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Best Bridal Shower Games, Themes, & Decorations for 2024

Planning a bridal shower in 2024? We've got you covered! Get ready to host an incredible party with our ultimate guide. From games and themes to decorations and favors, we have everything you need to...

Girls popping a bottle of champagne at a Bridal Shower

Planning a bridal shower in 2024? We've got you covered! Get ready to host an incredible party with our ultimate guide. From games and themes to decorations and favors, we have everything you need to plan a memorable event. So grab a glass of champagne and let's get started!

Cute & Unique Bridal Shower Themes

There are so many bridal shower theme ideas out there, but we've narrowed it down to our top 9 favorites. From classy to goofy, these themes are sure to impress the bride and guests alike.

1) Citrus Bridal Shower: She Found Her Main Squeeze

Citrus Bridal Shower Theme

Celebrate the bride-to-be finding her main squeeze with a citrus-themed party! Decorate with greenery and real (or fake) oranges. Serve mimosas with fresh orange juice and garnish food plates with orange slices. Don't forget to give out citrus soaps as favors!

2) Something Blue Before 'I Do' Bridal Shower

Something Blue Bridal Shower Theme

Go simple with a "something blue before 'I do'" bridal shower theme. Use anything blue for decorations and encourage guests to wear blue to the party. This theme is easy to pull off and adds a touch of elegance to the celebration.

3) 'She's All Scooped Up' Ice Cream Themed Bridal Shower

Ice Cream Bridal Shower Theme

Who doesn't love ice cream? Throw an ice cream-themed bridal shower and create a huge ice cream bar with different flavors, sprinkles, and toppings. Let guests create their own ice cream sundaes and give out custom bridal shower labeled cups as favors.

4) Bridal Brunch: Brunch & Bubbly

Brunch Bridal Shower Theme

Brunch is always a crowd-pleaser! Set up a mimosa bar, serve delicious breakfast foods, and enjoy a celebratory brunch together. This theme is perfect for a daytime bridal shower and will leave everyone feeling pampered and satisfied.

5) A Pizza My Heart: Laid Back Pizza Party Bridal Shower

Pizza Bridal Shower Theme

For a fun and laid-back celebration, throw the bride a pizza party! Make custom pizzas with different toppings or order takeout. Add custom bridal shower stickers to the takeout boxes for that extra touch. Everyone will love this easy and delicious idea!

6) Snow in Love: Winter Bridal Shower

Winter Bridal Shower Theme

If you're having a winter bridal shower, lean into the cozy weather with a "Snow in Love" theme. Decorate with pine cones, fir branches, and fake snow. Set up a hot cocoa bar and give out hot chocolate kits and cozy shawls as favors.

7) Taylor Swift Inspired Bridal Shower

Taylor Swift Inspired Bridal Shower with Invitation and Cookies

If the bride is a Taylor Swift fan, throw her a Taylor Swift-themed bridal shower! Decorate with quotes from her songs and have custom-made cookies. Encourage guests to dress up in outfits inspired by different Taylor Swift eras or albums. It will be a party to remember!

8) Petals and Prosecco Boho Bridal Shower

Petals and Prosecco Bridal Shower Theme

For a subtle and elegant theme, go with "Petals and Prosecco." Decorate with florals and provide prosecco for everyone to enjoy. This theme is perfect for a romantic and relaxed bridal shower.

9) Retro 70s Bridal Shower Theme

Retro Bridal Shower Theme

Kick it old school with a retro 70s style bridal shower. Decorate with disco balls and funky floral patterns. Encourage guests to dress in their favorite bell bottoms and hippie-chic outfits. Play all the best music from the 70s and have a blast!

Fun Bridal Shower Games that are Unique

Keep the guests entertained with these unique and fun bridal shower games. Choose games that the bride and all the guests will enjoy!

1) Find the Guest Bingo Bridal Shower Icebreaker Game

Bingo Icebreaker Bridal Shower Game

Break the ice with a game of Find the Guest Bingo. This DIY printable game template features a modern handwritten font and minimalist design. Edit the fonts and background colors to match your event. It's a great way to get everyone talking and having fun!

2) Wedding Shoe Bridal Shower Game

Wedding Shoe Bridal Shower Game

Put the bride and groom to the test with the Wedding Shoe game! Have them sit back-to-back and answer questions about themselves by raising the shoe of whoever they think the answer is. It's a fun and interactive game that will have everyone laughing.

3) Guess the Wedding Dress Game

Guess the Dress Bridal Shower Game

Get creative with the "Guess the Dress" game. Have guests draw what they think the bride will wear on her wedding day. It's a fun and interactive activity that will spark everyone's imagination. These cards come pre-printed, so no need to find a printer!

4) Mad Libs Bridal Shower Games & Activities

Mad Libs Bridal Shower Game

Play a classic game of Mad Libs at the bridal shower! This ready-to-print game features fill-in-the-blanks wedding vows. It's sure to have everyone laughing and create some memorable moments. Download and print enough copies for all the guests!

5) Advice for the Newlyweds Cards

Marriage Advice Bridal Shower Game

Help the happy couple start their marriage right with advice cards. Guests can leave their wisdom, travel advice, and date night ideas for the couple to enjoy. It's a sentimental gift that the bride and groom will cherish forever.

6) 20 Questions About the Bride

20 Questions Bridal Shower Game

Test everyone's knowledge about the bride with 20 questions. See who knows her best by answering fun and personal questions. It's a great way to learn more about the bride and have some friendly competition among the guests.

7) Bridal Bingo (As Bride Opens Her Gifts)

Bingo Bridal Shower Game

Make gift opening more exciting with Bridal Bingo. Guests can mark off the gifts on their bingo card as the bride opens them. It's a fun and interactive game that will keep everyone engaged and entertained.

8) He Said She Said Bridal Shower Game

He Said She Said Bridal Shower Game

Test your knowledge of the couple with the "He Said She Said" game. Guess whether the bride or groom said each item on the list. It's a fun and lighthearted game that will have everyone laughing and reminiscing.

9) Wedding Bucket List Ideas From Bridal Shower Guests

Bucket List Bridal Shower Game

Help the couple create unforgettable memories with a wedding bucket list. Guests can leave their ideas for trips, activities, and dates for the newlyweds to enjoy together. It's a thoughtful and personalized gift that the couple will appreciate.

Adorable Bridal Shower Invitations

Don't forget to send out invitations to set the tone for the bridal shower. Choose invitations that match your bridal party theme and decorations. Here are some of our favorite invitation ideas:

1) Modern & Simple Bridal Shower Invitations

Simple Bridal Shower Invitations

Keep it simple with modern calligraphy invitations. These minimalist designs go well with any theme and are easy to customize. Download, edit, print, and send them out to your guests.

2) Neutral Brown Bridal Shower Invites

Minimalist Bridal Shower Invitations

Choose neutral brown invitations for a versatile and elegant look. These simple designs work well with any color scheme and can be customized to match your bridal shower theme.

3) Retro Bridal Shower Invitations

Retro Bridal Shower Invitations

Go back in time with retro 70s-style invitations. These colorful and funky designs are perfect for a themed bridal shower. Get everyone excited with these eye-catching invitations.

4) Minimalist & Elegant Bridal Shower Invitations

Simple Bridal Shower Invitations

Keep it classic and elegant with minimalist invitations. These templates are easy to download, edit, and print. Customize them to match your bridal shower theme and style.

5) Boho Bridal Shower Invitations

Boho Bridal Shower Invitations

Embrace boho aesthetics with these beautiful floral invitations. Customize the wording, fonts, colors, and background to create a personalized invitation. Match them with other boho decorations for a cohesive look.

6) Wildflower Bridal Shower Invitations

Wildflower Bridal Shower Invite

Celebrate nature with wildflower-themed invitations. These designs are perfect for summer or outdoor bridal showers. Let your guests know about the wild and free vibe of the celebration.

7) "He Gives Me Butterflies" Bridal Shower Invitations

Butterflies Bridal Shower Invitations

Make the bride feel special with butterfly-themed invitations. These ethereal designs will capture everyone's attention. Customize them with the bride's name and match them with butterfly-inspired decorations.

8) Bridal Shower Invites with Photo

Photo Bridal Shower Invitations

Add a personal touch with photo invitations. Choose a favorite picture of the bride and groom to create a keepsake for the guests. Customize the layout, colors, and fonts to suit your style.

9) Geometric Gold & Floral Bridal Shower Invitations

Gold Geometry Bridal Shower Invitations

Add a touch of elegance with geometric gold and floral invitations. These designs feature delicate watercolor details. Customize the wording and colors to match your bridal shower theme.

Cute Bridal Shower Decorations

Now that you have the theme and invitations ready, it's time to decorate! Here are some adorable and trending decoration ideas to make your bridal shower stand out:

1) Fun Bridal Shower Cups

Ring Finger Cups Bridal Shower Decorations

Make a statement with ring finger frosted bridal shower cups. The rose gold color scheme matches any feminine decorations and can be reused as favors. Plus, it's an eco-friendly choice!

2) Donut Wall Stand for Bridal Shower

Donut Stand Bridal Shower Decoration

Add a touch of sweetness with a customizable donut stand. Order custom donuts or get classic flavors to match your bridal shower theme. It's a delicious and decorative addition to the dessert table.

3) Miss to Mrs. Bridal Shower Backdrop

Boho Backdrop Bridal Shower Decoration

Create picture-perfect moments with a "Miss to Mrs" photo backdrop. This rustic backdrop is a great addition to any boho-style bridal shower. Choose the size and orientation that suits your needs.

4) Miss to Mrs. Bridal Shower Centerpieces

Bridal Shower Decoration Sign

Welcome guests with a chic "Miss to Mrs" wood sign. This elegant sign adds a touch of sophistication to your bridal shower decor. It's a beautiful centerpiece that will impress everyone.

5) 'Bride' Bridal Shower Balloons

Bride Balloons Bridal Shower Decoration

Make a statement with jumbo "BRIDE" letter balloons. These balloons are not only fun but also serve as a backdrop for memorable photos. Let everyone know who the party is for!

6) Bridal Shower Balloon Arch Backdrop

Balloon Garland Bridal Shower Decoration

Create a stunning balloon garland backdrop for your bridal shower. This kit includes balloons in various sizes and colors, a curling ribbon, glue dots, and a hand pump. It's a versatile decoration that can be used for the dessert table or photo backdrop.

7) Personalized Clear Bridal Shower Balloon

Custom Balloon Bridal Shower Decoration

Get a personalized balloon for the bride. Customize it with her new name for a special touch. It's a fun and charming decoration that will make everyone smile.

8) Custom Bridal Shower Cookies

Custom Bridal Shower Cookies

Add a sweet touch to your bridal shower with personalized cookies. Decorate them with the couple's initials for a special touch. These delicious treats will make your guests feel appreciated.

9) Funky Themed Plates & Drink Markers

Bridal Shower Plates and Flower Drink Decor

Make your desserts extra fun with diamond donut toppers. These funky decorations are a great addition to your dessert table. Get everyone in the party mood with these creative and unique plates.

Bridal Shower Accessories for the Bride

Don't forget to spoil the bride with accessories! These thoughtful gifts will make her feel special and loved. Choose accessories that match her style and personality.

1) Bride-to-Be Sash

Bride to Be Sash Bridal Shower Bride Gift

Make the bride stand out with a rose gold foil sash. This adjustable sash is the perfect accessory for her bridal shower. It's a fun and glamorous gift that will make her feel like the star of the show.

2) Bride-to-Be Veil

Veil Bridal Shower Bride Gift

Make the bride feel like a princess with a personalized veil. Choose from gold, rose gold, or silver foil options to match her style. It's a dramatic accessory that will make her feel extra special.

3) Adorable Pearl Bride Headband

Headband Bridal Shower Bride Gift

Add a touch of elegance with a pearl bride headband. This beautiful accessory will complete the bride's bridal shower outfit. It's a classy and eye-catching gift that she will cherish.

4) Cute Glass Bride Coffee Cup

Cup Bridal Shower Bride Gift

Give the bride a personalized cup to drink out of at her bridal shower and beyond. These glass iced coffee cups are classy and eco-friendly. It's a practical and thoughtful gift that she can use every day.

5) Personalized 'Mrs' Jean Jacket

Custom Jean Jacket Bridal Shower Bride Gift

Spoil the bride with a personalized jean jacket. This stylish gift features pearls and custom "Mrs." lettering on the back. It's a trendy and personalized gift that she can wear for years to come.

6) Fun Oversized White "Bride" Straw

Bride Straw Bridal Shower Bride Gift

Make the bride's drink stand out with an oversized "bride" straw. It's a cute and funny accessory that will make everyone smile. The bride will love sipping her favorite beverage with this special straw.

7) White Bride Cowgirl Hat With Veil

Bride Cowgirl Hat Bridal Shower Bride Gift

Add a touch of fun with a cowgirl hat and veil for the bride. This hat is embellished with pearls, rhinestones, and a veil. It's a unique and playful gift that the bride can wear to her bachelorette party too.

8) Bride's Wedding Date Bracelet

Wedding Date Bracelet Bridal Shower Bride Gift

Give the bride a special keepsake with a custom date bracelet. This personalized gift features the couple's wedding date and hearts. It's a beautiful accessory that she can wear to remember her special day.

9) Rhinestone Pearl Bride Hair Barrette

Bridal Shower Bride Gift Hair Barrette

Complete the bride's look with a rhinestone pearl hair barrette. This elegant accessory adds a touch of sophistication to her bridal shower outfit. It's a timeless gift that she can wear on her wedding day and beyond.

Bridal Shower Favors for the Guests

Show your guests how much you appreciate their presence with thoughtful favors. Choose gifts that everyone will enjoy and remember the celebration by.

1) Shea Butter Soaps with Personalized Thank You

Handmade Soap Bridal Shower Favors

Pamper your guests with handmade shea butter soaps. These beautifully designed soaps come in various scents and have customizable tags. They're a luxurious and practical gift that everyone will love.

2) Personalized Bridal Shower Wine Stoppers

Bridal Shower Party Favors Wine Stoppers

Give your guests personalized wine stoppers to commemorate the bridal shower. These custom-engraved stoppers are made from high-quality cork and natural wood. They're a useful and elegant gift that your guests will appreciate.

3) 'Thanks for Showering Me With Love' Candles

Thank You Bridal Shower Candle Favor

Say thank you with scented candles for your guests. These custom candles come in various scents and have a personalized label. It's a thoughtful and aromatic gift that will remind everyone of the beautiful celebration.

4) Hand Sanitizer Labels for Bridal Shower Favors

Hand Sanitizer Bridal Shower Favors

Promote health and hygiene with personalized hand sanitizers. Customize the labels for a special touch. It's a practical and timely gift that will keep your guests germ-free.

5) 'Mint to Be' Tic Tac Bridal Shower Favors

Mint Bridal Shower Favors

Give your guests "mint to be" tic-tac packs as favors. Customize the stickers with your names and wedding date. It's a sweet and personalized gift that your guests will enjoy.

6) Personalized Chocolate Bridal Shower Favors

Chocolate Bridal Shower Favors

Indulge your guests with personalized chocolates. Choose from dark or milk chocolate and customize the label with your names and wedding date. It's a delicious and elegant gift that will satisfy everyone's sweet tooth.

7) 'Let Love Grow' Custom Seed Wedding Shower Favors

![Let Love Grow Seeds Bridal Shower Gift](https://starevent.vn/uploads/images/blog/admin/2024/01/28/best