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Best DJ Event Software Options for Wedding Management and Planning in 2023

Are you a DJ specializing in weddings and other events? Are you looking for software that can help you streamline your planning and management processes? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the...

Are you a DJ specializing in weddings and other events? Are you looking for software that can help you streamline your planning and management processes? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the best DJ event software options available in the market that can cater to your specific needs.

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If you want your DJ business to thrive, it's crucial to find software that aligns with your requirements and enhances your wedding planning and management capabilities. Look for features that enable seamless client communication, efficient booking management, and effective music and event information handling.

Top 5 Software Programs for Event Planning and Management

We have carefully curated a list of top software programs that are perfect for wedding and event DJs. Let's dive into each program and discover their key features that set them apart from the rest. Most of them offer free trials, allowing you to test their functionalities before committing.

DJ Event Planner

DJ Event Planning Software 2021

DJ Event Planner is a comprehensive event planning software suitable for DJs of all sizes - from solo operators to large companies. With customizable packages ranging from $10 to $50 per month, you are sure to find an option that suits your needs.

Some of the key features include a client portal for easy communication and music requests, a calendar for efficient scheduling, CRM tools for optimizing your time, and various business management and reporting tools. DJ Event Planner offers all the necessary resources to keep your DJ business organized.


Vibo is an event planning software that places a significant emphasis on music integration. With Vibo, your clients can easily request songs through the Vibo app and create personalized playlists for their events. The program also allows you to export playlists to DJ software effortlessly.

While Vibo focuses primarily on music-related features, it offers a clean and organized interface. Some notable features include business branding, unlimited events and employees, planning templates, and a mobile app. Pricing starts at $50 per month.


HoneyBook is an all-in-one solution for DJs and other event vendors. The program provides a comprehensive dashboard view that enables you to manage critical tasks and reminders from your clients. It offers features such as paperwork management, easy scheduling with meeting links, automation options, and seamless integration with other platforms.

With monthly subscription plans ranging from $9 to $39, HoneyBook provides excellent flexibility to cater to your business needs.

DJ Intelligence

DJ Intelligence is another software designed specifically for DJs. It offers customizable features and allows you to incorporate your branding into your website. With event and wedding planning features along with music management capabilities, DJ Intelligence provides everything you need to book and manage successful events.

Key features include planning forms, event timelines, client areas, music databases, and guest music request forms. DJ Intelligence offers two subscription options, priced from $110 to $200 per year.


GigBuilder is a comprehensive mobile DJ event planning program that covers all aspects of event organization. From planning and scheduling to music management and client communication, GigBuilder offers a robust set of features to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Some critical features include a business-wide dashboard and calendar, event details and timelines, text messaging system with clients, planning forms, and music management. GigBuilder is available for free to higher-level members of WeDJ or can be purchased for approximately $100 per year for the standard plan. A free trial option is also available.

Key Features to Look For in DJ Event Software

When choosing DJ event planning and management software, it's crucial to consider specific features that can enhance your workflow. Here are some of the most important features to prioritize:

  • Calendar: Look for software with an easily editable web-based calendar that multiple users can access, including clients and employees. This will help keep you organized and allow for efficient scheduling and availability tracking.

  • Communication: Select a program that offers a simple chat function or email integration to facilitate smooth communication with clients, employees, and vendors. Some programs also allow for proposal, contract, and payment management within the platform.

  • Computer Software and App: Opt for software that has both computer software and mobile app versions. This will enable you to stay connected and respond quickly even when you're on the go.

  • Event Timeline: Ensure that the software provides an event timeline feature, allowing you to keep track of key moments and activities during the event. This will help you provide a seamless experience for your clients and their guests.

  • Music Database: A music database feature is essential for DJs. It allows clients to select songs for their events, and it enables you to curate playlists and manage your music library efficiently.

Most event management programs geared towards DJs offer these features. However, some programs may be more suitable for other event vendors and may not have an integrated music database. Consider your specific needs when choosing a software program.

Benefits of All-In-One Software

Investing in event management software can take your DJ business to the next level. In addition to the key features mentioned above, these programs offer several benefits, including:

  • Automation: By automating contract generation and online payments, you can save time and ensure accuracy in your business processes. This allows you to focus on meeting new clients and planning and working on more events.

  • Convenience: All-in-one software provides easy access to all necessary information in one place. From vendor and venue details to event timelines and client requests, having everything conveniently organized enhances efficiency and professionalism.

  • Improved Communication: Efficient communication is vital to client satisfaction. Event management software allows for quick and reliable communication with clients, making you more attentive and responsive. This fosters a stronger client-vendor relationship and helps you better understand their preferences and requirements.

  • Increased Professionalism: Event management software streamlines your business operations, making you more organized and proactive. This, in turn, enhances your professionalism and reputation as a reliable and efficient DJ.

Some DJs Prefer Separate Programs

While all-inclusive software offers convenience, there are still benefits to using separate programs for different aspects of your DJ business. Here are some advantages of keeping things separate:

  • Lower Cost: Separate programs, especially free options, can be more cost-effective, particularly for DJs starting their businesses. This allows you to manage your DJ business using free programs while gradually expanding to dedicated event management software as your business grows.

  • Lower Risk: Using separate programs avoids the risk of a single software issue ruining an entire event. If all your critical information is stored in one software, any technical glitch or corruption could jeopardize the event's success. Separate programs reduce this risk.

  • Integration: Having separate programs that integrate with other tools you regularly use offers more flexibility. You can choose platforms that integrate well with your existing systems, ensuring convenience and accessibility while keeping data in multiple locations.

Conclusion - Best DJ Event Software

Event management software is a valuable investment for your DJ business. While there are benefits to both all-in-one software and separate programs, it's crucial to choose a solution that aligns with your specific needs and budget.

With numerous options available, you'll find DJ event management software that offers the perfect balance of features, versatility, and price to elevate your business and create memorable events. So, go ahead and explore the possibilities!

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