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Classic Wedding Invitations: Timeless Designs and Wording Ideas

While modern style can be exciting, there is something undeniably captivating about traditional elegance. Weddings, in particular, revolve around timeless love and everlasting commitment. If you appreciate tradition, a classic wedding might be the perfect...

Classic wedding invitations

While modern style can be exciting, there is something undeniably captivating about traditional elegance. Weddings, in particular, revolve around timeless love and everlasting commitment. If you appreciate tradition, a classic wedding might be the perfect way to celebrate your love story.

In this article, we present a collection of classic wedding invitations that will bring a touch of sophistication to your dream day. From stunning calligraphy to elegant gold foil accents, you are bound to find a design that perfectly matches the look and feel of your wedding.

16 Classic Wedding Invitations You’ll Love

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Classic wedding invitations offer a myriad of options to incorporate time-honored details. Elements like monograms, wax seals, and calligraphy fonts add a touch of history to your special day. You can also choose letterpress printing and parchment-inspired paper to infuse your wedding stationery with classic charm.

At Greenvelope, we offer a wide range of classic wedding invitations. From understated and elegant designs in neutral color palettes to romantic photo cards and floral motifs, there is something to suit every traditionalist. Let's explore some of our favorite designs that will inspire you.

1. Bold Rhododendrons Invitation

Bold Rhododendrons Invitation Image: Classic wedding invitation featuring hand-drawn vintage florals and classic fonts.

This French-inspired invite is perfect for couples seeking a luxurious wedding style. With its hand-drawn vintage florals and classic fonts, it exudes a traditional charm that is ideal for both backyard weddings and black-tie affairs.

2. Rose Gold Flourish Invitation

Rose Gold Flourish Invitation Image: Traditional wedding invitation with rose gold accents and a velvet-inspired background.

Elegant and timeless, this traditional wedding invitation features rose gold accents that add a touch of shimmer. The velvet-inspired background and regal couple's monogram make it a sophisticated choice.

3. Sequins and Pearls Invitation

Sequins and Pearls Invitation Image: Sophisticated and traditional invitation adorned with jewels and sequins.

This sophisticated and traditional invitation is adorned with jewels and sequins for a glamorous look. The whimsical font adds an element of romance, making it the perfect choice for couples who want a touch of sparkle on their special day.

4. Golden Plaque Invitation

Golden Plaque Invitation Image: Elegant wedding invitation featuring a prominent gold foil square with the couple's initials.

This elegant wedding invitation features a prominent gold foil square with the couple's initials. The simple color scheme adds a traditional feel, making it perfect for formal weddings and other luxurious events.

5. Southern Magnolia Invitation

Southern Magnolia Invitation Image: Floral wedding invitation with stunning greenery and a blooming magnolia.

Featuring stunning greenery and a gorgeous magnolia in full bloom, this floral wedding invitation exudes elegance. The simple script and muted hues lend a traditional air to this design, and you can customize it by adding embellishments such as a wax seal for added elegance.

6. Tonal Overlay Invitation

Tonal Overlay Invitation Image: Bold wedding photo card with beautiful lettering and a prominent photo background.

This wedding photo card features gorgeous lettering and a photo background that puts the happy couple front and center. Classic yet bold, it is the perfect choice for couples who value tradition.

7. Roses in Bloom Invitation

Roses in Bloom Invitation Image: Watercolor invitation with hand-painted flowers and minimalist typography.

This watercolor invitation features hand-painted flowers, minimalist typography, and a simple background for a classic look. The wedding invitation suite comes with matching response cards, RSVP cards, and save the date cards for a fully polished and coordinated look.

8. Watercolor Wildflowers Invitation

Watercolor Wildflowers Invitation Image: Vibrant wildflowers framing stunning typography in a classic wedding invitation design.

This wedding invitation design showcases vibrant wildflowers framing stunning typography. With its classic yet bohemian style, it adds a touch of whimsy to your special day.

9. Dreamy Letterpress Invitation

Dreamy Letterpress Invitation Image: Letterpress wedding invitation with a timeless layout and botanical frame.

Combining the look of traditional printing methods with a timeless layout, this letterpress wedding invitation captivates with its texture. The botanical frame adds a hint of nature, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor weddings.

10. Timeless Elegance Invitation

Timeless Elegance Invitation Image: Foil wedding invitation with a romantic monogram and deckled edge paper.

This foil wedding invitation features a romantic monogram and deckled edge paper for a traditional look. You can customize the classic design by changing the typography and color scheme to match your wedding theme.

11. Timeless Marble Invitation

Timeless Marble Invitation Image: Formal wedding invitation with a marbled background that blends vintage and modern design elements.

This formal wedding invitation features a marbled background that blends vintage and modern design elements. It is the perfect choice for couples who appreciate classic elements and contemporary influences.

12. Speckled Impression Invitation

Speckled Impression Invitation Image: Stunning classic invite inspired by gemstones with gold foil speckles and a classic font.

This stunning classic invite draws inspiration from gemstones, featuring gold foil speckles and a classic font. The elegant design adds a touch of glamour to your wedding stationery.

13. Baroque Corners Invitation

Baroque Corners Invitation Image: Baroque-inspired invitation with gold foil corners and elegant typography.

Pulling inspiration from old-world European architecture, this baroque invite boasts gold foil corners and elegant typography. It is perfect for classic weddings and romantic formal events.

14. Dried Florals Invitation

Dried Florals Invitation Image: Vintage invitation with a stunning display of dried flowers and clean, minimal typography.

This vintage-inspired invitation features a stunning display of dried flowers that instantly catches the eye. The clean and minimal typography keeps things classic, and you can customize the background to a pastel cream or mint green hue.

15. Double Happiness Medallion Invitation

Double Happiness Medallion Invitation Image: Asian-inspired invitation with an opulent medallion and traditional lettering.

This Asian-inspired invitation embodies regality and sophistication with its opulent medallion and traditional lettering. It pays homage to cultural traditions while exuding a timeless charm.

16. Cherry Blossom Wreath Invitation

Cherry Blossom Wreath Invitation Image: Floral invitation featuring vibrant cherry blossoms and elegant script.

This floral invitation depicts vibrant cherry blossoms. With its elegant script and pastel details, it is the perfect choice for formal spring weddings.

Classic Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

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Once you have chosen the perfect wedding invitation, it's time to think about what you want to say. Your invitation should include the basic details of the wedding program, such as the date, time, and location of the event. You may also want to provide a link to your wedding website and specify the dress code, if necessary. Additionally, your invite should include RSVP information, including the deadline for guests to respond.

Traditional wedding invitations are usually written in the third person for a sophisticated touch. Dates, times, and names should be written out in complete words, including any titles.

Here's an example of classic wedding invitation wording:

Doctor Anastasiya Andrich and Mr. Finley Andrich
together with
Ms. Linda Thompson
request the pleasure of your company
at the marriage of their children
Daniela Sofiya Andrich
Owen Thompson
on Saturday the twenty-eighth of May two thousand and twenty-three
at four o'clock in the afternoon
at Bourne and Hollingsworth, Clerkenwell

You can add RSVP information, dress code, and other necessary details for guests at the end. For formal weddings, it is often advisable to keep most of the event details on your wedding website and simply include a link to keep your invitation uncluttered.

Plan a Timeless, Elegant Day

When it comes to planning a classic wedding, the journey begins with selecting the perfect invitation. At Greenvelope, we offer exquisite wedding stationery, including wedding invitations, save the dates, and matching RSVPs. From letterpress designs to hand-painted watercolor templates, you are sure to find a classic wedding invitation that perfectly reflects your eternal love. Visit our Stationer's blog for more wedding planning tips to help you plan your big day with ease.