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Creating the Perfect Event Planning Portfolio

Job hunting isn't just about having a resume anymore. You need a cover letter and resources to provide proof of your work. For most event planners, that means having an online portfolio. The portfolio serves...

Job hunting isn't just about having a resume anymore. You need a cover letter and resources to provide proof of your work. For most event planners, that means having an online portfolio.

The portfolio serves a variety of purposes. It keeps everyone on the same page while providing examples of an applicant's work when applying for jobs or seeking out future clients. It's a great asset to have and creating the perfect one is essential.

Why do you need an event planning portfolio?

An event planning portfolio can help professional event planners secure new clients while showcasing their talents and previous events. It is an effective method for demonstrating your skills and capabilities, providing proof that you can do what you say you can.

While it can be created as a physical document, the most popular way is to host it on a website. This makes it easily accessible to people around the world.

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In addition, the event planning portfolio can be customized from a template as part of a quick presentation to individual clients using many online resources we will mention below.

Where can you host your portfolio?

Having an online portfolio is an excellent way to show people interested in your services what you have to offer conveniently and timely. It can be the first step in creating interest from potential clients and making your work searchable.

Hosting your event planning portfolio online dramatically increases your chances of getting inquiries and potential jobs. Some top platforms that host event planning portfolios include:

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Event Planning.com

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Give clients what they want to see

When potential clients view your event planning portfolio, make sure you provide all the details they need to help them select you for their planning needs. Be as transparent as possible.

Include information on:

  • Services offered
  • Different pricing packages
  • Background experience
  • Education and certificates
  • Previous events planned

Display all the information and answer any questions potential clients may have. A properly executed portfolio will include all the benefits of hiring your event planning service and help instill greater confidence in your abilities.

Client reviews and testimonials

We all look for reviews before making a purchase, and the same goes for event planning. Include client reviews on your portfolio, either on the landing page or a dedicated section. Include client quotes or even insert a short video and photos highlighting customer satisfaction.

purplepass client review and testimonial

Add any media about previous events

Stay updated on any media outlets that might have covered events you've worked on. This includes TV coverage, newspapers or magazine articles, blogs, reviews, and any radio airtime. Add these pieces to your portfolio and, if possible, insert relevant news clips or video segments. This shows that the events you planned were successful and adds to your credibility.

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Before and after photos

Clients love to see before and after photos. It gives them an idea of what you are capable of producing for their event. Make sure the photos are clear and capture all the improvements you've made. Enlisting the help of a professional photographer may be worth the investment, especially for high-end clients or large-scale events.

before and after photos

Include specs

Potential clients are looking for details to help them understand what you can do for them, how much it will cost, and if it will work for their type of event. Include information related to budgets, ticket sales, potential costs, cutting costs, service fees, and venues and vendors you frequently work with. This gives them a better idea of their budget and how you would fit in.

Include a personal statement, profile, and background

A personal statement is like your mission statement. Explain why you are an event planner, why you do what you do, and what sets you apart from other event planners. Include a personal profile picture, background information, and any experience or education beneficial to this industry. The more potential clients know about you, the more likely they are to consider your event planning company.

melissa rizk, founder of boutique event planning

Examples of problems faced and solved

Many job interviewers ask candidates about a problem they have faced in the past and how they solved it. Be prepared to answer this or make it easier for everyone by including it in your portfolio. This gives clients an idea of your ability to solve problems effectively. Show them what you have experienced in the past and how you overcame obstacles. No event goes perfectly, and they want to see that you have the right knowledge to handle challenges.

Creating a well-planned and thorough event planning portfolio that showcases your talents and accomplishments is one of the best ways to attract new clients. Consider including this information both online and in any physical copies you present in the future.