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The Democratic Party of Virginia: A Strong Voice for Progress

Caption: The Democratic Party of Virginia logo. The Democratic Party of Virginia, the state's political affiliate of the national Democratic Party, is making waves in Richmond, Virginia. Led by Chair Susan Swecker, the party is...

Democratic Party of Virginia Caption: The Democratic Party of Virginia logo.

The Democratic Party of Virginia, the state's political affiliate of the national Democratic Party, is making waves in Richmond, Virginia. Led by Chair Susan Swecker, the party is committed to advocating for progressive policies and working towards a better future for all Virginians.

A Divided Government and the Democratic Party's Influence

Virginia currently has a divided government, with the Republican Party controlling the office of governor, while the Democratic Party holds the majority in both chambers of the state legislature. This balance of power creates a unique opportunity for the Democratic Party to enact meaningful change and push forward its agenda.

Embracing the National Platform

As a state party, the Democratic Party of Virginia aligns itself with the platform set forth by the Democratic National Committee. By embracing the national platform, the party ensures that its goals and values are consistent with the broader Democratic Party's vision for progress. This unity allows for a cohesive and coordinated effort to bring about positive change at both the state and national levels.

Building a Strong Foundation: Rules and Bylaws

Virginia Democratic Party Caption: Shaping the future through governance.

The Virginia Democratic Party operates under a set of rules and bylaws that provide structure and guidance to its members. These rules establish protocols for electing committee members at the local, county, and state levels, as well as outline the party's process for nominating and sending delegates to the national party convention during presidential elections. With clear governance in place, the Democratic Party of Virginia can maintain transparency and ensure fair representation.

Making a Difference: State Convention and Delegate Allocation

One of the key events for the Democratic Party of Virginia is its state convention, where delegates are selected to represent the party at the Democratic National Convention. It is at this convention that the party formally nominates its presidential candidate. Leading up to the convention, Virginia conducts presidential preference primaries or caucuses, providing an opportunity for party members to voice their preferences and shape the course of the nomination process.

Strong Leadership and State Candidates

The Democratic Party of Virginia relies on strong leadership to drive its mission forward. Shyam Raman currently serves as the executive director of the party, alongside a dedicated team of individuals committed to making a difference. The party's website provides information on state leadership and highlights the individuals who play a crucial role in shaping the Democratic Party's future in Virginia.

Contributing to State Candidates

Approved Caption: Supporting state house candidates.

The Democratic Party of Virginia actively supports state candidates by contributing to their campaigns. In 2009, the party made a significant contribution of $2,845,707 to state delegate campaigns, making it the largest contributor overall. This commitment to investing in local candidates demonstrates the party's dedication to grassroots engagement and building a strong foundation at the state level.

Work in Progress: State Political Party Revenue

Democratic and Republican State Parties Revenue per Capita Caption: State political party revenue per capita.

Like its Republican counterpart, the Democratic Party of Virginia relies on state political party revenue to fund its activities and initiatives. The party works tirelessly to raise funds and engage supporters to ensure its continued impact and success. By maintaining a strong financial base, the Democratic Party of Virginia can effectively advocate for progressive policies and support candidates who share its vision for a brighter future.

Stay Informed and Get Involved

To stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments from the Democratic Party of Virginia, consider following their official website or connecting with them on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. By staying informed and engaged, you can contribute to the party's efforts and be part of the positive change they are working to bring about in Virginia.


The Democratic Party of Virginia is a powerful force for progress in the state. Through its commitment to the national platform, strong leadership, and support for state candidates, the party is shaping the future of Virginia politics. By staying involved and supporting their initiatives, you can contribute to building a more inclusive and progressive Virginia for all. Let's work together towards a brighter future!