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Comparing 5 Top Ticketing Platforms for Event Organizers

An event planner earns a whopping $16.07 per hour. That sounds tempting, but selling tickets is the hardest part of the job. Luckily, the best event ticketing platforms have emerged as a lifesaver for event...

An event planner earns a whopping $16.07 per hour. That sounds tempting, but selling tickets is the hardest part of the job. Luckily, the best event ticketing platforms have emerged as a lifesaver for event organizers. In such a rapidly-paced world, the convenience of online ticketing solutions has become a necessity for successful event organization and execution.


TicketsCandy is the best choice among online ticketing platforms that are equipped with innovative features and capabilities to make your event a success. With the intuitive ticketing widget, this one of the best event ticketing platforms, and your ticket-selling task will no longer be challenging.

It offers event organizers a suite of services to create, sell, and promote tickets for events of all sizes. The top features that take TicketsCandy to the top of the list include:

User-Friendly Widget

TicketsCandy boasts a highly intuitive and engaging ticketing widget that delivers exceptional service. Its easy-to-use fidgeting tool ensures a seamless user experience and a smooth checkout flow. This, coupled with its efficient two-step checkout process, potentially increases sales. Besides, event planners can also embed this widget on their own website to boost ticket sales.

Customizable Event Pages

You can create a dedicated event page on the TicketsCandy platform to reflect your brand and help customers explore your event to make an informed decision.

Free for Event Organizers

Another great aspect of this ticketing solution is that it is completely free for event organizers. TicketsCandy does not charge any fee for creating tickets or managing attendees. Only a small fee is added to the buyer's checkout total, which is considerably lower than its competitors.

Easy Setup & Free Promotion

Event planners can start selling tickets right after signing up for this one of the best event ticketing platforms. Besides, TicketsCandy commences effective social media marketing of your event to reach a wider audience. TicketsCandy has a range of other features to help you streamline your event and generate revenue in the shortest time possible.


TicketsCandy adds a small service fee of 0.9% to the event customers' total. So it is completely free for organizers. This minimal fee doesn't add much difference to the total ticket price, which ultimately boosts ticket sales volume by up to 30%.


Its only limitation is that it has a single payment partner (Square).


This is another popular event ticketing platform to rely on for your ticketing needs. With a great suite of features and services, this one of the best event ticketing platforms can help improve your ticket sales. With email marketing and social media integration, you can take the burden of marketing off your shoulders. Its key features include:

User-Friendly Interface

The platform has designed its services keeping the user experience in mind. It offers an intuitive platform to create and sell tickets as well as manage attendees. The platform also offers reserved seating options.

Flexible Event Payouts

You can set up online ticket payouts for your event on the schedule of your choice and get paid instantly.

Customization and Attendee Management

You can customize your event pages with Eventbrite to reflect your brand identity. Besides, you can create different types of tickets, including VIP passes, early bird discounts, and group bookings. Event managers can also track attendee information, send event updates, and manage ticket scanning at the event entrance.


Eventbrite charges a service fee for every ticket you sell, which is 3.7%, along with a $1.79 Service Fee. Based on your country, you may also be charged a payment processing fee which is normally 2.9% + $0.30.


One of the most vivid limitations is its expensive pricing plan.


TicketSpice is another one of the best event ticketing platforms that focuses on simplified ticket validation, secured payment processing, and valuable insights into event performance and conversion. The TicketsSpice app works offline, scans unique QR codes to identify duplicate tickets, and provides real-time analytics on attendees. Here are some of the features of TicketSpice:

Custom Box-office Overrides

This feature will streamline your on-site ticket-selling process by guiding you through setting different prices for different sorts of tickets. Besides, you can track sales and control how a specific type of ticket should be available for sale.

Custom Reports

TicketSpice will generate custom reports as well as allow the export of ticketing data for analysis. This will provide you helpful insight into customer behavior, attendance, sales, and revenue that will help you make informed and data-driven decisions.

Reserved Seating System

With an interactive seating chart builder, you can perfectly create a venue for your event. Seat view preview, private and pool seat holds, flexible tiers, as well as intuitive reserve seating options on smartphones are some of the great seating features provided by TicketSpice.

Timed Entry Ticketing

With the ability to select the desired date range, specific time slots, and some blackout dates, you can control the flow of traffic on your site and enjoy flexibility in ticket sales.


The ticket price service fee does not depend on the type or price of the ticket. It charges a flat fee of $0.99 per attendee, along with credit card processing rates of 2.9% + $0.30.


You may need some technical know-how to use it. Not every event professional is tech-savvy enough to use this platform.

Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor helps event managers improve their ticketing process with great technical features. This offers a centralized dashboard to create ticket orders and track sales via revenue indicators. This one of the best event ticketing platforms creates unique URLs for your event, which will take your prospects directly to the event page or ticketing widget, improving ticket acquisition and event exploration. Some of the great features of Ticket Tailor include:

Password-protected tickets

Some ticket types, such as VIP tickets, will be password-protected. This restricted access to some tickets will ensure that only authorized people have viewed and purchased the ticket. This adds extra exclusivity and control over ticket availability. Besides, regular pen-testing and sophisticated data encryption processes will keep your data secure.

Ticket Grouping

Categorizing different tickets based on their price, type, seating selection, or access level so attendees can select their tickets based on their preferences.

Dynamic Ticketing

Your tickets will automatically show or hide based on predefined conditions. For example, if early bird tickets are sold out, they will immediately disappear from the selection page.

Payment Compliance

The transaction is processed by two leading online payment providers. These are Stripe and PayPal. This implies your payments are guided by the latest Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards.


Ticket Tailor offers two pricing options. The standard pay-as-you-go rate is $0.65 per ticket, and if you choose to pre-pay, the price drops to as low as $0.26 per ticket. Please note that both options also include a 2.9% + $0.30 processing fee per transaction.


One of the main limitations is a limited amount of useful tools and no reserved seating option.


Universe is also one of the best event ticketing platforms that come with a comprehensive set of services to simplify your ticketing process. With easy setup, customization options, and event promotion tools, you can make your event a success. Its key features include:

Seating Management

For events that require specific seating management, Universe offers a seating management feature. Event organizers can create seating charts and allocate seats to attendees during the ticket purchase process. This ensures a seamless and hassle-free seating experience for all attendees.

Analytics and Reporting

Just like other best event ticketing platforms, Universe offers great analytics and reporting tools to organizers so they can keep an eye on event performance. The attendee's information and engagement metrics give valuable insight to organizers and help them make informed decisions and optimize future events.

User-Friendly Interface

With Universe, you can create an intuitive ticketing widget and can integrate it directly into your website to avoid redirects and allow one-click purchases. Besides, you can set up ticket tiers, enable guest waitlists, and generate revenue by anticipating demand based on time or season and dynamic price models to shift demand during peak and off-peak times.

Multiple Payment Processing Options

Universe boasts a global client base and offers multiple payment providers so people can choose their preferred payment option while making a purchase.


Universe offers flexible payment plans such as:

  • 2% + $0.79 per ticket for individual organizers, plus 2.9% + $0.30 processing fee.
  • 2.5% + $1.99 per ticket for established businesses and brands, plus 2.9% + $0.30 processing fee.

For established organizers, custom pricing depending on the features or services you choose will also be charged. Besides, payment processing fees depending on your country or tier you use will also be added.


The platform is notoriously known for poor customer service and complicated pricing plans.

Key Takeaways

Event planning and management can be an arduous task without the best event ticketing platforms. Such solutions are equipped with the latest technologies to take your event to your target audience and help create, sell, manage, and scan tickets to ensure your event's success.

We have discussed the five best online event ticketing platforms that are brimming with exceptional capabilities to streamline your event. If you want to sell your tickets at competitive prices and keep insight into your attendees, TicketsCandy is your one-stop solution. It's free for event organizers and is laced with innovative features to guarantee ticket sales and generate revenue.