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Planning a High Tea Party: Your Guide to a Memorable Experience

Hosting a High Tea Party is the perfect way to celebrate any occasion. Whether it's a birthday, a bridal shower, or just a delightful get-together with friends, a High Tea Party adds elegance and charm...

Hosting a High Tea Party is the perfect way to celebrate any occasion. Whether it's a birthday, a bridal shower, or just a delightful get-together with friends, a High Tea Party adds elegance and charm to the event. In this guide, we will take you through the essential aspects of planning a High Tea Party, from invitations to decorations, and of course, the delectable menu.

An Invitation No One Could Refuse

High Tea Invitations Photo credit: Michaela McBride

There is something magical about receiving a handwritten invitation in the mail. The anticipation of opening a wax-sealed envelope to reveal beautifully designed stationery and a neatly written invite is undeniably special. Calligraphy and letter writing are making a comeback, and Instagram accounts like @mmcbridecaligraphy and @writtenwordcaligraphy have inspired us to embrace the art of handwriting. Paired with Cristina Re designer stationery, your guests will be delighted to accept.

If time is a constraint, online businesses dedicated to e-stationery, like GreenVelope and Evite, offer a range of customizable options and templates to create your own e-invite with ease.

Scene Setting

Setting the scene is the first step in creating a memorable High Tea experience. Consider the location, type of event, time for planning, and your budget. These factors will influence the details of your event and how they should be reflected in the decor.

Maxwell & Williams Teas & C’s Silk Road

The Decorations

High Tea Setting Photo credit: Austin Wedding Photo + Video & Maui Luxe Picnics

When it comes to decorating your High Tea Party, pastels are a classic choice, but don't be afraid to let your creativity shine. Select a color palette that reflects your unique style and personality. Consider using bunting to add a celebratory touch, flowers to bring in pops of color and nature's beauty, and additional extras that complement your theme and color scheme. Remember, simplicity is key. Keep the focus on the table and its array of delectable treats.

Setting the Table

High Tea Setting Photo credit: Klau High Tea Stand and Dicra Cake Stand by AnnaVasily

The table is the centerpiece of any High Tea event. Dressing the table with quintessential accessories elevates the overall experience. Here are some essential table dressing items:

  • Tablecloth: Provide a blank canvas for your High Tea table setting. Consider adding a splash of color or texture to match your event's theme and color scheme.
  • Doilies: Add a nostalgic touch and create a retro vibe reminiscent of your grandmother's living room. Use them as a centerpiece, placemats, or coasters.
  • Cake Stand: Highlight the delicious treats on offer. Opt for a single-level stand for showcasing a whole cake or a tiered stand for a variety of treats.
  • Fine China: No High Tea is complete without a set of fine china. Brands like Wedgwood and Royal Albert offer classic prints and delicate teaware. You can also explore modern tableware lines from companies like Cristina Re and Marimekko. If you don't want to invest in a complete teaware collection, consider renting a set from places like The High Tea Mistress or create a unique vintage atmosphere with mismatched thrifted place settings.

The Menu: A Delightful Array of Treats

From scones to finger sandwiches to delectable cakes, the High Tea menu offers a delightful range of treats. Here are a few classic recipes to inspire you:

Scones Recipes:

  • Scones: Light and fluffy, scones are the backbone of any High Tea experience. Pair them with fresh jam and rich cream. Try experimenting with homemade jams for unique flavors.
  • Anna Polyviou's Scones Recipe
  • CWA Plain Scone Recipe
  • Pumpkin Scone Recipe
  • Rose & Raspberry Scone Recipe
  • Vegan Coconut & Cranberry Scone Recipe

Sandwich & Savory Recipes:

  • Finger sandwiches are simple yet flavorful. They add elegance to your High Tea spread.
  • Chicken & Celery Sandwich Recipe
  • Egg Mayo Sandwich Recipe
  • Chicken & Cranberry Pinwheel Sandwich Recipe
  • Roast Vegetable Tart Recipe
  • Chive Blini with Smoked Ocean Trout Recipe

Sweet Recipes:

  • No High Tea is complete without a variety of cakes.
  • Blueberry Friand Recipe
  • Red Velvet Layer Cake Recipe
  • Battenberg Cake Recipe
  • Orange Blossom Madeleine Recipe
  • Vegan Canelé Recipe
  • Lime & Coconut Island Cake Recipe
  • Victoria Sponge Recipe

Find More Recipes

Browse our collection for more scone, savory, sandwich, and cake recipes to make your High Tea Party truly memorable.

Now that you have all the elements to plan your High Tea Party, create a magical experience for your guests. From the elegant invitations to the beautifully set table and scrumptious treats, your High Tea Party will be an event to remember.