like popcorn and fried doughnuts. Have guests attend as carnival twins and set up a big top tent in the backyard to host your guests. Play carnival games like ring toss and duck pond. Be sure to decorate with giant lollipops and other sweets to match the party theme.

Enjoy a Joint Birthday Party That's Twice as Nice

Whether planning a twin birthday, a shindig with your bestie, or a bash for your child and their sibling, these party ideas will create a fun and special day.

At Greenvelope, you'll find the perfect birthday invitation for a party that's double the fun. Each invitation template is customizable so you can change the font, color scheme, and layout. Or, if you prefer, you can create custom invitations by uploading your own design.

From kids' birthday party invitations to adult joint b-day invites, Greenvelope evites mean you can say farewell to long waits at the post office, postage, and tracking RSVPs by hand. Just send invitations off with a few clicks and hop into the easy-to-use dashboard to see who's opened it, who's attending, and who needs a reminder. That way, you have more time for other party planning tasks before the big event.