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Costa Rica Fishing Charters: Experience the Thrill of Saltwater Fishing

Blue Marlin: One of the most common fish to land in Costa Rica. Book with us for your chance to catch this magnificent creature! Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable fishing adventure in...

Blue Marlin Blue Marlin: One of the most common fish to land in Costa Rica. Book with us for your chance to catch this magnificent creature!

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable fishing adventure in Costa Rica? Look no further than Los Suenos, the ultimate destination for fishing charters. With over 50 boats departing from Los Suenos Marina every day, we can connect you with skilled captains who will make your fishing dreams a reality. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, we have a boat and a captain to suit your budget and skill level. Get ready to reel in some amazing catches and create lasting memories in the beautiful waters of Costa Rica.

Saltwater Fishing: A Thrilling Experience

Saltwater fishing is a popular activity in Costa Rica, and for good reason. Whether you're targeting a massive Sailfish, Dorado, or Blue Marlin, you'll find an abundance of these prized catches in our waters. The best part? Fishing is available all year round, so there's never a bad time to plan your trip. In fact, during the peak months, it's not uncommon to catch 20 or more fish in a single day. With the guidance of our experienced fishing captains, you'll have the opportunity to land trophy-worthy catches and experience the thrill of a lifetime.

Blue Marlin: A Majestic Fighter

Blue Marlin Blue Marlin: A majestic fish that can grow up to 14 feet and weigh over 2000 pounds.

One of the most sought-after catches in Costa Rica is the Blue Marlin. These magnificent creatures can reach impressive sizes, with some growing up to 14 feet long and weighing over 2000 pounds. Known for their incredible fighting abilities, Blue Marlin provide an exhilarating challenge for anglers. They can be found in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans, but are most commonly spotted in Los Suenos and Quepos. Book your fishing charter through us for the opportunity to land your very own Blue Marlin.

Black Marlin: A Formidable Adversary

Black Marlin are another prized catch in Costa Rica. Although they are most commonly caught in June, July, and August, we have been seeing them throughout the year. With an average weight of 200 pounds and speeds of up to 65 miles per hour, reeling in a Black Marlin is no easy task. However, with the right bait and guidance from our experienced captains, you'll have the chance to test your skills against these powerful adversaries.

Striped Marlin: A Feisty Challenge

While Striped Marlin might be smaller compared to their Blue and Black counterparts, they are by no means any less exciting to catch. These fish put up a fierce fight and are known for their beautiful blue stripes. Found year-round in Costa Rica, particularly in the Quepos and Golfito areas, Striped Marlin offer anglers a challenging and rewarding fishing experience.

Sailfish: The Acrobatic Performers

Sailfish are a common sight in Costa Rican waters throughout the year. Known for their acrobatic displays and high jumps, these fish provide anglers with a thrilling fight. November to May is the prime time to target Sailfish, with the opportunity to catch upwards of 12 in a single day. While not as tough as Marlin, Sailfish are still considered a prized catch and a memorable addition to any fishing expedition.

Dorado: A Vibrant Catch

Dorado Dorado: A vibrant fish that will make your fishing trip unforgettable.

If you're looking to reel in a vibrant and beautiful catch, Dorado is the fish for you. Also known as Dolphin or Mahi-Mahi, Dorado can be found in Costa Rican waters during June and July. These fish feature bright yellow, green, and blue colors, adding a stunning visual element to your fishing experience. With an average weight of 40 pounds and lengths of up to 3 feet, catching a Dorado will provide you with a great story to share.

Yellow Fin Tuna: A Challenge of Strength

Yellow Fin Tuna are known for their impressive size and strength. These fish can weigh anywhere from 100 to 300 pounds, putting your strength and skills to the test. Often swimming alongside dolphins, Yellow Fin Tuna provide an exciting chase and are often used as bait for catching larger species like Marlin. Found in abundance in Quepos, Los Suenos, and along the Pacific Coast, Yellow Fin Tuna offer endless fishing opportunities for enthusiasts.

Wahoo: The Elusive Prize

Wahoo Wahoo: The rarest fish in Costa Rica, a true challenge for anglers.

Wahoo are the rarest and most elusive fish in Costa Rica. These powerful creatures can reach weights of up to 180 pounds and lengths of eight feet. Resembling Barracudas and Mackerel, Wahoo require steel leaders to prevent them from biting through your line. Catching a Wahoo is considered hitting the fishing lottery, so if you manage to land one, consider yourself lucky!

Roosterfish: A Sought-After Prize

Roosterfish are highly sought after by anglers visiting Costa Rica. These fish average between 20 and 50 pounds, but can weigh over 100 pounds. Known for their challenging fight, Roosterfish provide an exciting opportunity for anglers of all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced angler, a day out at sea targeting Roosterfish is guaranteed to be a thrilling adventure.

Snapper: A Diverse Catch

Costa Rica offers a wide variety of Snapper species, ensuring that anglers never get bored with catching the same type. Ranging from 20 to 75 pounds, these fish provide a great challenge and a delicious treat. The best part? You can even catch Snapper from the shore, adding a unique fishing experience to your trip.

Essential Fishing Information

If you choose to bring your own gear, make sure to come prepared with high-quality equipment. Flies should be in the 4-13" size range, and we recommend tube flies and sharp hooks. In Costa Rica, we have a great supply of flies tied locally, ensuring that you have the best equipment for a successful fishing expedition. When it comes to rods, an 8-10 wt is suitable for inshore fishing, while a 10-12 wt is recommended for targeting Dorado and Tuna. For Sailfish, a 12-13 wt rod will do the trick, and for Marlin, a heavy-duty 14-16 wt rod is highly recommended. Don't forget to bring plenty of backing and leader tippet material in various strengths. With the right gear and a bit of luck, your fishing adventure in Costa Rica is sure to be a success.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your Costa Rica fishing charter with us today and get ready for an incredible experience. Whether you're looking for a thrilling fight with a Marlin or a delicious Snapper for your dinner, our knowledgeable captains will ensure that your fishing trip is filled with excitement and unforgettable moments. See you on board!