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Contemporary Design Style: Mastering the Essentials

Are you looking to refresh your living space or starting from scratch? Finding the perfect interior design style for your home can make a world of difference. In this article, we will explore the contemporary...

contemporary interior design styles defined

Are you looking to refresh your living space or starting from scratch? Finding the perfect interior design style for your home can make a world of difference. In this article, we will explore the contemporary design style and how you can master it effortlessly.

What Does Contemporary Style Mean?

contemporary style interior design trend

While modern interior design and contemporary style may seem similar, they have distinct differences. Contemporary home decor is characterized by a timeless and light-handed approach to decorating. It combines classic elements with a modern twist to ensure it never feels outdated. With a focus on architectural elements, clean lines, and a concise color palette, contemporary style creates a warm and serene space with easy sophistication.

Why You'll Love Contemporary Style

  • Minimalistic Appeal: Contemporary style is perfect for minimalists who prefer clean and uncluttered spaces. It allows you to steer clear of fussy prints and create a harmonious balance between varying elements.
  • Conversation Starters: A beautifully curated contemporary living room showcases high-shine, contemporary home decor that stands out amidst a sea of neutrals. It adds a touch of personality and uniqueness to your space.
  • Timeless Elegance: Contemporary decorating style is timeless and classic. It's a design movement that will never go out of style. You can easily update it with new trends while maintaining its core essence.

How to Create Contemporary Style

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Creating a contemporary interior design doesn't have to be complicated. Here are some essential architectural details to highlight:

  • Flooring: Keep the flooring simple with classic wooden floors. Use rugs with simple patterns or carpets featuring low pile and geometric shapes.
  • Lighting: Choose lighting fixtures that effectively showcase contemporary home decor and highlight architectural features.
  • Materials: Incorporate a mix of metal, stone, and clear or opaque glass for a modern touch.
  • Structural Elements: Utilize molding, exposed brick walls, and pipes to add character to a simple room.

Contemporary Style Colors

contemporary style interior design colors

Neutral colors, along with gray, black, and white, are signature elements of contemporary interior design. They create a foundation that defines and grounds a room. Neutrals serve as a starting point to bring in pops of color and expressive artwork. If you want to go bold with color, keep trims, ceilings, and flooring light to complement the contemporary style with flair.

Contemporary Style Furniture

contemporary style furniture

In contemporary interior design, less is more. Select statement-making furniture with clean lines, geometric shapes, and solid finishes. Stick to natural materials and unadorned surfaces. For upholstered pieces in a contemporary living room, opt for textured natural fabrications like wool, cotton, linen, silk, and jute. Add pops of color with throws and pillows that avoid loud patterns.

Contemporary Style Textiles

contemporary style home textiles

Textiles play an essential role in contemporary interior design. They add texture, tonal patterns, and concise color combinations to avoid a cold and sterile look. Stick with neutrals, stripes, and geometric prints in small amounts to bring in personality and complement a well-designed contemporary living room with tasteful playfulness.

Contemporary Style Accessories

contemporary style home accessories

While furnishings in contemporary style call for a minimal approach, decorative accessories provide an opportunity for creativity. From lamps to artworks, these extras bring depth and personality to your space. Select small elements that serve as unique conversation starters and add character to an otherwise minimal room.

Contemporary Style Window Treatments

contemporary style window treatments

For rooms with oversized windows and breathtaking views, keep contemporary style window treatments minimal and easily retractable to maintain a clean and flawless look. However, don't be afraid to bring in contrasting elements for added interest. Consider wooden blinds in a dark hue or sheer white floor-to-ceiling curtains to add polished drama to your contemporary living or dining room.

Contemporary Decorating Style Room by Room

contemporary style interior design kitchen

Contemporary style can be incorporated throughout your home effortlessly. Here are some tips for different rooms:

Contemporary Style Kitchen

A minimalist and serene approach is key for a contemporary style kitchen. Combine soothing grays, neutrals, and white for a timeless and clean look. Opt for modern cabinetry with high-shine or matte finishes and invest in storage solutions to keep surfaces clutter-free.

Contemporary Style Dining Room

In the dining room, focus on a substantial table, structured seating, and symmetry. Choose an oversized table with a glass or stone top, matching chairs, and a stylish console to tie everything together. Add unique statement pieces like reflective hangings, pendant lights, and textured vases for an organic touch.

Contemporary Style Living Room

The living room is where you can truly showcase your taste and sense of play. Embrace modern simplicity, clean lines, and geometric shapes. Stick to a well-considered color palette and add character with expressive artworks, two-toned rugs, pillows, throws, and sculptural lamps and vases.

Contemporary Style Bedroom

Create a calm and luxurious environment in your bedroom with clean lines and tonal textures. Choose bedding, rugs, and accessories that evoke a sense of richness and comfort. Avoid trims, tassels, or anything too cute or gender-oriented.

Contemporary Style Bathroom

Keep your bathroom clean, serene, and light-filled. Strive for a minimalist aesthetic with white, bright colors. Consider custom-designed fittings or unique elements that create a memorable impact. A contemporary style bathroom should feel like a sanctuary.

By incorporating these tips and staying true to the principles of contemporary style, you can transform your home into a timeless and sophisticated space that reflects your personal style. Remember, less is more, and attention to detail is key.

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