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Christmas Tree Baubles: The Ultimate Guide

A Christmas tree without lights or tinsel still looks like a proper tree, but without baubles, it appears to be missing a special something. Baubles, or ornaments, are decorative objects hung on a tree at...

A Christmas tree without lights or tinsel still looks like a proper tree, but without baubles, it appears to be missing a special something. Baubles, or ornaments, are decorative objects hung on a tree at Christmas time by string or ribbon. They not only add color and festivity to a tree but also hold sentimental value for many families. In this ultimate guide to Christmas tree baubles, we will answer all your questions and delve into the history, significance, and making of these festive ornaments.

History of Baubles

The tradition of decorating Christmas trees with ornaments dates back centuries. In the beginning, natural objects found in people's homes, like apples, were used as decorations. It wasn't until the 1500s that glass ornaments were first introduced. Initially, they were glass beads and tin figures. However, the glass bauble became popular when Hans Greiner created glass fruit and nuts to hang on Christmas trees. Over time, different materials like wood, clay, and plastic were used to create ornaments.

Wikipedia - Christmas tree bauble Caption: Glass baubles have a rich history dating back to the 1500s. (Image source: Wikipedia)

Why Do We Put Baubles on The Christmas Tree?

The tradition of hanging baubles stems from hanging apples on trees to represent Eden. The red Christmas tree baubles we use today closely resemble hanging apples. This tradition has endured for hundreds of years and adds a touch of history to our festive celebrations. Decorating our trees with baubles is a way to embrace tradition and invite the Christmas spirit into our homes each year.

How Are Christmas Tree Baubles Made?

Glass baubles are skillfully crafted by glassblowers. These artisans shape the baubles by placing fired glass tubes into molds and blowing hard to expand the glass into the desired shape. Circular baubles can be created by heating one section of the tube and blowing into it, resulting in a perfect spherical shape. The process of glassblowing Christmas ornaments is truly fascinating and worth watching.

Where to Buy Baubles?

When it comes to buying baubles, you have a multitude of options. Most retailers start selling baubles from September onwards, but you can find them online all year round. Supermarkets, garden centers, and department stores are great for bulk buying, while online platforms offer a wide range of intricate and personalized baubles. You can compare prices and find unique designs that suit your style and budget.

Here are our top 5 favorite Christmas tree baubles available on Amazon:

Gisela Graham Gold Glass Festive Bauble with Holly Vines

Our go-to brand for Christmas baubles is Gisela Graham. Their award-winning collection offers stunning baubles, suitable for every taste and color scheme. This gold glass bauble with holly vines is truly beautiful and adds an elegant touch to any tree. Gisela Graham baubles also make thoughtful gifts.

Red Glass Letterbox Christmas Tree Decoration

Add some fun to your Christmas tree with this red glass bauble shaped like a letterbox. It's a festive addition that captures the joyful spirit of the season. Gisela Graham offers a variety of fun and whimsical baubles, so be sure to explore their collection.

Personalized Family Christmas Tree Ornament

This handmade personalized Christmas tree ornament is a perfect way to celebrate your family. It comes in different family group sizes and features handwritten names and the year on glittery stockings. This ornament also comes with a small presentation gift bag, making it an ideal gift for your loved ones.

Warmiehomy Set of 4 Christmas Tree Baubles Balls

These glass baubles exude luxury and can be personalized by unscrewing the cap and filling them with glitter or other festive decorations. The set of four baubles features different designs, making them a wonderful gift for family and friends.

Art Beauty Christmas Baubles 12pcs Shatterproof

Looking for some fun and quirky baubles? These Santa baubles are sure to bring a smile to your face. The set includes six Santa face baubles and six Santa body baubles. They are shatterproof, making them safe for children and pets.

Bauble FAQ's and How-To's

How to Choose Christmas Baubles?

Before buying Christmas tree decorations, it's important to decide on a color scheme. You can opt for a minimalistic approach with two colors or create a colorful mish-mash with all your favorite decorations. Whatever color scheme you choose, use those colors as your backdrop decorations. For example, if you select blue and gold, buy sets of 24 blue and gold baubles to scatter evenly on the tree. Then, fill in the gaps with neutral glass ornaments that can easily match any color scheme.

How to Arrange Baubles on a Christmas Tree?

Start by hanging the lights, followed by the tinsel, and then the baubles. This order allows the lights and tinsel to serve as a backdrop for the decorations. Step back after each step and assess the spacing, making adjustments as needed. Begin by spacing the baubles evenly and gradually build up the busyness of the tree. Place your favorite ornaments in visible spots and ensure there are no bare spaces on the tree.

How many baubles on a 6ft/7ft Christmas tree?

For a 6ft tree, aim for at least 50 baubles, using regular-sized ones to avoid overcrowding. For a larger 7ft tree, a mix of regular-sized and larger baubles is ideal. Start with a minimum of 60 baubles and adjust according to your other decorations.

How to Decorate Your Own Christmas Baubles?

If you're feeling crafty, you can decorate plain baubles to add a personal touch to your tree. Start with clear or plain baubles and let your creativity flow. Fill them with artificial berries, holly sprigs, glitter, or even colorful buttons. You can also decorate the outside of the baubles with super glue and glitter or create intricate designs using markers. Let your imagination guide you!

Christmas-Day-2020-Snow-Star-Red-Bauble-Christmas-Tree-Baubles Caption: Get creative and decorate your own baubles to add a personal touch to your tree. (Image source: source)

How to Hang Baubles on a Christmas Tree?

If your baubles come with ribbon or string, simply slide the loop onto a branch and adjust the needles to keep the ribbon in place. For artificial trees, you can slightly bend the branches upward to prevent the baubles from sliding off. If your baubles don't have ribbon or string, you can easily attach some by cutting a length of ribbon, threading it through the hook on the top of the bauble, and tying a secure knot at the top.

Final Thoughts on Christmas Tree Baubles

We hope this ultimate guide to Christmas baubles has provided you with valuable insights and inspiration for your festive decorations. Whether you opt for traditional or personalized baubles, the joy of decorating your tree and creating lasting memories will make this holiday season even more special.

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