DIY Eucalyptus Garland – Create an Easy Spring Centerpiece

As we embrace the beauty of spring, why not add a touch of elegance to your home with a stunning DIY Eucalyptus garland? This easy centerpiece is not only a feast for the eyes but...

faux eucalyptus garland DIY

As we embrace the beauty of spring, why not add a touch of elegance to your home with a stunning DIY Eucalyptus garland? This easy centerpiece is not only a feast for the eyes but also a cost-effective alternative to its real counterpart. By using a faux eucalyptus garland, you can enjoy the beauty of the real thing without breaking the bank.

Craft Your Own DIY Eucalyptus Garland

DIY eucalyptus garland

Imagine having the look and feel of a real eucalyptus garland, while still saving time and money. With this simple yet stylish DIY project, you can achieve just that. By combining faux and real eucalyptus, you can create a garland that exudes freshness and charm.

how to make eucalyptus garland

This technique has been widely embraced by decorators, as it provides versatility and allows for creativity. Whether you're decorating for a holiday table, a mantel, or simply adding a touch of nature to your home, this DIY eucalyptus garland is the perfect solution.

How To Make A Eucalyptus Garland: Supplies

Let's dive into this DIY project and create a beautiful eucalyptus garland that will captivate everyone's attention. Here's what you'll need:

  • Faux eucalyptus garland (approximately 6 ft. in length)
  • Real eucalyptus clippings (varying types for added variety)
  • Fresh flowers of your choice (roses or peonies work beautifully)

Now that we have our supplies ready, let's get started on crafting this stunning centerpiece.

DIY Faux Eucalyptus Garland

faux eucalyptus garland hack

Begin by laying the faux eucalyptus garland along the length of your table. To add a touch of movement and visual interest, allow the garland to slightly curve.

faux eucalyptus garland hack

Take a moment to fluff up the garland and straighten out any leaves that may appear out of place. Now, it's time to enhance the garland with real eucalyptus clippings.

how to make a eucalyptus garland using faux flowers

Working in small sections, clip off 8-10" pieces of real eucalyptus and tuck them into the faux garland to add dimension and authenticity. Start with silver dollar leaves, then incorporate seeded eucalyptus, and finish off with cider gum for a splash of sage green.

DIY spring table garland

Once you've positioned the greenery to your liking, it's time to add the finishing touch – fresh flowers. Choose roses, peonies, or any other flowers that complement your style. Peel off any discolored petals and slightly open the roses with your fingers for a more natural look.

Craft an Effortless Spring Centerpiece

Easy spring centerpiece with eucalyptus

Voila! Your DIY eucalyptus garland has effortlessly come together to create a stunning spring centerpiece. The combination of faux and real elements adds depth and character to your table.

DIY eucalyptus garland

To complete the look, consider adding a few candles or votives to create a warm and inviting ambiance. Indulge your creative side and choose between vintage brass candlesticks or small glass votives. Or, if you’re like me and can't decide, why not try both?

How Long Will Your Eucalyptus Garland Last?

Eucalyptus centerpiece

This delightful DIY eucalyptus garland can be created on the day of your event. However, keep in mind that the branches will naturally dry up and lose color within a day or two, as they are not in water.

how to make a spring table garland

The beauty of this garland hack lies in its flexibility. If you choose to keep it up for more than a day or two, you can easily replace the branches with fresh ones. Since they are simply tucked into the faux garland, swapping them out is a breeze.

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how to make a eucalyptus garland