Cat Capsule: Exploring the World of Gacha Gaming

Cat Capsule (or Gacha in the Japanese version) is a fascinating area where players can delve into the exciting world of Cat Units and Ability Capsules. In this article, we'll dive into the mechanics of...

Cat Capsule (or Gacha in the Japanese version) is a fascinating area where players can delve into the exciting world of Cat Units and Ability Capsules. In this article, we'll dive into the mechanics of Cat Capsules and discover the rewards they hold. So, get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure!

Unveiling the Normal Cat Capsule

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Let's start with the Normal Cat Capsule. Each day, players are rewarded with a Cat Ticket, which can be used to roll the Normal Cat Capsule, also known as the Cat Capsule. Upon rolling, players can receive an upgrade in the form of a Normal Cat or an Ability Capsule – a blue orb that enhances the Base Upgrade of a Cat Unit. The Normal Cats can surpass the level cap of 20, while Ability Capsules contribute to increasing their base upgrade. These upgrades are essential for amplifying the power of Normal Cats.

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Cat Tickets can also be obtained through timed stages or as Stamp Rewards during special events. Moreover, players can exchange Cat Units and Ability Capsules for XP, with the option to trade Ability Capsules for a Rare Cat Ticket when they exceed the maximum base ability level.

The Marvel of Cat Capsules+

In the Version 11.0 Update, an exciting addition called Cat Capsules+ was introduced. Players can upgrade their Normal Cat Capsule to Cat Capsules+ after defeating Even Stars Burn Out of Cats of the Cosmos. The Cat Capsules+ not only increases the value of Cat Units obtained from it to 2 NP but also introduces a new basic cat called Superfeline. Additionally, the storage limit for Cat Units is expanded from 64 to 128, providing even more versatility.

The Enigma of Rare Cat Capsule

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Now, let's explore the thrilling realm of the Rare Cat Capsule. Players can acquire Rare Cat Tickets by purchasing them with Cat Food, clearing specific stages, trading Ability Capsules, or earning them as Stamp Rewards. These tickets can be used to roll the Rare Cat Capsule and unleash a wide variety of Gacha Cats, including Rare, Super Rare, Uber Rare, and Legend Rare Cats. Each new unit discovered rewards players with 5 Cat Food.

If players receive a Gacha Cat that they already possess, it can be used to upgrade the same cat, surpassing the maximum level cap of 30. This allows players to enhance their Cat Units even further. While all Gacha units have their own unique traits, Uber Rare Cats and Legend Rare Cats offer extraordinary abilities and power, making them highly desirable additions to any player's lineup.

It's important to note that the Rare Cat Capsule roll-result sequence is predetermined by an account-specific seed. However, players can take advantage of Gacha events to improve their chances of obtaining desired Uber Rare Cats. By participating strategically in these events, players can optimize their rolls and acquire their desired units more efficiently.

Delving into Collaboration Cats and Limited Gacha

During Collaboration Events, players have the opportunity to roll a separate pool of cats inspired by the collaboration theme. These collaboration capsules may include Collaboration Cats exclusively or a combination of Collaboration Cats and regular Gacha cats. These limited collaboration Gachas offer players a chance to collect unique units that are not available in regular Gacha pools.

Similarly, Limited Gacha events introduce regular Uber Rare Cats with new appearances, abilities, and sometimes altered stats. These events are usually tied to special occasions such as holidays or specific collaborations, adding even more excitement and diversity to the Gacha experience.

Rewards and Exchange for XP/NP

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Aside from the thrill of obtaining new Cat Units, players can also exchange their Cat Units and Ability Capsules for XP or NP. The amount of XP or NP received varies depending on the rarity and type of unit traded. Trading Cat Units and Ability Capsules is a great way to strengthen your lineup and maximize your power. However, it's important to make strategic decisions and prioritize valuable units over temporary gains.

Conclusion: The World of Cat Capsules Awaits!

Cat Capsules are a gateway to a world bursting with excitement, surprises, and endless possibilities. With a careful strategy and a touch of luck, players can obtain rare and powerful Cat Units that will enhance their gameplay experience. So, gather your Cat Tickets, prepare for thrilling rolls, and unlock the mysteries of the Cat Capsules. The adventure awaits you!

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