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Exciting Christmas Events and Packages Await in Evony!

The holiday season is here and Evony has something special in store for you. Get ready to experience a thrilling lineup of Christmas events and packages launching on December 15th! Prepare yourself for an epic...

Christmas Events The holiday season is here and Evony has something special in store for you. Get ready to experience a thrilling lineup of Christmas events and packages launching on December 15th! Prepare yourself for an epic adventure and incredible rewards that will make this festive season unforgettable.

Immerse Yourself in the Festive Spirit

Unleash the Power of Packages

During the event, you can unlock five different package tiers daily, each brimming with exciting rewards. From Dragon Gemstones to Merit Jade, Glory Golden Twigs, and Forge Master Certificates, there's something for everyone. Don't miss your chance to obtain the new Epic Historic General John Hunyadi and Lv6 Barbarian King's Token. Keep an eye out for Meteoric Stones and Lv7 Premium Gear Chest (Globus Cruciger) too!

Indulge in the King's Party Event

Enhance your celebrations by participating in the King's Party Event! With every purchase of basic Gems, you gain Party Cake's experiences, which unlock incredible rewards. Level up your Party Cake to receive Civilization Scroll Chests, Binding Essences, Meteoric Stones, Officer Equipment Scroll Chests, and even the new Epic Historic General Clovis I. Make sure to collect the Hephaestus Hammer for improving your Historic City Spectacles.

Spin the Wheel of Past Secret

Feeling lucky? The Wheel of Past Secret event offers you a chance to win Castle Decoration - Mirror Lake Castle (Permanent), Glory Golden Twigs, Blood of Ares, and Runestone Chests. Take advantage of the Lion Statues and claim your daily free spin. Earn all four limited rewards to unlock additional surprises. With Uruk Rare Package and Uruk Epic Package, you can obtain Lion Statues and convert any remaining ones into Lion Statue Chests before the event ends.

Embark on an Adventure with Dragon Treasures

Unlock the mysteries of the Dragon's Lair Treasure Chest in the event shop. Discover the enchanting Gingerbread Party, Frost Lion, Christmas Reindeer, and Ice Lion by opening the chest. Try your luck with Treasure Compasses and spin the event wheel to win epic rewards like Meteoric Stones and Dragon Gemstones. Don't forget to explore the Dragon Shop and redeem your Dragon Gemstones for exclusive items such as Dragon's Lair Treasure Chests and Epic Subordinate City Key Fragments. Remember to utilize your Treasure Compasses before the event concludes!

Sail Towards New Horizons in Voyage to Civilizations

Take hold of the Golden Ship Wheel and set sail on a voyage unlike any other. With Golden Ship Wheels, you can earn exclusive Ideal Land Ornaments, including the majestic Christmas Tree and Golden Commemorative Coins. Visit the Civilization Museum to redeem your Golden Commemorative Coins for extraordinary rewards. Obtain Golden Ship Wheels through the Senior Voyage Sale or the Super Voyage Sale. Make the most of them before they are transformed into Voyage Chests at the event's end.

Unleash the Mythical Beast in Chimera Event

Face the mythical beast in the Chimera Event! Collect Spiritual Beast Scales from Boss monsters and Packages and exchange them for the highly prized Chimera Badge. Utilize the Chimera Badge to unlock the awe-inspiring Spiritual Beast Chimera. Remember, the Chimera Badge can only be redeemed once, so make it count!

Rise to Glory in the Journey to Glory Event

Step into the limelight and prove your worth in the Journey to Glory Event. Use Knight Coins to win exceptional rewards, including the coveted Blood of Ares. With eight common categories and four limited categories, you're in for an adventure like never before. Acquire Knight Coins by defeating Monsters, occupying Resource Spots, or purchasing packages. Unlock the Knight's Elegance General Chest and unveil the likes of Trivia Hecate, Darius I, Baldwin IV, Ludwig, Douglas, Aurelian, Leonidas I, and Ban Chao!

Summon Epic Historic Generals

Unleash the power of the Epic Historic Generals in the Historic General Summoning Event. Obtain the Epic Historic General (Glory) by reaching the 5th Event Package tier. Use these special Generals to summon your own legion of heroes, with an increased chance of acquiring the legendary Epic Historic General John Hunyadi. Remember, John Hunyadi is guaranteed within every six summons.

Experience More Excitement with Other Events

In addition to these thrilling events, Evony has prepared countless other exciting activities. Engage in the Arctic Barbarians Invasion, explore Historic City Searching, participate in Gem Purchase Events, join Sulis' Wishing Pool, and get ready for Snowball Fights and Battle for Alliances. Earn rewards through Consume to Earn Awesome Rewards, Auction House, Dwarf's Lucky Apple, Crazy Eggs, Gather Troops, King's Path, Golem Challenge, Cerberus's Treasure, Resource Tax Gift, Gathering Event, Knight's Treasure, and Golden Goblin! The fun never stops in Evony!

Don't miss out on these incredible Christmas events and packages. Make sure to update your game to the latest version and indulge in the festive spirit with Evony. Best regards, Evony Team.