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Birthday Party Games for Adults: Keep the Fun Going!

Are you looking for some exciting party games to entertain your adult friends and family members at your next birthday celebration? Look no further! We have gathered a list of fun and engaging indoor and...

Are you looking for some exciting party games to entertain your adult friends and family members at your next birthday celebration? Look no further! We have gathered a list of fun and engaging indoor and outdoor games that are perfect for any occasion. So, let's dive in and explore the world of adult party games!

Indoor Fun: Games for All Seasons

When the weather doesn't cooperate, it's always a great idea to plan a game night indoors. It not only keeps everyone entertained but also creates a fantastic bonding experience. Here are a few of our favorite indoor adult games:

"Alias": A Simple Yet Addictive Game

One of our all-time favorite adult party games is "Alias." It's easy to play, and you can even make it a DIY game. Here's how:

  1. Cut small slips of paper and give one to each guest, along with a pen.
  2. Have everyone write something short on their paper, like a famous person's name or something funny about another person in the group.
  3. Fold the papers and put them in a bowl or cup.
  4. One person reads aloud each saying on the papers, and the other players guess who wrote each one.
  5. The last person who stumps everyone else with their saying wins the game!

Adult Birthday Party Games Above is a snapshot from my Favorite Things Party 2015. These gals sure know how to have a good time!

"Price Is Right": Fun and Prizes

Who doesn't love winning a prize at a party? Create your own version of "Price Is Right" and give away small gifts. Here's how it works:

  1. Provide each guest with a piece of paper or a small dry erase board and a pen.
  2. Hold up an item and have the guests write down the price they think it costs.
  3. The person who comes closest to the correct price wins the prize.
  4. You can choose whether to eliminate winners or let them continue playing. It's up to you!

Minute-To-Win-It: Thrilling Challenges

If you enjoy high-pressure games, consider setting up a "Minute-To-Win-It" competition. This game show-inspired challenge requires players to complete difficult tasks in under a minute. It's a great option for adrenaline junkies among your friends!

Board Games and Card Games: Classics Never Fail

You can never go wrong with a good old-fashioned board game or card game. Here are some top recommendations shared by our Facebook fans:

  • Cards Against Humanity (a fan favorite!)
  • Fact or Crap
  • Pictionary
  • Apples to Apples
  • Catan
  • Catchphrase
  • Dirty Minds
  • The Game of Things
  • Sequence
  • Exploding Kittens

Adult Birthday Party Games Above photo is from the Favorite Things Party 2016: Summer Edition!

Outdoor Fun in the Sun

When the sun's out, it's time to take the party outside and enjoy the fresh air. Here are some fantastic outdoor games for your adult party:

Cornhole: A Classic Yard Game

Cornhole has gained immense popularity lately, and it's loads of fun. You can either make your own cornhole bags and boards or easily purchase a cornhole set. Either way, it guarantees endless laughter and friendly competition!

Giant Jenga: Taking it to the Next Level

Take your outdoor game collection up a notch with Giant Jenga. This larger-than-life version of the popular game is perfect for creating unforgettable memories with family and friends.

Jumbo Connect Four: Childhood Nostalgia

If you already have Giant Jenga, why not add Jumbo Connect Four to your collection? These oversized childhood favorites are sure to be a hit at your party and provide hours of entertainment.

Water Balloon Dodgeball: Prepare for Splash Attacks

Get everyone involved in a thrilling water balloon dodgeball game. Fill up loads of water balloons ahead of time and divide into teams. It's a great way to cool off and have a blast on a sunny day!

Scavenger Hunt: Running and Racing

Engage your guests with an exciting scavenger hunt that will take them all over town. Prepare a list of items or challenges, and let them race against the clock. The first one to the finish line wins!

The Party Never Ends

We hope these game ideas have sparked your imagination for your next adult birthday party. Remember, these are just a few of our favorites, and there are countless other games out there waiting to be discovered. Share your own favorite game ideas in the comments below and let's keep the party going!

Conclusion: Let's Get Planning

Don't forget to grab our FREE party planning checklist to make sure you've covered all the essentials for your upcoming event. Pay attention to the small details and create a memorable experience for everyone.

Lastly, if you're looking for party supplies and decorations, here are some of our go-to websites to help you find the perfect finishing touches:

  • Website 1
  • Website 2
  • Website 3

And that's it! Get ready to have a blast with these adult party games. Remember, the goal is to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere where everyone can let loose and make lasting memories. Let the games begin!