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Comparing Meeting Schedulers: SimplyMeet.me vs. Doodle

When it comes to organizing meetings efficiently, the choice of scheduling software plays a pivotal role. Today, we're comparing SimplyMeet.me and Doodle—two leading platforms that facilitate meeting coordination with ease. This article delves into an...

When it comes to organizing meetings efficiently, the choice of scheduling software plays a pivotal role. Today, we're comparing SimplyMeet.me and Doodle—two leading platforms that facilitate meeting coordination with ease. This article delves into an in-depth comparison of SimplyMeet.me and Doodle, examining their features, pricing, user experience, integrations, and more to help you decide. Our aim is to provide an insightful analysis that helps you understand which scheduler might be the right fit for your unique needs.

Overview of SimplyMeet.me

SimplyMeet.me is not just a scheduling tool; it’s a solution designed to adapt to various professional and business requirements. With features like customizable booking pages, direct payment integration, and an admin app for seamless management on the go, it stands out as a versatile option. The platform introduces innovative scheduling methods like Poll Meetings, allowing participants to democratically choose meeting times. It also offers Round Robins, ensuring meetings are evenly distributed among team members. These features make SimplyMeet.me a comprehensive choice for those seeking depth, flexibility, and efficiency in their scheduling tool.

SimplyMeet.me SimplyMeet.me - Customise Simplymeet.me

Overview of Doodle

Doodle offers a straightforward approach to group scheduling with its poll-based system, making it easy to find the best meeting times. Its simplicity and focus on group coordination have made it a favorite among users looking for quick scheduling solutions. Doodle’s poll feature and seamless calendar integration offer a quick overview of availability directly within the platform. Although Doodle may lack features like direct payment integration or a dedicated admin app found in SimplyMeet.me, it excels with a user-friendly interface. This simplifies group decision-making, making it an efficient tool for coordinating meetings among multiple participants.

Feature Comparison


  • SimplyMeet.me offers highly customizable booking pages, enabling users to align their scheduling interface with their brand identity. This enhances the professional appearance and boosts user trust.
  • Doodle provides limited customization options, focusing more on functionality than on branding.

SimplyMeet.me Customise SimplyMeet.me

Scheduling Efficiency

  • SimplyMeet.me introduces the Poll Meetings feature, enabling participants to vote on preferred meeting times, alongside offering standard scheduling capabilities. This democratically finds a suitable slot for everyone involved.
  • Doodle specializes in poll-based scheduling to find the best meeting times, making it particularly useful for group scheduling. However, it is less suited for individual booking customization.

Integrations and Compatibility

  • SimplyMeet.me shines with its extensive integration options, including major calendar platforms, CRM systems, and payment processors, facilitating a seamless workflow.
  • Doodle offers basic calendar integration but lacks SimplyMeet.me’s broader integration capabilities. This could limit its utility in complex scheduling scenarios.

SimplyMeet.me SimplyMeet.me - Calendar Integrations

Pricing and Plans

Both platforms offer a tiered pricing structure:

  • SimplyMeet.me offers a free version with essential features and affordable premium plans from €11.99 per user per month. These plans include advanced features like unlimited appointments and enhanced customization.
  • Doodle has a free tier, but its premium plans for extensive use cases are pricier than SimplyMeet.me’s options. Doodle’s Pro plan is €14.95 per user per month, and the Team plan is €19.95 per user per month.

User Experience

  • SimplyMeet.me prioritizes user experience with an intuitive interface and straightforward setup process, making it easy for both administrators and participants to use.
  • Doodle is praised for its simplicity and ease of creating and responding to polls, though it may lack the depth of features and customization that SimplyMeet.me offers.

SimplyMeet.me SimplyMeet.me - App


When comparing SimplyMeet.me and Doodle, the choice largely depends on your specific needs. SimplyMeet.me offers a comprehensive suite of features, extensive customization, and robust integration capabilities. This makes it a versatile choice for individuals and businesses seeking a detailed and efficient scheduling solution.

Doodle, on the other hand, may appeal to those looking for a straightforward, poll-based scheduling tool, especially useful for quickly coordinating group meetings.

Ultimately, SimplyMeet.me stands out as the more feature-rich platform, catering to a broader range of scheduling needs with its advanced customization, efficient scheduling features, and superior integration capabilities. Whether you’re a professional seeking to optimize your time or a business aiming to streamline scheduling processes, SimplyMeet.me offers a compelling suite of tools to enhance productivity and scheduling efficiency.

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