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Experience the Magic of Disneyland Paris Events

Welcome to Disneyland Paris, where magic and imagination come to life through various captivating events and celebrations! Aside from the numerous rides, attractions, and performances, Disneyland Paris occasionally holds unique events and festivals. From seasonal...

Welcome to Disneyland Paris, where magic and imagination come to life through various captivating events and celebrations! Aside from the numerous rides, attractions, and performances, Disneyland Paris occasionally holds unique events and festivals. From seasonal festivities like the dazzling Disney’s Enchanted Christmas and the vibrant Disney’s Halloween Festival to extraordinary experiences like Disney Loves Jazz and Electroland, something exciting always happens at Disneyland Paris.

Immerse Yourself in the Magic

Immerse yourself in the spirit of the events as the parks transform into immersive wonderlands with unique decorations, shows, parades, and character experiences. Whether celebrating the holiday season, dancing the night away to live music, or enjoying a themed event, Disneyland Paris events offer magical moments and cherished memories for guests of all ages.

You need to keep an eye on the official Disneyland Paris website or consult the event calendar to stay informed about upcoming events and plan your visit accordingly. But, don’t worry! We have compiled a list of some of the most interesting Disneyland Paris upcoming events, parties, and special services.

Disney Enchanted Christmas

disneyland paris christmas Image: Disneylandparis.com

Disneyland Paris Christmas Events transport you to a winter paradise. The park gets a beautiful transformation as a resort for Christmas, complete with decorations and brilliant lights. Christmas parades, parties, and musical performances will make your holiday memorable. Meet iconic Disney characters dressed for the holidays. Revel in the season’s magic with glittering parades and spectacular fireworks shows. Bite into delectable Christmas treats, snacks, and meals. You may also buy presents and souvenirs. It’s a joyful event that encapsulates the spirit of Christmas in the most captivating way.

Dates: From November 11, 2023, to January 7, 2024.\ Appropriate Ages: Open to all.

Disney Halloween Festival

disneyland paris halloween Image: Disneylandparis.com

Celebrate Disneyland Paris Halloween Event with all of your favorite Disney Villains! Experience Disneyland, but creepier and darker, with the appropriate Halloween feelings. Join us at the Disney Halloween party with many surprises and frightful activities!

Dates: From October 1 to November 5, 2023.\ Appropriate Ages: Open to all.

Disney Halloween Parties

disneyland paris halloween parties Image: Disneylandparis.com

This year, Disneyland Paris will provide an improved visitor experience for Halloween rather than separate paid events. You can enjoy longer opening hours and memorable moments. You may participate in spectacular Halloween-themed events and see a special parade featuring the finest Disney Villains. You may also experience thrilling coasters like Phantom Manor and Big Thunder Mountain.

Date: October 31, 2023.\ Appropriate Ages: Open to all.

Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary

disneyland paris 30th anniversary Image: Disneylandparis.com

Join us for a unique celebration commemorating Disneyland Paris’ 30th Anniversary Grand Finale. Enjoy a brand-new noon program explicitly produced for this occasion. Enjoy the Disney D-Light magic show with dazzling drone light choreography that lights the skies over Sleeping Beauty Castle in this stunning display! Participate in the beautiful music and cheerful celebrations that wash around Disneyland. You will also see your favorite icons, such as Mickey Mouse, dressed in entirely new clothes. Other features include exciting exhibits such as 30 new statues of your favorite characters, a spectacular night show, and a slew of souvenirs.

Dates: Open until September 30, 2023.\ Age Groups: All are welcome.

Disney New Year’s Party

disneyland paris new year eve Image: Disneylandparis.com

Enjoy Disneyland Paris New Year’s Eve party at the world’s most exciting and excellent location. Attend a spectacular fireworks show and a celebration with your favorite Disney characters at a New Year’s Eve party. Additionally, you get access to a few attractions well into the night.

Valid Dates: From 8 pm on December 31 to 2 am on January 1.\ Age Requirements: Open to all.

Disneyland Paris Official Pin Trading

disneyland paris pin trading Image: Disneylandparis.com

Seize this unique chance to communicate with Disney lovers all across the globe, which is free. You may trade pin badges, sometimes called pin trading, at the Official Pin Trading event at Disneyland Paris. You can approach any Disney cast member wearing a lanyard after arriving at the authorized pin-exchanging location in the theme park and exchange pins with them. They accept your pin in exchange for one of their own. Isn’t this the most straightforward method for finding “pin pals”? Pin Trading allows you to amass a wide selection of pins with figures from the Disney universe, including Mickey Mouse, Aladdin, and many others! Your map of the two Disneyland Paris theme parks will guide you to the pin-swapping site. Discover June’s new pin releases. Click Here.

Date: The official Disneyland Paris pin-exchanging events occur at least once a month throughout the year. Annual occasions like Pin Trading Day and Pin Trading Night also take place, usually around April.\ Age Group: Adults, children, teenagers, and tweens.

The Greatest Landscapes

disneyland paris greatest landscapes Image: Disneylandparis.com

Enjoy a spectacular picture display of some of the most gorgeous locations on earth. Thanks to National Geographic’s skilled photographers, witness the most breathtaking vistas you’ve ever seen. The event will celebrate Earth Day. You may view this magnificent show at Disney Village for free.

Dates: Opens Until the end of summer.\ Appropriate Ages: Open to all.

Celebrate Engagement Parties, Weddings, and Vow Renewals at Disneyland

disneyland paris wedding Image: Disneylandparis.com

Guests can also celebrate the most significant moments of their romantic or married life in the magical atmosphere of Disneyland Paris. You can celebrate your wedding day, vow renewals, and even propose to your loved one, along with some help from your beloved characters. Refer to their official website for more information about the same. Celebrate your engagement, wedding, or vow renewal at Disneyland Paris to create priceless memories. Pick from magical locations like Disney’s Newport Bay Club or Sleeping Beauty Castle. Your big day will be a fairy tale come true with personalized packages, first-rate service, and the wonderful atmosphere of Disney. For additional details on this, please visit their official website.

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Experience the magic of Disneyland Paris events and make memories that will last a lifetime. Explore the enchanting Christmas celebrations, spooky Halloween parties, and other exciting events that await you. Join in the fun at the Official Pin Trading event or celebrate your romantic milestones in the fairy tale setting of Disneyland Paris. Remember to check the official Disneyland Paris website for the latest event updates and plan your visit accordingly. Start your extraordinary journey today and let the magic unfold at Disneyland Paris!